Monday, April 20, 2009

Cawfee Talk

I'm sitting here, wishing I had a coffee maker and that Dunkin Donuts was a bit closer to where I live.  Cause I use a cup o' joe, but I could also use this craptastic weather to go bye-bye, much like the Bad Version of Oh Pea.  Oh well.  Anyway, I can pretend to a drink a cup of coffee, and you can pretend to share one with me and listen - cause hell, no one wants to listen to ANOTHER opinionated Mets fan and her views on life, or more aptly her views on the team.

So pull up a chair, dear Mets fans, and pour yourself a faux cup of...something and listen, whether you like it or not!  

The first thing I'd like to discuss is the whole runners-in-scoring-position business.  Yes, I know that 100 men have been L'd-O-B in 12 games.  Yes I know that Jerry Manuel has gone against his own philosophy to play the proverbial "hot hand" with players - why sit Luis Castillo yesterday?  I know, can you believe that I'M asking that question.  

But I can't get too bent.  This team is .500.  Jason over at Faith and Fear says that he would worry if at the end of the month, they were 5-13.  Sure, they are over the mathematical hump of the 5 wins.  The pitching has been good and the bullpen has certainly not given Mets fans a reason to refill their Tums supply in the medicine cabinet.   

But David Wright needs to have a self-imposed celibacy period soon.  Stop having sex = start hitting more.  Jose Reyes needs to stop swinging for the fences each time he's at the plate.Jerry, please make him do push-ups when that happens.  Delgado needs to stop hitting into crucial double plays.  But is this something we can change?  Is this something to work on?  Sure it is.  But it's something, I believe, that will get better in time, when all cylinders click.  This is a relatively small sample set of games.  If I got upset every time the Mets lost, I'm sure I'd have way more grey hairs right now.

The second is - what is this love-fest that I see for the Marlins?  Yes I recognize they have gotten off to a hot start.  Yes I know they have the best SS in the league (shock! horror! gasp!  But I gotta give credit where it's due) with Hanley Ramirez.  I know Josh Johnson is the real deal.  Jayson Stark over at ESPN says the same thing but also adds in his legit concerns about their questionable defense and bullpen, and strikeout issues.

But this man-crush that the MLB network has for the team or more succinctly the verbal ball-licking of Larry Beinfest (Marlins head of Baseball Operations) on the network is enough to make me go *hurl*.  

Yes, I know NOT to ignore the Marlins, particularly for their performance or rather the "let-me-at-'em-I'll-splat-'em" attitude towards the Mets.   But to call them legitimate contenders this early in the season?  They'll come back down to earth.  

Look at their schedule thus far.  They have had SIX GAMES against the one-win Nationals, for Pete's sakes.  The Nationals beat the Phils, for the record.  A team mostly everyone has anointed as NL East champs, with a 5-6 record as of now.  

Likewise, the Mets COULD HAVE easily taken two out of three or even swept the series against the Marlins but they're pussies and don't know any better.  Not to mention, with the exception of the Nationals, the Marlins are ahead of the pack in wins so far in the division.  But wait till they start playing the Mets and Phils more.  And realer teams like the west coast teams.  

And save the series against the Braves they have had, lots of ONE RUN difference games for the Fishies.  Sounds like another team LOSING lots of one-run games.  

For the record, Pittsburgh Pirates are also a .500 team.  Do you think they are a force to be reckon with?  They're young, they're green.  They aint going anywhere.  

Like Jason said earlier, I will start to worry about the Mets after the initial honeymoon period of the month of April.  Believe me, no one knows more than The Coop what crucial wins are at ANY point of the season (especially with this team).  But am I going to lose sleep over April?  Nah.  

Talk to me again in May.  

As for coffee, I hope you enjoyed yours, but I am upset that Dunkin Donuts is ending their 99 cent small latte promotion...but is having 50-cent Iced Coffee Day tomorrow.  w00t!

And Let's Go RANGERS!!!! Clap! Clap!  Clap-clap-clap! I just spoke with Mr. E that back when, I used to not even pay attention to the Mets till the Rangers hockey season was over.  Whenever that was.  So maybe I am getting into it...


DyHrdMET said...

push-ups for Reyes? I like the Major League reference.

CharlieH said...

I'm right behind ya, Coop. Couldn't agree more with any of it.

Maybe we, the loyal readers, can chip in and get you a nice Mr. Coffee for Christmas...