Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little Things That Kill

Perhaps the Mets need to go back to the basics. Forget the 80-pitch drills to Carlos Delgado. Forget the extra batting practice for Luis Castillo. Forget David Wright doing the Jedi-mind trick to forget that there are 2 outs and men on base (which he did with a ginormous JACK to momentarily tie the game up when it looked out of reach).

Like yesterday, Daniel Murphy learned the hard way that he should be using TWO hands to grab a fly ball out. And he did so tonight - twice.

But once again, the Mets get bit in the ass by an error that changed the way of the game. Mr. E didn't even really notice that Ryan Church's fumble in right field was considered an error. Then the balk came and then...whomp, there it is.

I have to believe they will come around. But these last two losses, which were at points incredibly WINNABLE, are tough to swallow, even this early in the season.

And why is that two suck-as-hell relievers leave the Mets and then DOMINATE against them?

It's like what Gavin Rossdale once sang - it's always the little things that kill.

Guess we'll have to get them Wednesday.

We interrupt this very important My Summer Family posting to bring you the following...

The Modell's Times Square (42nd St and 7th Ave) store is hosting an event on Wednesday, April 15, from 3:30 - 4:45 pm, for the launch of Mo's Zone.

Join ultra-super-special guests Modell's president Seth Horowitz, CEO Mitchell Modell and Doc Gooden, whom I won't insult your intelligence telling you who HE is!

Here is some information I received on Mo's Zone. Drop by if you are in the area!

**The Mo's Zone area of Citi Field is an exciting area in the brand new ball park that will quickly become a fan-favorite destination for passionate fans to cheer on their NY Mets.

* This area will be the new home for the best Mets fans in New York!

* In right/right-center field at Citi Field, there are two field-level sections of seating that together make up an area which will quickly become known as The Mo's Zone.

* The Mo's Zone area is led-off by a 72 foot span across the outfield warning track where the traditional padded outfield wall is replaced by a chain link fence.

* Directly above this span of fence is the Mo's Zone fan section (specifically seating sections #101 & #102). Within this area will sit nearly 400 of the most passionate Mets fans known to mankind. The area will be full of energy and is uniquely tucked beneath the porch overhead which hangs 18 feet out and over the playing field.

* Beneath the Mo's Zone lives The Modell's Clubhouse. The Modell's Clubhouse is set behind the chain link fence and will consist of dugout-style benches backed by five full sized garage-style overhead doors. Those doors open up to a private fan hospitality area which can accommodate up to 70 fans. The only thing that will separate fans in the Modell's
Clubhouse from the playing field is the chain link fence. Fans attending a game inside the Modell's Clubhouse will be as close to the playing field during the game as you can get without being one of the players!

The Mo's Zone and Modell's Clubhouse will surely become areas in high demand for those fans looking to experience the game in a truly memorable way.

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Julie/ChicagoMetsFan.com said...

Almost all our ex-players do better when not with the Mets. Sigh.