Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kenny Rogers' Karma

I thought of a lot of things tonight.

One is - I have never seen a walk-off walk before.  I've seen plenty of walk-offs in my time.  But never as a bases loaded walk.  Sweet.  I wonder if Mets Walkoffs can tell me exactly how many of these have happened in the Mets' favor in their history.

Two - I'm finally getting used to CitiField.  It didn't take me as long as I thought it would.  I highly endorse the corn-on-the-cob from the Taqueria out back in CF.  I will start calling it Corn on the COOP because I will probably get this every damn time I go there.

Three - I still fucking hate the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.  Okay, MAYBE hate is too strong a word.  But I still think it should be New York Baseball related or hey, how about this for a novel idea - a METS related history rotunda.  Do you know how many people don't know who Bill Shea is and what he did to bring National League baseball back to New York?  The Giants and Dodgers aren't coming back.  Hate to break it to ya.

I know - get off your high horse Coop.  But I gotta live in this place for the next forty summers at least.  Make me happy dammit.  And less social-study-esque, as Greg from FAFIF would say.

But back to the game tonight.  Of course, the Coop is very happy to see the Mets eke out a win.  Jar-Jar Binks Jurrjens is one of those potential new-generation-Braves certified Mets killer, so I was happy to see them pounce once he was taken out of the game.  I guess that was a plus.

But there were some stupid-ass mistakes tonight.  Mr. E and I were remarking to each other at one point that they were playing aggressive ball when THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO.  The times they NEED to slide, the times they NEED to steal a base, they play extra-cautious.  Tonight?  David Wright gets thrown out at the plate on a shallow "sac" fly (poor excuse for one).  He tried to steal a base too and that didn't work.  Jose Reyes tries to eke out a triple when it was CLEAR he would be thrown out.

Stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid.

Not to mention, I was second-guessing ALL of Jerry Manuel's moves.  I think Jerry is a good guy and has better-than-average managerial skills (better than our old fearless leader, Willie the Wonker).  But there was an instance when he had Gary Sheffield pinch-hit for Daniel Murphy.  Now, it didn't make much of a difference later on (since Manuel has at least perfected the art of double-switches and used the pitcher in that spot), but I was like - why?  They needed a baserunner with two outs late in the game, not some guy who was going to swing for the fences.  Sometimes I wonder what Jerry is actually thinking.  

Eh. Whatever.  We won.  It's all good.

Again, it's no longer 1999 - 1999, we'd have never won this game.  It's 2009, there may still be cockroaches and Chipper Jones.  But the Karma of Kenny Rogers has at least come full-circle.  And the Mets have finally beat the Braves in an anti-climactic fashion much like the Kenny Rogers' game.  

Put THAT one in the books.  

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man yes, the elote is some kind of incredible.