Friday, March 06, 2009

COOPSLIST!!! And the winner is...

Hey y'all, a few thoughts off the top of Coop's head.

One is - it looks like the White Classic Striped Reyes #7 jersey is the winner of the poll! A good thing though - I'm pretty sure I can buy that off the rack at the Mets Clubhouse. I am a purist though - I need it authentic, like the one's the players wear. Yes, I admit I'm a dork. I still have a pro-weight Rangers Richter #35 jersey that I still wear, from 1994!

Second is - GET ON THE LIST!!! And by "list" I mean COOPSLIST! Coopslist is my season ticket selling mailing list. People are already lining up at the door, so shoot me an email (click on link to right) if you'd like to get in on this bitch.

Mr. E and I obviously have first dibs on many of the games. I usually combine games for a discount - but also get on the list for the Coop/Beer games, where you can get in for the price of THREE BEERS! The price has gone up, but hey, you are in a nicer stadium now. But it's still the best recession special out there. I will be sitting in section 522 of the Promenade - which I chose purposely since the numbers reduce itself back to 9 (5+2+2=9)...and it's 2009.

Again, I admit, I'm a dork.


Sassdawg. said...

My first game of the season, and I want to bring Henry is going to be the Friday in April against the Nats.

Toasty Joe said...

Coop - check TJ. You've been name-dropped.

Mr E. said...

I'm looking forward to opening day.
I'm just wondering if the hot dogs will be as good as Shea's.
Or the Polo Grounds, for that matter.