Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Blame Myself

So last night the Mets lost, to the tune of 7-5 to the Marlins, dropping them officially into second place by 1/2 game behind the Phils, who won last night. I see that the Marlins have the power to drop the Mets into second place a lot. But I digress...

So it seems like I missed all the good stuff. I went to a bar last night to watch the game, and lo and behold, Mike Pelfrey immediately loses his shit. Apparently, he looked dominant up until that point. (I missed the first three full innings)

I go outside with my friend, who was grabbing a smoke. I come back in, Damion Easley had hit a 3-run HR to bring the game within one (5-4 was the score, for you folks keeping track at home).

Then I get settled back into my seat when Dan Uggla hit a 2-run HR to bring the game 7-4.

So what happens when I get in my car? The Mets score one more in the 9th to battle back.

I should have just followed my gut and left after the Easley home run.

So you can just blame me for the Mets losing. Not the bullpen, not Big Pelf, not Jerry Manuel. Heck, not even Willie Randolph.

But no matter. Philly plays tonight. And they're gonna lose. So nyah nyah. We'll be tied for first then.


Speaking of "whatever," can you believe this shit going on with Manny and the Sox? Seriously, can any Red Sox fan (Michael Leggett or Peter?) tell me what the real deal is with Manny? He went out of his way to say he loved the fans (and I know that's true). But why is he trying so hard to get out of town? He's a legend there.

BTW, it is trading deadline I will probably have another post later in the day, when all is said and done...

And PS how much you want to bet that if the Red Sox orchestrate this three-way trade, that Manny will be like -- psych!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jo-Jo Playaz

So by a show of hands, who thinks we got a glimpse of big-game second-half Johan yesterday?

(well, I can only see me, but I take it most of my "fans" think they've seen it too).

What else can I say that hasn't been said already?

~First complete game since September 2006 -- and that was Oh Pea!
~Johan did not get burned by BP, lack of run support, or himself (although he did admire a long fly-ball hit too least he called himself out on it, but at that point, who cared? The game was out of reach anyway for the Cards)
~Rock 'n Roll Delgado still burning the snot out of the ball
~I heart Tatis (who Zoe and I regaled with our horrible rendition of ABBA's Fernando on Saturday night...and yes, I stayed. ALL. FOURTEEN. INNINGS. Thank goodness for beer -- and lots of it prior to the 7th inning)

What else? A big MSF-U to Filip Bondy -- seriously, is this guy in business just to fuck with the Mets?

"After a hail of criticism following the Philly fiasco, there really was only one answer, if Santana wished to avoid the same nonsense. He agreed to go the distance, which could easily have turned into a disaster if he had strained even the tiniest of muscles."

To quote my dear sweet Aunt...are you fucking kidding me?

Pitchers these days are pussy-ified to the point where pitching over 100-throws is overanalyzed.

If I'm a pitching coach, this is what I look for...

~if the pitcher is cruising, and it's 8th or 9th inning, let 'em throw
~if the pitcher is struggling, and I see their pitch count is high...bring in a reliever.
~if close game and the starter is having trouble getting out of jams and their pitch count is close to or just over 100, yank 'em, and let the bullpen do its job

Simple as that. I have NO BEEF whatsoever with Jo-Jo going nine. In fact, there were plenty of instances this year, like Big Pelf back in June, Johan back, like, six days ago against the Phils, where the pitcher is cruising. These are young, viable men with strong arms. Let them work their stuff out. By pussifying them, they will never be able to go over 100 throws.

It's idiots like Bondy who have to overanalyze this stuff to being with. Oh Filip? STFU.

BIG BIG BIG series against the Marlins. The second place Marlins? Ay! LGM!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Take that boys!!! Hell yeah bitches!!

And can I get a FUCK YEAH!!!

I can't believe I was wishing very bad things on our players, and not to mention actually calling for the beaning of Shane "Peckerhead" Victorino (although I still wouldn't mind seeing that and a bench clearing incident), just two days ago...and after sitting through yesterday's win, and watching the Gameday edition of today's, I am a happy camper.

It's been awhile since we've been in sole possession of first place...and no clue how long we will have that luxury.

But for at least 24 hours we in the lead.


I didn't get to see the game today, but I can tell you that on Wednesday night, I attended the game with Mr. E and I was so glad I did. See, we had the choice to go to either, but I thought Wednesday would be better...I screwed up though. I thought Johan was pitching Wednesday, not tuesday.

But turned out to be futile anyway.

Another clutch performance by John Maine, but also by Jose Reyes, and by Brett Myers (ha ha).

And another thing I realized today...Oh Pea had a clutch pitching effort today, but I don't feel nearly as bad that Aaron Heilman got the win (for getting out of Pea's jam) that Johan Santana didn't figure into the decision for his clutch performance on Tuesday.

Did that make sense? (Probably not, knowing me)

And how fitting that Jimmy Rollins made the final out today? Can you tell I am as giddy as a schoolgirl?

The Mets needed to take two out of three this series to be a statement maker. And they did. Baby, to be the man, you gotta beat the man. And baby, the Mets are the Man. WOO!!!

And please, Mets pitching staff, for the love of all that is good and holy...please bean Shane "Spanky" Victorino. Or at least, brush him back off the plate. Thanksabunch.

Pedro Martinez's dad passed away -- so an MSF-wide sympathy to you and yours, Pedro.

But what's interesting is that while Carlos Muniz hasn't pitched since July 19, according to Metsblog, Muniz will not be making the start on Saturday.

Instead, some dude named Brandon Knight from AAA is being called up? Haven't heard much about him, except that according to the article, he is 5-1, with a 1.60 ERA. Whatever! Throw him out there -- I'd rather see Muniz, but let's see if this guy can hold his end of the bargain.

Of course, mind you, three days ago if I heard that, I'd have flipped my lid. But I'm chilled.

Did I mention that Mets are in first place in the NL East? w00t!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fuck Billy Wagner and His Vaginitis

Geeeeez, Billy, you think you could get these muscle spasms or menstrual cramps or whatever the fuck they are at a less CRITICAL time of the season? Noooooooo.

Instead, we get treated to the Abbott-and-Costello comedy hour of rotating bullpen pitchers. Not to mention another star appearance by the fat fucking flyin' Hawaiian Shane Victorino, who is as far as I am concerned, enemy #1.

I knew when Gary, Keith and Ron started talking about how Johan shouldn't be facing Ryan Howard as the tying run that Jerry Manuel should NOT take Johan out of the game.

We got the "Big Game" we have been waiting for this whole season and yet, Billy decides it's time to rest.

Fuck you Billy. Fuck you and fucking big mouth, smack talk self. I'm done with you. Omar can't get rid of you fast enough.

As for Jerry Manuel, the bloom is off the rose there too. Has he learned nothing about taking Johan Santana out of the game when he is doing well? Seriously, would it have killed the guy to come out in the 9th, he was just barely over 100 pitches. Not to mention he looked GOOD.

I'm done with this.

Television is off and I'm going to bed.

And Shane Victorino? Next time I see you, remind me to kick you in your weiner.

The Coop is back.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shea Goodbye - Part Two

It's been quite a few months since I did my second segment of my Shea Goodbye series, but I was waiting for a good day off, and well, the Mets haven't had one of those in a while (unless you count All-Star Break, but I boycotted the All-Star Game, so there). Today's installment focuses on the seats I had with Mr. E from 2001 through 2004, in section 22, Row B, seats 1 & 2.

It's funny how much I remember about these seats. I remember going to the Saturday games with Mr. E, and those particular years we had the seats, well let's just say the Mets way of play left a LOT to be desired. Hello, Mo Vaughan, Robbie Alomar, Shawn Estes, Jeff D'Amico, heck, Art Howe was even manager when I sat there. I started in the Bobby V years, however. Anyway, my dad and I were still driving to the stadium at that time, since there was plenty of parking still left at Shea those days. We'd get to the stadium very early, and I'd walk around.
That's something I miss -- just taking the time to walk around the stadium. I go to so many games now, I guess that I'm a bit jaded with going to games, I'm just content going straight to my seats (not to mention, I usually get there right when the first pitch is thrown).
I also remembered the very unrestrained security back then -- we had these seats also pre-9/11, and we could just basically walk right in -- THEN they would do the bag checks. And even then, random. Don't tell anyone, but Uncle Gene used to smuggle beer into the stadium (who didn't???) -- Aunt Melissa had a knack of talking anyone out of checking his bags.

Anyway, I digress. One of the things I think that Shea lacks is the variety in the right field food court in Field Level. Back when I used to come strictly on Saturdays, there was this Spud n' Bud stand that you could get fully loaded baked potatoes and chicken fingers that were better than what you get these days. I also vaguely remember them selling donuts at the freaking Dunkin Donut stand (I think the most glamorous you can get now is maybe iced coffee, and even that I'm not sure of). I know Mr. E for a fact got sushi there one time. Now you can only get it if you are a field level ticket holder. My, how things have changed.
Here is our view of the field once you got to our seats.

These seats will always hold a special place in my heart for more than one reason. Well, for one, it started a new tradition with my dad and I. Mr. E and I always went to Mets games together prior to this, but this guaranteed several games with us during the year. Although the Mets never made the playoffs during that run, we initially bought the package in case the Mets made the playoffs.

Well, they never did make the playoffs, but the seats were not for naught. In those days, another reason why these seats were so special was that I made some of my critical Summer Family memories in those years. This is where I had the pleasure of meeting Woodside Frank, Tommy and Kim, who sat a few rows in the back of us those years. In turn, I used to go into Woodside quite a bit and had a bunch of new pals. Not to mention, we had some turnover those years, but the true Orange & Blue bleeders still came out. This is where we also met Roger and the Bensonhurst contingent, Richie and his yee-haws, and the father and son team who sat next to us in seats 3 & 4, Mike and Dave.

As much as I enjoy going to Mets games when they have a good team, I will never give up my memories of the years when they were bad. See, that's when the true fans come out. You can go over your fond memories, you can make fun of the team, you can talk about the trades you would make, you'd talk about which Yankee was gay. (True story). Seriously, when Mike Piazza had the "I'm not gay" conference, I had to laugh because Mike Piazza was SO not gay. But that Derek Jeet-uh, said Frank, that guy had to be gay.

OK, a little juvenile. But if you had to sit through those years, you'd have done that to entertain yourselves too. This was also the infamous home of "Mike Piazza Dishrag Day," where we got these flimsy-ass Mike Piazza "jerseys" -- to which Frank yelled out, "Hey! I got my Piazza rag here - I'm gonna go home and change my oil wit' it!"

Our Summer Family extended into the winter that year, with Frank and his roommate Brian (who was ironically, a Yankees fan) and us going to Jets games. In one of the last games of the year, we had Mets Winter Cap night. We said, We're gonna wear our Winter Mets Caps to our Winter Mets (aka the Jets) games. Well, we did...but later that night Frank had one of the most used quote in our circles.

As a Mets win seemed futile the night of Winter Cap night, Frank stood up in what I guess to be the 5th or 6th inning and yelled out, "Fuck these guys! I'm goin' the Donovans...who's comin wit' me?" Now, back in the 80s, Mr. E or Uncle Gene MIGHT have said, "I'm goin' to Casey's," which meant the same thing -- this game was toast, and we're going to get our drink on.

I also believe this was the second to last home game of the year, so we knew we wouldn't see these folks again until 2003. save the football games, I saw Frank one last time, at Mets / Yankees Subway Series, which was rained out that day. He was there with Tommy and some other guy from Woodside. Turns out Frankie sold his share to this new dude, and he went instead of Tommy's wife Kim that day.

Bensonhurst Roger and crew were no longer there. Mike and Dave got upgraded, and we never saw them after the first Saturday game of that season. Richie and his buddies were God-knows-where.

Life had changed in Section 22.

Of course, with the several rain outs there were on our Saturday games that year, I don't remember me and Mr. E going to many. But after getting poured on from the roof above at rainy games, we asked for an upgrade.

But I'll never forget Section 22. When my dad had his seats in Loge 22 in the 80s, I remember his kinship with the three Dominic, Rob and Mike. When they saw each other, it was like no time had passed, and they had been friends forever.

When I was 10, I always said I'd have that when I was a "grown up."

Well, being a "grown up" is left to debate for me. But I'll always hold Section 22 in Mezzanine close to my heart.

Now, if you see some big Irish dude who likes the Clash, wears old school Namath jerseys and Mets caps at Donovans, that's Frank. Tell him Taryn said hello. (He never knew me by Coop)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hiding on the Backstreets

I did a lot of walking this weekend.

Yesterday, it was not exactly my choice (ask SNK about that and find out what a moron I am). Today, it was, and I took a lot of time to think about the state of the Mets. And all the while, listening to Born to Run -- which as legend has it, I listened to the first time ever in the womb, september 1975. Which is just as well, because save a few other albums (and maybe most of U2's catalogue), if someone told me this was the only album I could listen to for the rest of my life, I'd not complain.

Anyway, back to baseball.

Well the last two days have been interesting. We were able to see the best and the worst of the Mets this year Saturday and Sunday. From frustratingly pulling your hair out as they leave bases loaded with 1-out, to coming through in the clutch in a road-team top of the inning.

I guess after 10-straight wins, I can't afford to complain about two measly losses out four games, sandwiched between two really good scrappy wins. I know, still against the Reds (and what is it with Bronson Arroyo owning this team? Seriously, he is just not that great!!). But still, the weekend of our games coupled with the Phils vs Marlins have left Mets and Phils once again at Square One. And by Square One, I mean tied for first in the NL East.

And who are the Mets playing in an upcoming three-game series, class? The Phillies. I know it's only July, and just a week after All-Star Break, but the next time we face the Phils it's for two games at the Cit at the end of August. I will go on record say these next three games are must-wins. That said, if we take two of three, I can't complain either.

So what's to say? Prior to Thursday's pummeling of him, if someone told me that Johan Santana would be facing Joe Blanton and his 5-12 record, I'd have laughed and said, let's just put that in the win column now.

But let's face it -- today, the Mets faced Edison Volquez, with his 12-3 record with 2.29 ERA and managed to knock him out of the game by the 5th inning.

Today, I managed to do some walking around the neighborhood, and did a lot of thinking about the upcoming series against the Phils. I thought of how when I talked to SNK while watching the game last night at BMF's haunt (where we also ran into A Phanatic -- speaking of BMF, be sure to look out for reruns of Mets Weekly, as he gives some commentary on our bench!), we talked about how Jerry Manuel does not seem to show Endy love (defensive replacement in the 8th inning? Hello) to the lack of sac flies...seriously, guys, work on getting looong fly ball outs. All in all, SNK was also concerned about facing this Volquez guy today while watching the team get hammered for 7 runs last night against the likes of David Weathers.

I had to laugh to myself as I combed the streets of Hoboken today (not much else to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon when the game is over), when I thought that had Volquez had a 9.22 ERA with a 3-12 record going into the game, he'd have pitched a shut out.

So suffice to say I am a little nervous about facing Blanton tomorrow, especially given all the rumors with him being linked to the team. Or not, given how Barry Zito has always performed as a goat against the Mets since signing his gargantuan contract with the Giants over the Mets.

But hey, I'm not gonna stress about it...yet. Come back to me on Wednesday when I'm having a nervous breakdown about how the Mets played on Tuesday...good OR bad.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to queue up Jungleland on my iPod...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Alive!

Repeat after me folks.


Say it again.


Not talking about ducks. Not talking about bottles. Not even talking about cans.

I'm talking about 10 fucking wins.

And each one is better than the previous one.

But this one wasn't without incident of course. I didn't watch the beginning of the game, but I definitely got enough commentary from Dykstraw. Basically, his overall sentiment was that Johan Santana sucked.

Well, it was about time that he had a game that he gave up a lot of runs (for him)...but can someone remind him that it's the second half already? Thanksabunch.

But the not-yet-ready for prime time players were all ready to pitch in.

Who's that? Carlos Delgado, Fernando Tatis, David Wright, Damion Easley, Argenis Reyes, and not necessarily in that order or in importance. Just sayin, it's when you least expect it, from who you least expect.

I'm not going to ruminate on Johan. Just as long as he comes through in the Phils series and against the Braves later this summer. Don't let me down my friend.

But what I want to talk about it is how it good it feels to be alive...when you are a Mets fan right now.

I know it is too soon to tell, but I am getting 2006-like vibes.

I remember sitting at Opening day in 2006, and thinking as the last out was made, that this team was special.

Some groups of people are brought together by chance or by design and big things can happen as a result.

Let's see what happens this weekend. But I am drinking the Kool Aid as of now.

Now let me touch on a few topics before hitting the bricks.

~ LEAVE BILLY WAGNER ALOOOOOOOONE!!! Seriously, Billy was pitching in an unimportant All-Star Game (let's face it, I doubt he cares about home field -- although he should but none of these players I think actually gives a crap). Anyway, at least the hit was to Evan Longoria. Not that I saw it or anything. I was fast asleep, stress-free, but I woke up to about a million stressed-out text messages the next morning. I was unaware. Life was gooooood. For me. Sucks to be a National League fan though.

~ Pedro will miss his start this Sunday. And in other news, there's this dude called the Pope who is apparently Catholic. Go figure. Anyway, we all want to count Pedro into the mix. Truth is, I doubt we can. But the good news is, Big Pelf gets to dominate again. Woo hoo! And congrats to the Pelfmeister on his NL Player of the Week honors!!

~ In other news of geriatric men, I overheard the guys talking about the possible return of El Puque, Orlando Hernandez. However, I must have missed the commentary after the commercial, because Metsblog is reporting that he's been pulled from his start in Binghamton! Not that it matters. We've been doing fine without him AND Pedro for most of the season. Moving right along...

~ Oh and Moises? I told you that you should have retired last offseason. As CoreyNYC says, I can think of 7.5 million reasons why he wouldn't have. But Jesus, Mary and Joseph,'ve wasted enough of this team's time and money. Buh-bye already.

~ Coffee talk -- Will Blanton help out the Phils? DISCUSS.

~ I know this is a baseball blog, but I am nominating Brett Favre to be the Big Pussy Pick for this Week.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey Derek, Do You Read Lips?

I know it is totally not his fault that his face gets plastered all over the billboards in NYC and that he's a total media whore (OK, maybe it is KINDA his fault).

I also am aware, thank you very much, that the All-Star Game is being held in his home team's ballpark.

I am also aware that he is a major piece of crap that likes to give young starlets things they will not forget too soon.

I also know that the media in general, sports media specifically, are just boring and unoriginal and can't think of anything better. Plus, I mean, I guess with Alex Rodriguez -- the "real" shortstop on the Yankees -- not officially playing the position anymore, by default Jeter is the only real shortstop in the American League who can hit somewhat decent.

But I take issue with this city being his.

I don't get Jeter lovers, I really don't. Don't get Metstradamus started on it either, we think much the same way. Basically, Derek Jeter's legacy started on a home run that should have been an out. He's been on four teams of All-Stars at every position that not only made Joe Torre look like the smartest baseball man who ever lived, but won championships as well. Christ, I get so sick of people using that argument when anointing Jeter the King of New York baseball. "He has four rings." Oh shut the hell up already. Seriously, he may have been on four championship teams, but he did not win them on his own by playing every position including pitcher and catcher, thank you very much.

Heck, I even remember in 2000, real Yankee fans were disappointed that Paul O'Neill didn't win the Series MVP. And how many championships has Jeter won since he was anointed Captain of the team?

My point? Derek Jeter is an overrated, ugly human bobbleheaded (seriously, I am a chick, and I have no idea why anyone finds him attractive -- I guess all that green blinds even the best of us) and mediocre shortstop.

I don't know, that billboard just pissed me off. In case you couldn't tell. The city is not a Yankee town anymore (maybe now, with the All-Star Game but there are more than just Yankees on the team). Most fans are up in arms about the Yankees play and frankly, with the Mets on a roll, I can see the Mets taking over the town again.

So a big MSF-U (I shamelessly took that away from BMF!) to Jeter, A-Rod, the Yankees, and basically any one else involved in the All-Star Game.

I, for one, am sick of that dog-and-pony show called the Midsummer Classic. I sit and watch every year, especially since the game technically "counts" now with its BS home field advantage win.

And I don't get that. I mean, I know Selig took flak for it when the managers ran out of players a couple of years ago and the Leagues played to a tie. But I kind of gave up on the National League ever winning because of games like the 2006 one.

You know -- the one where Trevor Hoffman (Mr. Bulletproof himself) blew the save after Miguel Cabrera "Dorned" the ball. And that was even after one of the starters, Lance Berkman, went ON RECORD and said something to the effect that he and his teammates wouldn't lose any sleep if the National League didn't win that year.

Hmmm...where did the Astros finish in 2006? Well, that may be a bad example, since I remember they had a tight race to the end, with the Cardinals winning. And well, we as Mets fans who exactly what happened after the Cardinals won the NL Central.

My point is, you put a bunch of overpaid crybabies on a team together with a common goal to win something, when half of the team probably won't even reap the benefits of a win or loss, either way. Do you think they will care? Nah, probably not.

I'm so fired up, you'd think that the Mets didn't have a nine-game winning streak going into ASB.

The truth is, I don't watch the All-Star Game. I didn't watch the Home Run Derby. And I mean, I will look to see who won the game Wednesday morning out of human curiosity. And with this virtual fellating of Derek Jeter who is in the down side of his years, I'm sorry. It's not only a farce but a total circus.

I plan on watching my DVR'd episodes of Cheers to watch a former washed-up reliever for the Red Sox on Tuesday.

That's how much I care about the All-Star Game.

See you Thursday.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy RECoop - First Half Observations!

That's What *I'M* Talkin' 'Bout, Bitches!!!

As I write, the Mets vs. Rockies Sunday Night Baseball game is approaching the bottom of the 8th.

Big Pelf may have just thrown his last pitch of the night, but not because he's stinking up the joint. But because *shock! horror!* he is actually the pitcher the scouts touted him to be.

I owe the Big Pelf a BIG apology, since I thought he was all hype. My bad.

But better than that, the Mets, after over a year of playing lackadaisacal and uninspired ball, are FINALLY playing the way Omar Minaya, the Wilpons and yes, even former manager Willie Randolph, told us they could play. Of course, if Jerry Manuel needed to stir the pot to get the most out of this team, so be it. I'll take it.

And as we approach the All Star Break, chances are the Mets will be in second place, 0.5 games back. Can I get an AMEN to that? Thanks.

What else can I say? Finally, I am seeing not only signs of life, but things clicking. Clutch hitting (hello, two-out hits with RISP!), key bullpen performances and yes, starting pitching holding up its end of the bargain. In a month, we've seen Carlos Delgado go from being trade bait for a pair of shoes (that only I can wear) to being on a tear, with a pace for 30 HRs and 100 RBIs. WTF? How the heck did THAT happen?

I can say look out for the second half -- better, stronger performances from Johan, Oh Pea and Maine, but also the come-uppance of Big Pelf. Mark my words, this guy is going to go on more of a roll after the break.

Then of course, we have some key serieses coming up in the form of Phillies and Braves in the next month-plus. That said, the Coop has some predictions to make:

a.) We are going to steamroll the Phils
2.) We are going to steamroll the Braves
D.) We are going to see some fights on the field -- pretty sure with the Phils

Let's face it, they have a LOT to prove, as do the Mets, but the Mets are playing their best baseball right now, so it will be interesting to see that dynamic. All I can say is, the Phils backed into the NL East last year. They backed in, we never hear about the Phils winning the division more than the Mets collapse, one would not have happened without the other, y'know?

My point is, I expect a little frustration to spill over. Like, maybe, say, Carlos Beltran hits a grand slam and Delgado or Easley (who has been my new favorite Met recently) gets HBP. Just sayin', I don't condone it...

But man, it would be fun to watch the Mets kick the crap out of this team. Especially Shane Victorino. God I hate that guy.

Anyway, I am getting way too ahead of myself. Let's simmer down for a few days with the ASB, then the Mets can continue to Take Care of Business.

As of 10:45 pm, Sunday, July 13, you can put it in the books that the Mets WON Nine in a Row.

Repeat after me.


We're going places, I can feel it.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Consistently Inconsistent, Big Pelf Delivers and Other Met Kryptonite Stories

So I have to say that although I am pretty happy to have split the series against the Cardinals this week, I am at the same time a tad disappointed that they didn't take at least three out of four. Sorry, I guess I'm just a glutton and need more than just .500 ball.

Oh, boo hoo, I know. But let me finish. At the end of the day, the team is still two games below .500 and we are heading into enemy territory with a very CRITICAL series against the Phillies. But doing the whole scoring 900 runs one game, two the next, dinger-for-dinger on each team...this can't happen anymore. Stop being so consistently inconsistent and play to your potential, dammit.

So, unless you've been living under a rock, the Phils are now in possession of first place in the NL East. Not by much, however, since the NL East is a bit lackluster (good news for the Mets, I suppose). Unless the Mets ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN DOMINATE this weekend, the Coop will go on record and say...this team aint going anywhere.

That said, I think that I have pretty good vibes about this series. I can't imagine taking less than three of four. A split just will not do and I will be even more down on this team than ever. Sorry folks.

I spoke with another esteemed blogger who also had good vibes about this weekend. To which I replied, yes, they may dominate in Philly this weekend, but when the Phils come to Shea this month, they'll drop all three.

To which she replied - *SIGH*.

What else is there? Oh yeah...


Nice to see him getting more run support but seriously all the team had to do was score two runs in this event, again pointing to the glaring inconsistencies on the team as far as offense goes.

But Big Pelf did not disappoint. Going seven innings, giving up one run, six strikeouts...what else? The stars seemed to align with each start he makes.

It's clearly obvious, with the power of 20/20 hindsight of course, that he was rushed to the majors (as most Mets prospects are) and is now coming into his own. Glad he didn't go in the Johan trade.

So for tonight's start (which The Coop is supposed to be in attendance for) the Phils bumped up Hamels a day so I guess in some positive news we won't be seeing the so-called "ace" of this team this weekend.

The Mets will be facing a dude who is making his second MLB start ever.

On the surface, we all know what that means.

The team won't do their home work. Won't work into counts or make him pitch. Have little meek groundouts and MAYBE we'll get a home run from a platoon or roleplayer a la Endy Chavez to get the Mets on the board.

However, it appears as though his first start last year was against the Mets. And the team actually scored some runs!!

So perhaps there will be no making JA Happ looking like Cy Young.

Perhaps Johan will finish the first half with an OVER .500 record.

And maybe, just maybe, the Mets will be immune to this type of Kryptonite.