Friday, December 12, 2008

Wilpon Soon-to-be Holding a Tin Cup?

As many of My Summer Family's very close personal friends know, The Coop follows the markets for a living. I wish I could be as cool as some other bloggers, but hey, I'm comfortable with the lifestyle I lead.

Now big news on the market fronts today has to do with a hedge fund manager who lost $50 billion.

Yes, you read that right. Fifty BEEL-YUN dollars.

Now, normally I do not mix my professional life with my personal blogging, but this time I actually can. Know why? Guess who one of Bernard Madoff's client was?

I'll give you a hint: his first name is "Fred" and his last name begins with "W."

According to the Daily Deal, Freddo and Uncle Saul have been doing business with Madoff for quite some time. In other news, Sterling Equities has about $1 billion tied up in Madoff's funds. The extent of the losses to Wilpon & Co? Unknown at the moment.

Along with the controversial naming rights to the new stadium (Citi/Taxpayer Field), Wilpon has seemingly stepped into a big pile of doody.

But what does this mean to the team? Well, for one, it's a good thing that K-Rod and Putz were brought to the team before this hit the fan.

Another thing is that payroll may have to be cut significantly.

Or a better scenario would be that Sterling Equities would have to sell a portion of the Mets, my guess being about 20%. The Wilpons would keep majority interest and run the team, with a minority holder giving their stamp of approval. It might not be a bad thing, either, since we all know the Wilpons have questionable baseball acumen and should leave that business to someone else. Can anyone say - Nelson Doubleday, redux?

I don't know if it would change on the surface the day-to-day operations of the team, having a minority owner...but don't expect the likes of Derek Lowe, Jon Garland or AJ Burnett to come to the team. Or even Oliver Perez at this point.

Right now, the market has not hit baseball entirely. This seems to be the first case of this actually happening.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For...

You go to any other sites and you hear plenty of naysayers. I'm usually the one jumping into someone's defense. Everyone here knows I support Omar Minaya. I may not like 100% of everything he does, but I think he's the best we have for now. Not to mention, he always gets his splashy signing, and is pretty innovative. Some were criticizing Omar for not making moves FAST enough. Even the K-Rod signing met some criticism that all Minaya knows how to do is throw around money. Bear in mind that even last offseason, Johan Santana wasn't traded to the team till January.

Hell, I've even defended Aaron Heilman to be a starter for the team!! I say, let him get into his groove by starting. He may not have the cajones to be a reliever but I think he'd be a damn good starter.

Well, now we won't have to worry about that ever again. We wanted a set-up man, we got him! J.J. Putz was traded to the team in a blockbuster three team trade last night. In the meantime say goodbye to Heilman, Endy and Joe Smith. (I know Will we be upset about the last one) We also got some pitching scrub from the Mariners named Sean Green (irony, I know) and outfielder Jeremy Reed. I know Putz is awesome, but trading away Heilman and Smith could be worse for the long run. Look, now I am the naysayer.

I guess my Endy Chavez bobblehead broke at the right time, folks. But believe it or not, I won't miss him. Endy is known for the "catch" but honestly - if we look at the big picture of that game, it meant nothing. It was just flashy. And can Sean Green start? (his stats look like a reliever - can someone pipe in? I don't know much about him) At least Heilman had the desire and could be converted to a starter.

Look, folks. This team has a lot more holes to fill than the bullpen. Because after essentially the 5th batter, the Mets had NO threat or pop in the bottom of the order. Will Reed provide that? At .269 for last year, I don't know. And I mean, is the rotation next year going to be Santana, Pelf and Maine - then pray for rain? This team will lose Ollie - that is a certainty. Now I hear that the team is looking to re-sign Pedro for a year? Oh, right after ALL that he's done for us in the past three years? I'd rather have the rotation I stated above.

Look, I know many people did not like Heilman. And I guess I had to come to grips with the idea that he would eventually be traded because there would be NO WAY he'd ever hit the green on Opening Day 2009 to the boos he'd eventually get.

But I'm telling you, when he becomes an elite starter -- I'll be there to say I told you so.

But I guess overall I can be happy about Putz. But be careful what you wish for folks. More changes look to be happening.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hot Stove! Gonna Get In The Hot Stove! Jump Back! Wanna Kiss Myself!

In honor of the Mets moderately successful courting of K-Rod, I could only think of what hasn't been said already...OK, so maybe the theme is "hot tub," but I figure, hot tub, hot stove. Close enough.