Friday, July 10, 2009

Holy Sheepshit - Church for French? Oui? Ou HELL NON!!!!

The Coop has never been a fan of Ryan Church. Heck, the only GOOD thing that came out of the stupid ass trade that brought him here was me seeing Brian Schneider's hot butt in a tight uniform.

But I have to say Ryan Church has grown on me as of late. I guess because, well, on a team of crap, something has to stick to the wall. I guess Church has stuck to the wall and I didn't - not so much "like" him - but more tolerated his presence.

But a straight-up trade for JEFF FRANCOEUR for Church? With his whopping .250 BA and 5 HRs? Oh yes, THAT is the crap-for-crap deal we've been waiting for.

I don't know whether to break dance or shoot myself in the foot. Frenchy for Churchy? Really, Omar? Really? Gosh you must really love waving the white flag right before All-Star Break.

I guess I give too much credit for Omar Minaya these days. But seriously - what is the point of this deal? The fact was, Jeff Francoeur was good for one month nearly five years ago. He's awful. Do we get marginally better D from him? Probably not.

I mean, if we were gonna trade Church, why trade him for a guy just like him? Why not keep him?

I just don't get it. This is a dumb-ass deal.


ohmurph said...

holy sheepshit she says!

DyHrdMET said...

seeing how Jerry Manuel treated Church since Spring Training with playing every or platooning or whatever, this doesn't surprise me.

it is a move that does bring a new face to the clubhouse, which may be better than nothing. it may also be some sort of message by the fact that Omar made a move (but I don't really know what that message might be other than "Shit").

but in the end, it will probably prove to be more of a dumb-ass deal than anything else, like you say, or at least one of those "nothing" moves that has no real impact good or bad.

TW said...

Still three weeks from seeing Reyes or Beltran, its not a white flag as much as it is reality. Toss in the fact that the Phillies remembered how to win games—we're screwed. The only way this team can get back in this race is to start hitting the threads off the ball, and do any of us realistically think we are going to do that, even when Reyes and Beltran get back?