Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get In Line for the MRI Shack

A play on the long lines at Shake Shack, Dykstraw, Fort Greene Met Fan and Duderino had a good laugh at the lines at the MRI booth.  And no, I'm not kidding.  On a day where Jose Reyes and Ryan Church both go on the DL, Oh Pea and Brian Schneider are still working on their shit in PSL, and Carlos Beltran (our rock, if you can believe i'm actually saying that) is out for a few days with a sore knee...you'd think F-Mart making his debut with the big team would be enough to make us happy.

I mean, I guess there are things to be thankful for.  Like Livan Hernandez pitching a complete game.  Gary Sheffield (with this three biggest proponents in attendance AND watching the game together there tonight) hitting a three-run jack that ensured NO instant replay would be needed.  And David Wright is still together.

It was funny though.  Looking at the lineup, you'd think there was a split-session game somewhere up North. Eh, but it wasn't.  But good news for the Mets, they played a team that's perpetually AAAA.

Some notes on the evening:

I will post pics later, but Dykstraw noticed a dude wearing an old Pedro Martinez #45 jersey...with a new #26 etched out in butcher paper and colored blue with orange highlighting for the NEW Martinez on the team.

I still get recognized at the new stadium, no matter how little I attend these days.  But unfortunately, someone called me "Co-Op."  Nope, not kidding, Dykstraw will back me on it.

It's always a good thing when the bullpen stays in the bullpen.

The Corn on the Cob at Taqueria is the best thing ever.  Don't ever go to the Catch of the Day stand.  Seriously, don't.   That way, there won't be lines like Shake Shack when you figure out that C-O-T-D has better fries than Shake Shack (whoops, I let the cat out of the bag).

Dykstraw advised me not to wait in line at Shake Shack, although I am still dy-ing for a black & white shake.  He said, by the time you are done, F-mart will be in the Hall of Fame.  Well, he may have been right.  But that damn shake will be mine.  Oh yes.  It will be mine.

What else?  The Mets won and the Marlins cannot be counted on for shit against anyone BUT the Mets.  Let's hope our team gets its shit together for the weekend series, and they continue to flounder (um, no pun intended).

Anyone want to use my Swiffa?  With Johan on the mound tomorrow, it's a distinct possibility.  SWEEP!


Retire # 31 said...

Co op !!

See guys , I told you she heard me !

Dykstraw , Keep the name alive !

Great site , Keep up the good work .

CharlieH said...

Co-Op! LOL!!!

I just hope this off day doesn't derail the pennant express, engineered by those gritty, guttty Metsies -- Sheffield, Tatis, Ramon Hernandez, Omir and the scrappy lot of 'em!

Retire # 31 said...

Day of for the Amazin's and Co op . Hopefully both come back strong Friday after their party in Connecticut !