Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh Pees The Bed

As a fan remarked to me in Blondie's tonight, the Cardinals will be an over-.500 team. Since Oh Pea was dominating them earlier in the game, it seemed almost true. 'Cause you know Oh Pea only kills teams that are good - it's the really pitiful poor teams that dominate Ollie.

I wonder where the Mets would fit in, if Pea were to start against them. 'Cause I gotz to tell ya, it's not looking good. Just like last season, it was hard to get bent over losses in April but I had a revelation last night. Wins count in April just as much as they do in August or September. Will last night's game be one of "dag, we shoulda won that one when we had the chance?"

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the future, which could also include a 20-game winning streak, including a perfect game and a no-hitter. Heh. I can dream, right?

Anyway, I am turning this post into an early-season WWCD (or "What Would Coop Do?") tirade. It would be so so so so SO easy for me to pick Oh Pea. However, he's Pea. We knew what we would get, and of course you knew as soon as he gave up two runs, Bad Ollie or Ollie Hyde returned. So be it. We have him for three years. We gotta deal.

But we also "gotta deal" someone that I think we all know has to go. And that's Daniel Murphy. And if I were Omar Minaya, I would be on the horn with every AL General Manager RIGHT NOW to see if they need a very disciplined DH who can play the infield (sort of) and can be a late-inning defensive (ok, that's a stretch) replacement.

Daniel Murphy has singlehandedly cost this team two losses already. OK, last night's game was a bit of a clusterfuck in that Carlos Beltran forgot Baseball Fundamentals 101 in forgetting to fucking slide and being called out thus killing a potential rally and Ollie Hyde taking the place of Dr. Oliver Jekyll Perez. Not to mention, in the first game a Daniel Murphy play cost the team, the rest of the offense just did not show up, leaving Johan pitching a game he deserved to win (and we would never talk of a Daniel Murphy muff again).

But if we hold onto him any longer, he's going to continue to muff up plays in the OF AND it will start to show up in other parts of his game, such as his money-maker of his fantastic bat.

I know my opinion won't be liked. But hey, I don't care. I also suggested that Aaron Heilman should start, but who the hell am I?

I like Murph. But we gotta nip this Daniel Murphy bug in the bud and get someone who plays the OF as pro. Should we promote F-Mart? Or trade for Holliday in Oakland? Yeah, yeah, I know. *JUST* Murphy won't do it. But should we throw F-Mart in that mix too?

Like many of you, I'd like to hold onto the kids and love the one we're with (Like IrishMike said last night). Unfortunately, that's just not gonna fly with the rest of Queens. We have to make a change, cause Barack Obama's ideology isn't translating well with the Mets.

In the meantime, Andrew over at The 'Ropolitans has a Twitter poll up over "Who's to Blame?" A jokester suggested Molina (who continued to be a Met killer even after the 2006 NLCS). But it's great.

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CharlieH said...

The Carlos clusterfuck is symptomatic of the larger issue with this team:


Any other player "too close to slide" would have lowered his shoulder & tried to knock YFM all the way to Chicago. But not our polite bunch, who tiptoe up to the plate and say "Aw shucks!" with their palms up.

A commenter on Metsblog opined that the 2000 World Series emasculated this team. I half wonder if he's right.

(Notice how I conveniently don't engage the "Murphy must go" talk? ;) )

Coop said...

Oh yeah, well I totally don't discount the need for the Big Pussy's Posse to be rekindled with Carlos Beltran as the leader (now that Aaron Heilman is gone).