Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How Come I'm Not Ready To Jump?

Hey MSF land, Coop here with another update for you. I had a crazy weekend, mostly dealing with parental units and other familial persons, so the Mets took a back seat to pretty much anything else. And possibly, I picked the BEST weekend to not watch or devote any blocks of time to Mets fandom. Basically the only game I was able to watch, well, I actually listened to on Mom's deck as i ate chips and drank beer. Seems to be a constant, with the Mets and me these days - beer and Mets. Mets and beer. No wonder I was sweating alcohol at the gym this morning.

In any case, I find myself trying to be the voice of reason with the team. Most of the fan base is ready to jump but the curious case of my buddy Brooklyn Met Fan, he says that Omar Minaya should stand pat for the time being and I completely agree with him. But just because I think Omar should stand pat does not mean I am writing off the season. Losing three games to the Yankees and the Phillies in consecutive weekends is not fun at all. And even the Phils scoring 22 runs in last night's game does not cause me to have suicidal tendencies and wanting to drink the poison-Aid to get rid of this season.

In fact, I'm kind of excited to see how this season will end up.

If the Mets drop two games of ten in September, sure, I'm gonna freak out. But it's July (ok this has extended since June but who's paying attention).

We have a hard-ish series against the Dodgers (I think Big Pelf is gonna give us a Big Game tonight, personally) and then an easier one (sort of) against the Reds.

It's All-Star Break next week (and if David Wright knows what's good for him, he should graciously back out of it, I'm telling you, if someone needs a vacation now, it's HIM - o-for-23 against the Yanks and Phils? Eagads). Our reinforcements should come back soon, Beltran is returning after the break. And sorry to say but although I was wondering if Reyes' time has come and gone, we need him back and we need him bad.

No panic moves, Omar. Cause you know what that means - parting with talent for a rental. He's not good at that, that has been established.

The only thing that really steams me is that the Wilpons unwillingness to take chances on players with great marketing tools that could BRING in as many dollars to compensate for money spent has hurt the team. If there is one thing I could say is that they need to sell the Mets. It's their ineptitude and meddling that causes the team to be a joke. They define the whole pound-wise, penny-foolish saying. Overspend for Luis Castillo? Sure! Offering Derek Lowe a 4th year? Nah, let's see what Oh Pea is looking for.

I know it sounds like I'm making excuses and giving the whole Mets organization a free pass for bumbling around. But I'm not or at least I feel as though I'm being as realistic as possible. We are not getting Halladay no matter how hard we try. Kiss Holliday good bye as I am sure Beane wants a hefty ransom for his services (plus he's another rental). The only person I could be on board for is Alex Rios but let's be fair - just because WE think our fantasy trades would work doesn't mean the Blue Jays want what we offer.

I guess it's time to hurry up and wait. So HURRY UP already!!!


I got an interesting link today for WFAN - why don't y'all check it out? WFAN broadcasts streams live online free and allows you access to New York's #1 sports station! From the looks of it, it seems pretty suh-weet.

I'm trying to figure out a way to embed it here on MSF - anyone who can help please let me know (clueless about technology over here).


Deb said...

Coop, I'm really starting to worry about you.... because frankly, I believe this season is over, and even more frankly (and surprisingly)...I find myself not even caring.

But even those things don't bug me MOST. What bugs me most is that the team is unwatchable and is the furthest thing from entertainment I can think of. Ergo, they are a huge waste of my valuable time. It's one thing for a team to be down because of injuries; it's a total other for a major league team to be unable to execute, on anything approaching a consistent basis, simple base running, catching pop-ups, bunting, basic defense and other things that should be de rigeur for ANY team that takes the field in the major leagues.

All that, combined with the last several years, have just popped my tolerance meter.

Coop said...

Here's the thing Deb - I don't think I care either! Ha ha! I think the point is - I care so little that I'm not even ready to jump. Did that make sense?

Deb said...

Of COURSE it makes sense... except you're going to the games, and watching, and I'm not. So I guess that means you just haven't gotten to the point that I have with this Mess of a team. :)

dykstraw said...

sounds like the first pangs of acceptance. good for you.

Deb said...
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Deb said...

You know what describes the likes of you and me vis a vis our Mets fandom, Coop? Dead Fan Walking... *snicker* lol.

Ceetar said...

Some people are just speaking with their hurt feelings. But it does hurt, and I've kinda 'tuned out' emotionally. But I don't think the season is over, especially when the Mets do control their own destiny.

I think the flaws in management, from our "manager" Manuel, to warthen/hojo, to omar/tony and the wilpons as well, are exposed when their are marginal players on the team. the good guys need less guidance. It doesn't help that none of them seem to be on the same page. Like how there is no reason Argenis Reyes should ever be on the team. Tatis is a disaster. More importantly, Fernando Martinez has looked overmatched, and once he got hurt and was unavailable, there was zero reason to keep him on the roster taking up space.

Especially when there are three outfielders hitting .300 in Buffalo. (Corey Sullivan, Emil Brown, Jesus Feliciano) These guys aren't the answer, but it turns out every little bit counts. Maybe they have a hot day and win us a game. It's more than Martinez does.

I don't believe Wright needs a day off so much as a vacation. It's a mental strain, not a physical one. (the same with many of them) So hanging out with all-stars in St. Louis is probably better for him than sitting at home fretting. Especially since he'd probably work out harder/taking bp and all that anyway. at the game he'll smooze guys that are awesome, maybe they'll have some advice for him. he'll go through regular baseball motions, with no pressure. And he'll still have monday and wednesday off.