Sunday, February 22, 2009

A My Summer Family Poll! What Should Coop Do...

Hey guys.  Since I have been following my new Network, I've finally decided it's time to take the plunge after seeing the promotions for the umpteenth time.  

By plunge, I mean - get a personalized Mets jersey.

Before I have to attend the gasps of shock you might have, just listen for a minute.  I had one once upon a blue moon.  In the late 80s.  My favorite player: Jefferies #9.  Yup.  I admit it.  Although I do have to say, it was mostly because he was cute with a great smile.

But this time around, I am little conscious of what I spend and with the mercenaries in sports, I was hesitant to get a jersey made for someone who may or may not be on the team.  

I also have famously said to many that - IF Oliver Perez gets an extension, I will spend $$ on his personalized jersey.  But then again, we had an awkward break up last year, and I wonder if it's worth getting a jersey for someone who is on the team for three years, tops.

I also LOVE the black home jersey...but the Mets purist in me says...I should get the white with blue stripes "classic" and be done with it.

But I have also a favorite position player.  It's Jose Reyes, #7 for those of you keeping track at home, and also the purist in me says I shouldn't waste my dollars on a pitcher...although I do have a huge fan-boy crush on Oh Pea.

So look to the right column - and vote!  Thanks for your support on this My Summer Family very important moment...

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DyHrdMET said...

Until I came across a great sale a few months ago, I never owned a jersey with a name/number on it. Not since I wore player t-shirts in the late '90s and got burned on the names.

My money is on the "classic" jersey with no name. Unless Modell's still has the $20 baseball jersey sale going. Then you may feel like you can get all of what you want (if available).