Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The More Things Change...

I'm sure most Mets fans know by now that my Sweet Oh Pea is extended and will be a Met again for the next three years at least, pending a physical.  And I don't know how to feel about it.

For one, I dumped him last year.  I had enough of his Pea-brain antics on the mound when he could easily be one of the best pitchers in baseball.

Two - I had already resigned myself to the idea that he would be playing someplace else next year.  I guess even having Scott Boras as an agent won't guarantee you play where you want to play, a la Barry Zito, for the most amount of money.  See, rumor had it Pea wanted to play for a smaller market west coast or south team (think: Padres or Rangers/Astros) to be closer to home.  Howver, I doubt that small market teams are in the market to outbid themselves in this economy.  With the Padres' financial troubles, and well, the Rangers and Astros being who they are - I doubt that anyone besides the Mets who know the bill of goods they get with the guy anyway will outbid themselves.

So I have to look forward to another three years of awkwardness with Pea.


But that's not all.  With the inking of Oh Pea, and the subsequent loss of Sheets to another team (I already know he will not be a Met - nothing to see here - moving right along), plus the stories we hear that the Mets are not at all in the running for Manny (which, admittedly, I was never 100% FOR...but I guess it would have been a cool idea nonetheless)...it leads me to one thing.

That the only constant in life is change.  And the Mets are not changing at all.  Get used to it folks.  As long as the economy is in a downturn and the Wilpons pretend that everything is peachy-keen with their finances despite losing nearly $400mm to Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme...we have to make do with what we have.

And I think that really sucks.

The Mets optimists will tell me that the team despite all the warts and shit was not THAT bad.  And I take that with a grain of salt.  

Yes the bullpen gave up a lot of late leads and it's tough to get them back.  Yes, the Mets won the season series against the Phils, but lost the series to the vastly inferior Braves.  

Yes, Beltran is the best defensive CF in baseball.  David Wright is still young.  Jose Reyes is a game changer.  But what about the other black holes in the line up, meaning every other position besides CF, 3B and SS?  Doesn't really give me hope for the future, it doesn't.  

There are too many "IFs" as I mentioned on other blogs.  What IF Beltran isn't feeling better than 89.1%?  What IF Delgado doesn't perform like he did in the second half last year?  What IF Wright still fails miserably in the clutch?  What IF Reyes has a prolonged slump and brings the entire team down with him?   What IF Ryan Church is never the same player he was in April 2008 (which we all know was an anomaly anyway).  And what IF, despite all the positive changes with K-Rod and JJ Putz in the bullpen, the bullpen STILL manages to give up critical games and we are stuck at square one.

Yes, folks, the only constant in life is change.  And the constant on the Mets throughout the years are the Wilpons.  And they need to sell the Mets, and pronto.

It has become a foregone conclusion to me, a more-than-casual fan, that as long as the Wilpons are signing the checks, nothing will ever change.  The culture of running a small-market team in a big-market.  Pocketing the $20mm naming rights fee for CitiField rather than pumping into making a more marketable product.  Refusing to change their gentlemanly ways in the drafting slotting.  The list goes on-and-on.

Where's Nelson Doubleday when you need him?  Seriously, this guy actually knew baseball and when deals had to be made, it wasn't all about dollar signs, he saw the bigger picture.  With Mike Piazza, the marketing of the guy would be well worth the contract price and the chips they gave up for him.  This executive team doesn't have a clue and it makes me sick.

People will point fingers at Omar, but give the guy some credit where it's due.  He had NOTHING to start with when he first came on board.  He's drafted Big Pelf and Niese, he;s drafted Daniel Murphy, he drafted a lot of the young dudes in the Santana trade, plus he's orchestrated some great signings.  People who say a GM is only as good as their deep owner's pockets is only half-right - Omar has proven when given carte blanche, he can not only make the big deal, but he's got an eye for talent too.  The Mets problems when he took over were mostly organizational, from the top on down, and reflected just how poorly the team had been run when the Wilpons got involved with day-to-day operations.

It seems like they are weaseling their way back to that, and it's time for Omar to tell them to get off his dick.  On the other hand, unless the Wilpons change their mind about going over the $160mm luxury tax threshold, we won't be seeing Sheets and we won't be seeing Manny.  Plus, I have already declared my future Pittsburgh Pirates fandom if Pedro is brought back for more than a nickel in 2009.  Bye bye Pedro, nice knowin' ya.

We need at least one of those to not only change the structure of the team but to change the attitude.

Not to mention the FANS deserve it.  For the past two years, this team has ripped our collective hearts out of our collective ass, and it's time we were given something back for sticking with this team.  

As long as the Wilpons own the team, this will never happen.  Do you think they give a shit about what we think?  No, as Jay Horwitz said for the Shea Goodbye ceremony over the weekend "This is a FAN thing - why would we be involved in that?"

That says it all.

President Barack Obama ran his entire campaign on the theme of change.  And the Mets need to change from within.  So Fred, I am imploring you - sell the Mets while there is still hope.  Because as long as you are still around, unfortunately, there is still a chance that more good players will be passed over because you still have no clue, after nearly 30 years, of running a baseball team.


Michael Leggett said...

Sell, Freddie, Sell:

And Take JEFFY with You, Mr Conspirator;

YOU were they Guy behind all that '01 Junk, so you could buy out Doubleday and give us $iti Field;

You, JEFFY, Saul, Rich and Carl(Sterling Mets LP)are on a list, chanted at a Red Sox Themed Pub at 219 2nd Avenue, in The East Village, where, beginning at the end of the '07 Season, your names are chanted, with the "F" Word, preceding each name;

We Savage Jeter and Clemens, and all of Sterling Mets LP, in said manner;

METS Fans are TIRED of The BS you've perpetrated;


Paul J. Perez said...

Thanks for coming over Coop! I'm also a die hard Mets fan so that's why I've been writing down my thoughts on dailymets.

I know Pedro hasn't lived to his promise and has had his share of injuries, but if Sheets isn't available, I'd rather have Pedro on the team as a 5th with Redding, Garcia and Niese as fall backs.

Last year we had 17 games started by Figgy, Vargas, Niese, Stokes and Knight. I think we need all the depth we can get.

GaryG said...

Coop, plus consider if Citibank tries to weasel their way out of the $20M naming rights. The $20M or at least part of it might disappear. So the team we see now is the team we will have going into the spring. And also, consider Garcia/Redding as #5, it means no more Pedro.

Deb said...

Coop, you are the man, and I mean that in a totally non-sexual connotation *snicker,* lol!

Sometimes I wonder if us female Mets fans are the only ones who get what a pile of shit the Wilpons & Omar are trying to sell us. (I know you saw my blog post on this very subject the other day; I sent you an email, btw, and I'm awaiting your answer!)

Sell, Freddie.... SELL!!!!!! Or sell the Mets, at least; you can keep your crappy SNY, for all I care, as long as it continues to air Mets games, or even if it doesn't, because some station will come along and do it, so who needs you, anyway?

Anybody up for taking up a serious collection and offering to buy the Mets from Freddie? I got $5 bucks to get it started *snicker,* lol. But seriously, there MUST be some rich fans out there with some SENSE...!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Good one---looks like you get your wish about Pedro, and with Pedro and Castro out, maybe we can stop blowing bubbles and play some ball.

Gotta admit I just don't get "time for Omar to tell them to get off his dick." !!

schmifty said...

Coop, you heading to St Lucie this year? I can't wait!!! I'm going to be jealous of Burkhardt broadcasting from Duffy's this Thurs...

Paul J. Perez said...

looks like we'll end up with Pedro, cuz all other SPers are off the market.