Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feeling Strangely Fine

It's strange. 

Just a few weeks ago, I was a bit fired up (in case y'all couldn't tell).  I was a little perturbed at the fact that the Mets management (Omar, Wilpons, et al) seemed to have taken a defeatist approach to the Mets offseason.  

I agree, we needed to address the bullpen and that was taken care of at first and in a big sweeping dramatic fashion.  K-Rod, Putz...then who?  

With the likes of Freddy Garcia, Tim Redding, re-signing Oh Pea...and Livan Hernandez? it any wonder that I was scratching my ass wondering - wtf?  Is THAT all there is?

And before someone (like from BMF) starts in on - what did I expect, Manny?  No...but I was expecting something a bit more than basically the majority of the team that infamously spit the bit in both 2007 and 2008.  See, the Coop has been listening to way too much media on the Mets so-called "collapse" in 2008, when the fact was to me, I didn't view it with the same desperation as I did in 2007, so to me, it wasn't a collapse.  

I was happy with the team in 2008 because it was what we had.  The idea that basically the same team was coming back for a new stadium, a new was tough to swallow.

But then life happens.  You get sick - you get the flu - you get amped up on Tylenol PM to get through the night...and you start talking about spring training and the new season with other fans.  

And all of a sudden, things don't seem so bad anymore.  I always said I would take a day with bad baseball than no baseball at all.  And I guess if the Mets are gonna be bad (and they won't - they'll be competitive, which I guess is all right with me), be careful what I wish for, right?

So I guess I'm okay with having Delgado taking diggers at first long as we go after Morneau in the offseason.

I'm okay with Luis Castillo being our second long as he improves enough that we can trade his fat ass (although he's 17 lbs lighter or some crap) next year for some spare parts and get Orlando Hudson (who signed a one-year contract with the Dodgers yesterday).

I'm okay with not having Manny - actually, I was okay all along not having long as we can do something about that black hole in the bottom of the line up.  Nady anyone?  Or shall Daniel Murphy step up and do something about it?

I'm all right with Oh Pea for the next three long as John Maine comes back with full force and dominates with his new-old curveball.

And I think like most Mets fans, I am thrilled to have the cornerstone of our team once again be Beltran, Wright and Reyes.  And the ace of our staff be Johan Santana.  As long as Pedro Martinez doesn't come anywhere near the team.  

So you see, I can be a defeatist too.  At the end of the day, I just hate this nickel-and-diming bullshit that the Wilpons have put us through collectively since the 80s.  But I can deal with that as long as Citi walks away from the naming rights of the field, and gets MetLife Ballpark in the works for it's rightfully named stadium.  Hey guys - let's go to the MET Ballpark for a game today!!

And I can be happy once again for a new season.  And wish I was going to spring training but unfortunately, life gets in the way of that sometimes too.  You get a new job, you get invested in a new company, you move to Manhattan.  And sometimes, that is all there is.  And baseball and the Mets can take me away from that.  

I call it a win.


steve said...

Yes,The Mets with the HIGHEST PAYROLL IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE,have "nickel and dimed" it,those cheap bastards! ;)If the Mets are cheap,then I don't even want to know what the Pirates or Royals would be considered...

Coop said...

You got me - actually, I am not one of the Mets camp who accuses the Wilpons of being "cheap" normally - For lack of a better term, I used nickel-and-dimed, b/c you know - there are times that they act like a small market team in a big market town. That said, the Wilpons for how good they are at making money (save the whole Madoff fiasco) have zero clue how to run a baseball team.

GaryG said...

Moving to Manhattan, huh? I lived on the upper East Side back when er I had a little more hair. Enjoyed my time there in my 5th fl walkup. Best of luck with new job.

Deb said...

Coop, Coop, Coop..... *sigh*

COME BACK TO THE DARK SIDE....bwahahahahahahahahaha ha! You KNOW you're going to, sooner or later... you might as well just admit it, and be done with it. You just know that this year is last year is next year... as long as the Wilpons are the owners. *sigh*

As for the jersey thingy, I vote a Keith Hernandez #17 classic pinstripe, and be done with it already, lol! None of the guys on this current team deserve the honor of being slapped across your back game in and game out... at least, not at this point.

Hey, I got a better idea - why don't you just get a Mets classic pinstripe jersey, and on the back put 2007/2008 as the number, and "collapse" as the name? I can picture it... I really can *snicker.*

Man, I'm going to get it, I just know I am. Still, I'm willing to put this out there, and be done with it! So, bring on the hate!