Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Gal for All Seasons Update...

Well, it's 2009 folks.  The Coop has essentially purged herself of all bad vibes of 2008 -- in the past week, I've moved across the river, sold all my old furniture, bought new stuff and right now, just getting my life in order.  

But of course, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Although football playoffs are about to begin, my winter Mets (aka the Jets) are officially out.  Of course, Brett Far-ver-uh is going through his annual "will he? or won't he?" ritual, much like the Mets and Jets faltering in the last weeks of their respective seasons.  And I guess by "Will he or won't he?" would mean: cry like a little bitch?  Apparently, his team is none too happy with him either.  And frankly, I went to one of the worst games I can remember (a rainy, blustery, Sunday where the Jets were pretty much out of it in the first half of the first quarter), and while I didn't see anything wrong with Favre at the time, I was pretty stoked to have such a big name on the team, to get my Jets juices flowing.  Especially since I was looking for something to replace my Mets this winter.  

I just don't get it, I don't.  My Giants fan friends get to enjoy their team and mine just flat-out sucks.  I will let it slide that my dad made me a Mets and Rangers fan, but a Jets fan?  Is simply beyond reproach.

Speaking of the Rangers, I've gone to two games this year, both versus the Devils -- both wins.  I went to a game at the Garden and a game at the Rock.  I guess I am biased - there is nothing like a game at the Garden.  The Rock, although infinitely better than the Swamp, reminded me of a high school gymnasium.  And why do Devils fans have this inferiority complex with the Rangers?  Seriously, they have ripped off every Ranger chant known to man, woman, child or animal.  I mean c'mon - *whistle go-fight-win chant* "Rangers suck?"  Come onnnnn.  A so-called real team can think of a more original chant.  At least Potvin sucks is clever...

I will be going to my first game of 2009 on Monday.

As for the Mets, I mean outside of K-Rod and Putz, they have been very quiet.  Even Manny has not found a home yet, and this is funny.  He is a Boras client.  But I'm guessing Boras' bid-against-yourself tactics won't work in this type of economy.  Fans are not as gullible buying into the whole product thing and neither are owners, unless of course you are Hank Steinbrenner and think the old tried-and-true method of putting high-paid mercenaries on a team will guarantee a championship.  I guess he's never read "Worst Team Money Can Buy."

Anyway my point is, Derek Lowe is still on the market, along with my personal pitching crush (outside of Oh Pea) Jon Garland and I would like one or both to be starting for the Mets in 2009.  Now, Lowe has not gotten the memo that he is getting older and is not all that significant.  Not to mention that he may think he should get a better contract than Carlos Silva once upon a time did...(hat tip to Metsblog for the linkage)...but send Lowe the memo that the economy sucks, he's mediocre on a good day (but I like him...don't get me wrong he's just not the top-shelf pitcher he's trying to sell himself as), and no one else wants him, not even his Plan B - Red Sox.  

My prediction is Derek Lowe will be in a Mets uniform come Opening Day (or is it Opening Night 2009?) and so will Jon Garland.  And the Mets will not give him more than 3 years...maybe more money, but no more than 3 years.  

100 days till the home opener.


bex said...

did i hear that you're NOT joining us for spring training?!? blasphemy....

Michael Leggett said...

40% of Upper Level is gone:

The Rest of Shea has been gutted;

It should be a shell, by week's end and the Tourists are heading to Willets Point-Shea Stadium, in record #s.

Rosemarie said...

Hi! I hope I have the right blog - I see you have three! I am so glad you read my blog - I love doing it. You have a great one here, yourself.

Thanks so much for the advice about the neti pots - I am going to look into it. I usually just drink OJ and water to keep me hydrated and take a decongestant. I get so sleepy - which doesn't help with the girls.

I remember AA & UJ being HUGE Mets fans when I was little, and my grandma, too.