Sunday, June 21, 2009


In honor of the GKR Father's Day event today (which rocked, thanks to the Foundation), I am going to promote some goings-on coming up in Metsopotamia.  

I am basically too fried to discuss what's happened the last few days.  I will try to get some fluff on here during the week.

In any case...the theme this week is Ron and Keith.  But first Ron.  

At 12 noon Wednesday, June 25, YOU can attend a Benefit for Urban Dove, starring Ron Darling.   

The event will be held at Gallagher's Steak House, 228 W. 52nd St.  For only $75, enjoy a power lunch with Ronnie and special guest Bobby O, and get a copy of Ronnie's new book "The Complete Game!"  An autograph and Q&A session will follow.

Call for reservations at 212-245-5336.  (You can get there by basically every important train line! 1,2,3,N,R,Q,W trains all get ya there!)

The next is probably a no-brainer.  I still have not gotten a chance to watch it, but definitely take a look at it, since mostly everyone I know who has seen it really love it.

Without further ado, visit I'm Keith Hernandez and click "Watch Now" for the I'm Keith Hernandez movie.

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Sassdawg. said...

Lately I have just refused to watch. Unwatchable, terrible, garbage.