Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Best Time To Be a Mets Fan

I have a theory about fans and Mets fans, more specifically. That you get to see who the "true" and "real" fans are during a down period, not to mention who the Johnny-Come-Latelies who claim to be a "lifelong Mets fan" when they have not worn their Mets jackets since 1986, and have had their "lifelong Yankee fan" jacket since, oh say, 1995.

This is the time, this is the place to rally for your team. Alex Cora said it best last week, when he said, "Don't feel bad about the Metropolitans."

This is our time, this is our team. We need to be Tammy Wynettes and stand by our men, no matter how horrible they may be playing now.

We signed on for this when we knew that being a Mets fan meant more ennui than excitement, more broken hearts than celebrations.

Because this is the time all the roaches in the Mets fanbase scatter back to the Bronx, and we will be in Queens with the real people, who know what need to be done in order to make the team better.

Every year fans, even with the best of years, continually take it on the chin and say, "Thank you, Sir, may I have another?"

And we keep coming back.

We can join the Big Pussy Posse and whine and cry about how bad the team is. Or just enjoy ourselves this summer and wait for the Wilpons to realize they need to sell the team for any kind of organizational change.

But honestly, who could foresee all these injuries hitting at the same time?

Do not feel bad for the Metropolitans, and do not feel bad for ourselves. Because baby, rain or shine, all the time, we got each other...and we got the Mets.

Meet me for a beer in Section 522, my new home.

This is the time to be a Mets fan. Win or lose, scrubs or no, this is our team.



Will said...

Being a fan for more than 30 years I've had more losing summers than winning ones. I'm still tuning in regardless of the record even if I do sometimes get frustrated enough to turn off the TV (being in LA it's hard to get to the Citi).

CharlieH said...

Wait! Let me write that down: sec...tion...five...twenty-two...

Got it!


Coop said...

I think you can sleepwalk to my section, CharlieH :D

dykstraw said...

there's plenty of room between drinking the kool-aid and trading in the blue and orange for pinstripes. we're not in this situation just because we had bad luck with injuries - this team has been mismananged for years now, and only now are we fully feeling the brunt of it. we have the second highest payroll in baseball in perhaps its worst division and yet we have no real shot at the postseason, and it's only july 1.

these are not the lovable losers of 1962. the only thing the wilpons understand is money, and i'm willing to spend a lot less of it on this team when it sucks. i'll still watch, and go to games when i have tix or good company. i just don't care enough to make it a priority in my life.

and sooner or later many of those people who bought into shea the past couple years and citi field this year will realize their money could be better spent on things that actually make them happy.

i mean, let's face it - if the mets were your boyfriend, your friends would be telling you to break up with them. doesn't mean you should, but sometimes a little emotional distance isn't such a bad thing.

CharlieH said...

Could do it with my eyes closed, Coop... ;-)

Deb said...

Coop, you know I love ya, but I totally disagree with you on this one. I think Mets fans have been through the mill with ineptitude, mismanagement, just plain stupidity and total lack of caring on the part of many of the players. Not that those things are particular to only the Mets, but since that's the team I follow, and have followed since 1970, that's the only one I care about, or should I say, choose NOT to care about anymore. Let's face it - they're pretty much unwatchable at this point, and I'll be damned if I'd spend any of my hard earned $$ to actually GO to a game; in fact, you couldn't PAY me to go to a game at this point.

Until this organization wakes up, grows up, and/or smartens up and addresses its needs and develops some respect for its fans and their money, I'm pretty much done with them.