Friday, April 03, 2009


So rumor has it that Gary Sheffield is thisclosetobeing a Met, potentially official sometime later today (see the nuclear fallout over at BMF here and Metsblog there). For a deal at the league minimum (a pro-rated $400K) --

Am I the only one who doesn't see this as the travesty it's played out to be in Mets fan forums?

Apparently Debmc over at GB&U is not claiming her place on the Queensboro Bridge right now either. Blondies Jake over at BMF was screaming that he would not root for the team because clearly this was a money issue. Well, give the man a cookie!! Anyone who doesn't believe this is not a money move should not be a baseball fan.

I see this deal as multi-faceted and could potentially help us out.

One is obviously money. For a management team that lost $350mm in a Ponzi scheme is going to start nickel-and-diming things where they can. Gary Sheffield at $400K over Manny for $20+mm per year? You do the math.

Two is - how would we feel seeing him come off the bench at a crucial point in a pennant race versus the Phils or worse on the Marlins or Braves in those close games down the stretch? Not just money here, this was clearly a move to keep him away from division rivals.

Three is - conversely, how do we feel sending Marlon Anderson up at critical junctures as opposed to Sheff? Sheff coming off the bench is brilliant. In instills fear in the other team -- although he is not as powerful a bat as a Manny (um, duh) or even what Sheff himself used to be, let's face it - he's better than what we have now.

Four is - Right now, there was to be a Murphy/Tatis platoon in LF, Church in RF. Can't Sheff play both those positions? I think we are fooling ourselves into thinking the Tatis we got last year will show up again this year.

Therefore, I don't think the Sheff thing is as bad as fans have made it out to be.

I'm not saying I approve the move...but as Chris Rock would say, I understand.


Deb said...

BRING HIM ON!!!!!! Man, I do not get the hating on this move! This guy is a bona fide THUMPING THREAT, even such as he is right now, and considering the moolah, or lack thereof, it's a no-brainer!


George said...

I don't like it. Yes, the Mets need more outfield oomph. But no, Sheffield, once feared, is now oomphless. Baseball Prospectus has predicted a .245/.341/.415 in 2009 for him (in Detroit, so that might go up a bit thanks to moving to the NL, and who knows how Citi Field will play, but still).

Plus, he can't field anymore. Bad news for Carlos Beltran.

So they think they've fixed something, but the problem will be back when he fails by June. Sort of like Livan as the fifth starter.

I just don't like when they refuse to add the parts around the great core. The Mets seem doomed to be the 1990s Seattle Mariners of the Aughts.

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