Saturday, June 13, 2009


I didn't know what to say today.  Basically because I was speechless.  And you know it must be a bad time if The Coop doesn't have something even smart-ass-tick to say, even about Luis Castillo.  There are only so many Luis Castillo jokes one can tell.  There's only so many "Hey it's the D LIST" rationalizations a gal can make.  

But I will tell you this.  The Mets-read Must-read of the day has to go hands-down to FAFIF's Greg and his take on the whole situation.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  And like most Mets fans, you will dust yourself off, and take it again.  Cause that's what us Mets fans do.  But somehow, I don't feel like the Mets themselves appreciate us fully.  They expect it.  Just like they expect to get paid, regardless of how they play.

Also be sure to cruise down to the comments section and read Joe D's (from MetsMerized) open letter to Luis.  It's priceless.

But I guess to sum up my feelings, it would have to be on a thread from my Facebook page.  My friend Pace (who is ironically going to the House of Evil with me as an enemy supporter) said that wow, wouldn't it have been funny if they didn't run it out?

A feeling, I would gather, most Mets fans are used to.

To which Dykstraw said - the Mets wouldn't have run it out.  To which Toasty Joe agreed, as he put it, 1000% with Dykstraw.

The muffed play isn't all about Castillo.  It's about the shitty-ass, pussy-esque plays this team has made since Opening Day.  

Can't turn the page on this one till Omar gives Castillo his outright release as Greg suggested.  

Enough already.  Stop being pussies and play to win, for fuck's sake.

Love, The Coop


Will said...

As the winning run crossed the plate my wife, who is from Chicago, turned to me and said: "NOW I know what being a Mets fan is all about."

Michael Leggett said...


I have an essay in Expletive Undeleted Format, replete with Pictures of 3 Bad Jokes, named Omar, Freddie and JEFFY.

Michael Leggett said...

Castillo was 2/5 yesterday. Nieve was Superb, yesterday. No Homers yesterday, to RF:

Tim Mc Carver was wrong. Sheff is Doc's NEPHEW, not his Uncle. -uck never called him on it.

CharlieH said...

I love it when you go all potty-mouth, coop... ;-)

steve said...

Nice site,lots of cursing though lol. Like my English professor once said..."Expletives are the fall back option for those with a limited vocabulary and deficient imaginations". Oh well,F**K HIM! ;)