Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Feelings on 2008 and 2009

So I was talking to Metsgrrl and TBF the other night, during the Mets/Yanks game on Saturday night. And my philosophy is this: 2008 was not a collapse. Sure, it sucked that we lost again in a grand fashion late in the year, but I was okay with how the season ended. Meaning to me, it didn't end on the last game of the year. It ended way before that for me, especially in the last week.

But that malaise that has infiltrated the Mets fan base has extended into 2009, but I think what contributes to our fan-wide Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder (PTMD) is losing Shea. Yeah, I said it. At least in 2007, we were able to put aside the way 2007 ended (which in my perspective was way more horrifying that 2008) by coming home.

We are visitors in our own home now. It's no fault of the ownership or anything like that. I mean, you'd think three years of hearing about how this new home was getting built and seeing it built in front of our eyes would have prepared us better.

But with the way 2008 ended -- with a whimper, not with a bang -- and having to come back to a new home. It was devastating and probably more long-term hurtful and apathy-driven than the Mets losing ever could be.

So this leads to me almost-the-mid-point of 2009. Right now, this team is NOTHING what we signed on for as fans. Our pitching rotation consists of an ace and four guys who should be competing for the 5th spot on teams like Washington and Baltimore.

Right now, our offense consists of David Wright, and not much else. Think he's ever going to see a good pitch? Well, he does - he just swings and misses. A LOT.

We are simply told to "roll with it." The team is told to keep their head above water.

And what are we rewarded with? Games where we are happy that we scored six runs, even when a guy who has never hit a grand slam in his CAREER hits one (which was completely predictable by the way - and how many times can WE look back as fans and say - wow, we had the bases loaded and actually DROVE in a run?). Games we are SHOCKED, I tells ya, SHOCKED that Nieve can't make it out of the fifth inning? Games where we are thrilled to get only ONE hit.

Is it any wonder that fans are not only losing interest, but we are adopting this Kevin-McReynolds-Philosophy on everything?

My feelings are such that 2008's end would have been okay had we been back home. We are visitors at our own home. And we don't even recognize the residents (whether on the field or in the stands).

Is it any wonder that we all need our meds?


CharlieH said...

Here's what's so damn frustrating, IMHO.

It's that we're left in No-Man's Land.

The Mets aren't that far out of it to pack the season in and sell off a Church here, a Sheffield there, perhaps even a Castillo to some desperate, unsuspecting ballclub come 7/31. Let's go get 'em in Twenty-Ten!

No. Instead they're only 3 out. Presumably, that's competetive even though we know they can't/won't compete.

I've been touting the "If we're still 3 out or less when Beltran/Reyes, et al come back, we'll win it." I'm not sure I can really believe that anymore. I think the spirit or psyche of this team has been ground down to a fine powder.

I know mine has, anyway...

And I hate to say it, but Jerry's gotta go. I've become very fond of saying "He's Willie Randolph with better sound bites."

Coop said...

CharlieH - I wrote last year that the last guy I wanted to run the team (in my What Would Coop Do? column) is that STIFF who calls himself a Bench Coach. I think Jerry is a cool guy just keep him the hell away from my team. Only probs is - we have Omar for at least four more years (Wilpons like having a fall guy and won't let him go prior to his contract being up), they won't be wont (if that makes sense) to letting Jerry go before his time, since they did the same to Willie AND Granpa Art before that.

CharlieH said...

Bring back Bobby Veeeeeeeeeee!

DyHrdMET said...

i'm starting to run out of things to say. i feel very lucky because I saw 3 wins on the last "home" stand on what felt like several short (personal) road trips. the Mets are an organization (not just in the majors) that's 20 players deep and 25 of them were on the Opening Day roster (now the injuries).

Nothing shocks me anymore. i'm beginning to feel the same type of let down that I felt after the teams of the late '80s were abandoned (remember the "worst team money could buy") or the World Series edition of PTMD from earlier this decade. At least then I could get a decent seat at Shea on a whim for relatively little money. At least I felt the Mets there.