Saturday, May 30, 2009


Down killer, as someone wrote on my Facebook wall.

Today was just one of those damn days.  I woke up with a slight hangover that I sweated out during kickboxing class.  I figured a "girl date" for Take Her to the Ballgame Day with my gal pal Zoe (who deserves a medal for putting up with my bitchiness today) at the good ol' CitiField (which is growing on me, finally) would change all that.  The slow ass "express" 2/3 train I took to catch the 7-train changed that.  F my life.

Not to mention, the line up, as Toasty Joe said, caused the game to be over before it started.

Where to begin?  First, I feel like a 30-something year-old woman shouldn't have to tell adults how to apply baseball etiquette.  But dammit, someone has to, and it might as well be me.

  • First - to play on Ft. Greene Met Fan's take on tourists who just stop on the sidewalk in Times Square.  It's a sidewalk people, not a sidestop.  If you're in the concourse at CitiField, keep fucking walking people.  The game is not even going on.   Nothing to see here people.  MOVE.  Also, hasn't anyone ever heard of the two term "Excuse me?"  Helps sometimes when you RAM into someone and not even acknowledge it.  Assholes.
  • Take Her to the Ballgame Day does not mean take your girlfriend who has no clue about baseball or sporting events in general and doesn't care to know.  Cannot tell you how many times Zoe and I had to move for clueless people ONCE the inning started.  There's this great thing people - it's called the third out which ends this other thing called an inning.  That is an ideal time to get your boyfriend to buy you that cute little pink cap that looks nothing like a true Mets cap.  Also I don't care if you are wearing a Mets jersey, when a Marlin hits a sac fly, that's really no good reason to cheer.
  • Shake Shack was, surprise surprise, jam-packed so again no B&W shake.  I decided I was going to reward myself after a Jeremy Hermida 3-run jack with a Carvel cap.  I walked halfway to Brazil before finding a Carvel stand.  The line rivaled that of the Shack.  As I later told SNK, my patience = very thin.  And that says a lot, since I do not get riled up during traffic or long lines.  I figure, am I going to remember this is 10 minutes, 10 days, 10 years from now?  Probably not.  Doesn't affect me long term.  Boom.   Of course, I buy some Dippin' Dots which placated me somewhat.  Till I found out I could get a Carvel cap or cone at any frickin stand.  Once again, F-my life.
  • Then because the Dippin Dots STILL did not do the trick, I thought I'd just get some good ol' Nathan's fries.  My stand was out of them.  Knish instead.  F- my life.
  • Zoe couldn't get iced coffee.  They placated her with some iced hot coffee which she said was pretty good.  But BOOOOO for not having iced coffee for my hetero-life partner.
To add insult to injury this horrible game took FOREVER in the 9th to end.  Of course, with my luck, on a day I wanted to get the hell out of dodge, the game would go into extras.  But that didn't happen, so I guess that was a plus.

Oh did I mention the Z-line up played today and lost terribly to the Marlins?  F-my life.

Let's take the rubber game tomorrow.

Just want to note I had an awesome day with my girl Zoe.  My bitterness today has nothing to do with her.  We had fun.  Next time though - we will get Shake Shack shakes.  Oh yes, it will be ours.

But for now - I will have to settle for lots of red wine and Greek food.

And gym tomorrow to work it off. 

F- my life.

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caryn said...

I'm not sorry we're not there on the weekends in 2009. Friday night, we had FOUR fathers in four families try to evict us from our seats on their insistence that we were in their seats. We stopped making eye contact - and of course, there are no ushers to be found - so TBF was having to show them our tickets, compare them to theirs, and then almost every single one of them said, "Well, I just don't know where to go."

It's tourist season at Citi. I go in the right field gate, knock people over heading into World's Fare to get Mama's (because people aren't going in there to buy food, they're going in there to look mostly), hit the escalators and then play dodge 'em to get to our section. I don't try for tacos or shake shack or anything because I can't get there early enough to do it, and anything that requires walking across the fan bridge means an extra 20 mins because traffic crawls to a halt.

I estimate it will be better next year, but this year is the tourist year. At least if people want to take pictures of themselves with the field in the background, they don't block my view of home plate any more.

and don't get me started on the guy with extreme flatuence caused by cheap beer (they snuck in cans) on Friday night. I was nauseous by the end of the game.