Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Season, Same Ol' Assholes

The game is still going on, so I'm going to wait to weigh in on my thoughts on the team, at least till after the Reds series.  Anyway I found three articles relating to baseball and idiots, and I thought you might get as big a kick as I did out of them.  Well, almost all of them.

Today was the World Series ring ceremony at Citizens Bank Park, and Philadelphia fans are keeping it classy as per usual.  Adam Eaton, now a pitcher on the Orioles, got a dispensation to be with the team today to get his well-deserved ring.  So what do Phillies fan?  

They boo.

Are you fucking kidding me?  The article even made mention of Jimmy Rollins calling their fans front-runners, but I mean, what the hell?  Derek Lowe made a trip from his then-new team L.A. Dodgers to Boston to get his ring, and at least Sox fans had the goodwill to cheer a dude who helped them win their first ring in forever.  This just proves that Phillies fans are nothing but frontrunning assholes.

Next is Joba Chamberlain and his DUI arrest last year.  As Bugs Bunny would say, what a maroon.  Like Mel Gibson did back at his DUI, Joba further proves the adage, instant asshole = just add alcohol.  Seriously, he gets pulled over and manages to rip on a Yankee legend AND their fans?  Tell us how you really feel Joba.

Last is sort of sad but also ties into the theme here.  A fight broke out at the Angels game (their fans really aren't known as particularly vicious, passionate or violent), and a fan died as a result of injuries sustained in the brawl.  What is this world coming to?  Last year, a fan died at Shea riding the "rails" of the escalators (allegedly, since this was never totally proven), and a fight breaks out at an Opening Day (a joyous occasion, mind you) game for the ANGELS and he suffers a fatal injury?

I don't know why I hope every year, the fans get brighter.  The fans will get better.  People will respect each other.  

But this is just ridonkulous.  My sympathies to the man's family.


Anonymous said...

"This just proves that Phillies fans are nothing but frontrunning assholes."

I disagree. Eaton was booed because he's a bum. Pat Burrell, who also left the team, and who a lengthy history of being booed by his fans, got the biggest ovation of the day.

Yesterday, Burrell deserved respect, and was treated accordingly. Eaton, however, did not deserve any respect.

Coop said...

Why is Eaton a bum? Granted I don't follow the allegiances of this team (since they do seem to change day-to-day) but Eaton came through against some good teams last year if I remember correctly. So what if he left over the offseason?