Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ruh Roh Rorge

All I can say is - "typical Mets" for not seeing the forest for the trees or whatever the hell that saying is with the following news.  Johan Santana may miss his Opening Day start (as in - the season opener 2009, in a few weeks) due to elbow tenderness.  And yet there are apparently no reports out of spring training that he'll be sent to NY for an MRI (hat tip to Metsblog for all the good info).

I know we shouldn't be concerned until something is officially disclosed, but when I say typical Mets I mean this:

Think about how they mismanaged Ryan Church's brain injury last year (let's be honest - concussions are brain injuries...)...moving right along...

Think about how they took forever to DL Carlos Beltran in the past when it was obvious that not only his stubbornness was hurting the team by taking up a roster spot, it was also clear he would be better suited resting himself...

Think about Billy Wagner last season and the downplaying of his injuries, when it was evident he would be out for the rest of the season, thereby ruining any chances of our playoff hopes and dreams...

And let's not go there with how Pedro has been hurt 3/4 of his contract and how it was just biz-as-usual whenever he went down for long stretches of time.  

So why am I not surprised that Johan Santana's tendinitis-ridden elbow is pooh-poohed?

I can understand that you don't want to alert the competition that our star ace pitcher may be hurt, or to inflate any potential trade values or any remaining free agent pitcher's contracts...Um...are there any left?? (Nope, don't think so).  

But here's something else that raised my eyebrows but I decided to give the Benny Agbayani of the doubt.  Many Latin baseball players in general are very proud countrymen, proud of their heritage and it is considered the highest honor to play for their country....My point is this could be the smoking gun.  Johan not playing for Venezuela?  May not be big news here - But I'm sure it's big shit in his home country.  

But why?  It's gotta be more than Omar and the Wilpons coming down on him and saying - we can't afford to lose you.  Johan is young enough and strong enough - plus he played in the 2007 WBC and had a strong season?  I think it's a smoke screen, personally.  Remember how he was supposedly hurt when he took the mound at the last Saturday game of the season...and he cornered General Jerry for the ball that day.  We needed it, and he needed it.  If he could truly play, he would be.  Boom.  End of story.  

But women's intuition is telling me that I think he's more hurt than he's letting on.  Or the Mets are letting on.  Especially when he says stuff like his Opening Day start could be in jeopardy.  

"We have 162 games...what we have to accomplish takes 162 games.  Everything starts April 6, if it's going to be me or somebody else.  It's tough to say right now."

Um, can I be scared now?  Especially since that was a stance Pedro Martinez took in 2006.  Whether it was him or somebody else, I remember he claimed, it wasn't important whether he or someone else made the Opening Day start.  

WTF?  Is this some kind of script Jay Horwitz gives players talking to the press when they think they might be hurt and their start of the season may be in jeopardy?  

Perhaps to an extent, the fans care more about who starts Opening Day.  But with the gift of hindsight, we all know how that season turned out for Pedro.   So once again, I ask, can I be scared now?  

I guess worst case scenario is (spit on the evil eye, as Zoe likes to say) Johan is out for a while and we need to rely on Jon Niese or some scrub in AAA.  Best case is that he's out for a couple weeks and completely dominant once he returns.  

I gotta think positive here.  Cause damn it, what are our other options?  Waiting for the Wilpons to break out the check book for Manny to relieve our fears of no offense to support the rotation?  Or trading what little talent we have left for some middle of the rotation guy to keep Johan's space warm?  And who is our ace?  Oh Pea?  John Maine?

The last few seasons I've had good feelings at the start - but with the end of the last two, I am just numb right now.  

If something happens to Johan, I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do.  Death by Harry Carey in front of CitiField?  (Yes, that's meant to be ironic.)

Just another day around the way, I guess.  Sorry to be such a killjoy.  Ruh Roh Rorge

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Mr E. said...

Johan will be fine.
I just looked into my "Conservative Underground" crystal ball and my man will be ready for the first week of the season.
As for the shirt... take yer pick.
Yer daddy'll be proud whatever you get.