Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mr. Minaya...DL DELGADO NOW!!!!!

I'm not bent about yesterday's loss. A 6-2 home stand is nothing to shake a stick at.

Of course, I always love it when my team wins, but at least they fought back again and again. Sheff hit a home run to tie the game. Tatis hit a granny when Cox mometarily got spooked with his starter (I love it when stuff blows up in Bobby Cox's face, ha ha).

My boy Jonathon Niese has been demoted, and Figueroa is back up. I'm not concerned about Niese. Remember a dude named Mike Pelfrey? He was rushed up and had a tough time adjusting and he's doing fine now.

Jose Reyes is playing with his head up his ass again, and hopefully, Manuel will have him doing push-ups for his boneheaded plays that lead to Mets losses.

So now the Mets are going on a road trip. We all know what happens to bad teams on the road. But I have no doubt the Mets will have at the very least a .500 record but anything over a .500 record is definitely a win. Yes, I know that thinking is simple. But think about it - they will win the games they are supposed to win. San Francisco is not a good team. LA hasn't been the same without Manny. And Red Sox? If we win at least one, I know I'll be happy.

Aim high, right? But the Sox are a good team. And they are interleague, so take it as it comes.

But you know what does concern me?

Carlos Delgado. Or Carlos Delgado's hip.

See, yesterday, SNK and I (being working women) weren't watching the game on television but on Gameday instead. Actually I think she was listening to the FAN, but that's besides the point. On Gmail chat, all I know is we both remarked on how without Delgado, this team isn't much on the offense. This isn't three years ago when we absolutely needed his bat. But without him, the team is not as good as they would be. If that makes sense.

But here's my thinking. If Delgado can't play tonight, I think he should be DL'd immediately if not sooner. He hasn't played in a few days. It can happen retroactively and then they can make a decision as to what type of rehab routes to take.

But dammit, if this team doesn't screw up even the injuries of their team. Maybe with another ready bat off the bench (or another reliever besides Takahashi), they could have won yesterday's game. Alas, in 2007, Beltran not being DL'd contributed to a few Mets losses.

But it's not the first time in the last 12 months that this has happened. Do I need to bring up Ryan Church again? How about Oh Pea this year? Now Delgado? This is a west coast road trip. This is some serious shit.

In my best Ronald Reagan voice, I say to YOU, Mr. Minaya. D-L Delgado NOW!!!

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Zoe said...

Yeah, they'll DL him retroactive, one expects. Why does his hip have to be 90 years old?

Girl, I'm temping today in an office that blocks both facebook and gmail! I will need to drink well with you tonight. Text me if ya need me!