Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heeee-ere's BMF! (And Others...)

I'm not talking about this series.  Please don't mention Swiffers, m'k?  

Today, we are going to talk about some good things!!  

BMF Adam had an exclusive with the Doc himself, Dwight Gooden (in case, you know, you needed clarification), on the way to sitting at the Mo's Zone.  I gotta get me some seats in there.  Anyway, please click on the videos and watch away.  You get to see in the second link questions the likes of Always Amazin Artus, Zoe, Metstradamus and moi asked.  'Cause that's how we roll.

Enjoy - and just so you aware, I might be taking a Mets Sabbatical and rooting for the RANGERS instead.  Not baseball Rangers, hockey for you folk who still have a late-winter/early-spring family.  I will try to Monday-morning GM soon.  Maybe on...Monday?

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