Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Walks, Mt. Rushmore and Two Weeks Later...

I'm sure you have all been waiting with baited breath over my feelings for the last week at CitiField and most importantly, the last two weeks of the Mets season.

Just a few observations I have made:

1.) I realized I have been suffering from "Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder" due to the finish of the last two seasons. Hence why I have not only been at a loss for words (who? really? me?), but also why I have been along with every other Mets fan just pretty hardened and not into cheering these last few days.  Except for when Johan shut down the Brew Crew on Saturday, and when Sheff hit the big five-oh-oh.  Oh and when Luis Castillo hit the walk-off single on Friday night.  Luis Castillo?

2.) My season seats are up in the Promenade. All the good snack stands are down behind Centerfield, in the field area. Therefore, go for the gusto and get the ribs (if you eat meat, which I do not), the box frites (which I DEFINITELY do partake in) and beer. Because it's gonna burn more calories when you go all the way downstairs and back up for food.

3.) People who feel the need to complain about our nice new state-of-the-art stadium need to take a Valium. We wanted it - we got it - deal with it. You are much closer to the field that you were at Shea ever, and do you really need to see every foul ball hit into the stands? I think you can gather what happens if the batter goes back to the batter-box, okay?  Not to mention there are people who complain about the scoreboard.  You want the line-up available as soon as you walk into a stadium?  Go to Wrigley Field.

4.) Will from Smear the Queer makes me laugh my ass off, no matter what the situation on the field.  And European tourists eally need to learn baseball etiquette. Especially if they get up right before Carlos Delgado hits a home run. But, as Will asked, what if he feels like walking?  

Will also wore Daniel Murphy's shirt.  

5.) I attended the first Mets loss and first Mets win at CitiField ever.  I also attended Johan fest on Saturday, with his getting the win, and drawstring bag giveaway!

6.) Section 522 in the Promenade is going to be INSANE. I had to break up three fights in the third inning at Opening Night. No, seriously.

7.) Dwight "Doc" Gooden was probably my fondest and most romanticized Mets love since my childhood. Had a chance to meet him at Modell's Times Square promoting the Mo's Zone at CitiField.  

8.)  At Saturday's game, I got to meet with some of the Blogging All-Stars in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.  Thanks to fanboy Charlie H,   we organized a meet-and-greet with the likes of Zoe, Greg from FAFIF and Steve from Kranepool Society.  We also had the good fortune to see Mike Silva by the #42 and Alex Belth from Bronx Banter.  

Kranepool Society coined us the "Mt. Rushmore of Bloggers," while Greg remarked not only on the irony of having a "club-only" separate entrance (which Dana Brand did as well - unfortunately, we did not see him Saturday!) in an area dedicated to Jackie Robinson, but the Rotunda's feel was more of a social studies class.  Sad, but true.  

9.)  Two weeks after the road opener and the kick-off of the 2009 season, we've won two series, lost two series, Johan has a sick ERA and a 2-1 record, and have had more 1-run difference games than I care to remember.  The Mets are a .500 team as of today.  The reasons for this have to do with situational hitting.  During a Tweet feed today, someone said that the population of the LOBs on the Mets is equivalent to that of a small country.  True, so I have to believe that this is a phase and they will get out of it.  Soon, I hope.  

10.)  I think that the whole Putz/K-Rod set-up is a good thing, but I think that Omar Minaya had in mind to be more runs scored in those games.  Not 1-0 games where Johan gets the win.   The theme here?  SCORE MORE RUNS!!!


will said...

i LOVE (read: HATE) when people, commenting on putz-rodriguez end-of-game shutdown, say "just like omar drew up in the winter!" oh my god shut up with that phrase. because i'm sure omar would've wanted david wright and carlos beltran to drive in some runs with guys on second too.

CharlieH said...

That was one helluva day, Coop. All hail Johann The Magnificaent! (And you're pretty cool, yourself...)

kranepool society said...

Grat day on Saturday meeting up with everyone.

Yes I want my lineups as soon as I walk in the door- so sue me, sue me, what can you do to me, Guys and Dolls sceanario-

$iti is a beautiful place and I'm sure I'll grow to love it but I want to see wall to wall Mets stuff around the place. As a boy from Brooklyn the Bums have a place in my heart, just like Julie Esposito in high school but since I married someone else I don't have our prom pic hanging on the wall

LadyMet said...

Coop - #3 - I agree wholeheartedly! And as for the PTMT - as a mental health professional, I will be lobbying to get this disorder classified by the American Psychiatric Association.