Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who'll Stop The Rain?

Well, if there was ever any evidence that God Herself was not a Mets fan, today may have proved She was.

See, earlier my friend got sick and couldn't go to the game, and Zoe's friend bailed on her too - mostly because the rain forecast. As we stated to each other later - "strong storms." Bite. I thought, especially since around 1 pm it was not only raining cats and dogs but horses, cows, chickens and basically any other farm animal you could think of -- I was certain that Fox was sorry they picked our game as their game of the week.

But we were taken care of - Zoe and I met up before the game, had a Mets Martini and a Boys of Summer cocktail in the Diamond Club (delish, definitely two thumbs up from here - four if you count Zoe's) and sat in our seats in the sun. The sun came out and did not threaten once to cloud up when the game was under way.

Being that the Dodgers scored two runs early in the game, I hoped it would pour prior to the 5th inning, especially since the Mets didn't look like they were interested in doing anything.

So then? Carlos Beltran comes through in the clutch, then Fernando!! coming through once again. Big Pelf did what a 5th starter needed to do (um, kept them in the game) and Duaner Sanchez came through with ANOTHER win.

Yes, if ever there was evidence there is a God and She was a Mets fan, it was today...since when I got home, it started crackling thunder and lightning and raining again.

Just think kiddies - tomorrow, they take three of four - we'll be back in biz.

Coopslist Extra!!!

SO! My partner cancelled on me today and I am looking for a partner to today's game. I know it's last minute notice, but someone has to have no life like I do on a Saturday (LOL).

Click on my link to my email if you'd like to go. The rule is - I accept no cash for the tickets but I do accept payment in beer, a la Norm Peterson.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just When I Think I Am Out, They Pull Me Back In...

Did you see that?!?!?!?!

What was better -- Tatis' game winning 2 RBI double in the 12th...or me jumping around in my living room (with my cats looking at me quizzicly), so thrilled that I had stayed up to watch the game?

Just when I was thinking that the title of my posting would be "Amezaga - DEAD." Did you see him and Hanley "I'm a Poor Man's Jose Reyes" Ramirez doing a little choreographed dance in the dugout after Alfredo's go-ahead home run? Hey boys, if you want to be a big boy team, maybe you shouldn't do EXACTLY what pissed you off about the Mets last year, eh?

And the better story -- Mets took two of three of the "first place" Marlins. Now we're talkin.

In other words - neener, neener, neener!!!

But I am willing to go on a ledge here. I am going to say that this...THIS GAME...this will change everything.

Mark my words.

This is Coop with the first Happy ReCoop of the season!

And for more laughs, go visit the GBU for my BPPOW.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


You may think that's the term I might use for the Mets' style of uninspired play. But nah...that's the way I felt at the game last night. I really didn't care if the Mets won or lost.

I guess the general Mets malaise is rubbing off on me. How funny that this attitude can even get to the most loyal of fans (like yours truly), but that this is what I have accused the Mets of doing for almost a full year now.

Now most of you know at MSF that I am not the biggest Willie fan. I never thought he was the right guy for the job and almost always believed he was a "puppet" of sorts. Of course, now that I see the glaring weaknesses of this team, I don't believe Willie is the guy who should get canned...right now, that is. If he was gonna get fired, I would have done it in October. But now, this time, we've gone too far. And since he was named to the All-Star coaching staff, I think the Wilpons would be hard-pressed to get rid of him now. You know the saying about bad press? Well, the Wilpons don't subscribe to that notion.

So what else can I say about the game last night? Uninspired play yet again, Big Pelf has like 900 pitches by the 5th inning and Jose Reyes makes another error in the first inning that opens the proverbial floodgates. Madon' what else is there to say?

Well, LoDigs and I attended the game and had a great time nonetheless. I often say that when you attend a sporting event where you are not emotionally invested in the teams playing, that the game is a lot easier to watch.

Like last night. I am slowly getting to the point where I just don't care. Apathy. Huh. Sounds familiar.

LoDigs did see a great sign in the stands last night - indicating "Save The Mets / Free Willie." I think the Mets problems are far from what Willie can and cannot do.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Misdirected Hostility (That's What You Got, See)

I have a lot of anger these days. Geez, any particular reason why Coop?

As if it could get any worse than being swept by the hated Braves, who as Zoe's friend Rob pointed out, we are 2-7 (TWO and FREAKING SEVEN!) so far this year, a 13-inning affair that should have theoretically been locked up with Billy Wagner in the 9th last night (he's certainly entitled to a blown save now and then, but did anyone else notice the lack of warming up by him in the bottom of the 8th? He hadn't pitched in days at that point).

But my anger is a little misdirected these days and probably goes against people who don't deserve it much.

I'd say it goes to Omar Minaya and to David Wright.

For one, Omar does the right thing and puts his support to Willie. But I think we all know why. He fucked this team in the ass so royally the last few years, where do I begin? Now, don't get Metsie Corey started on his feelings about the "Teflon GM" - although I have been an unabashed supporter of Minaya over the years (well, i do remember the Al Harazin days, at least this team has an over .500 record), I have to say that the blinders have been coming off recently and I see the forest for the trees or rather, the team and all its warts and shit.

Overall, I think the reliance on overpaid, over-the-hill and declining veterans have really put this team at a disadvantage.

Let's ask ourselves this question: if Omar hadn't traded away everyone worth a damn for Johan Santana (who, I'm sorry, has failed to impress me thus far - I know he'll come around, but I doubt we can count on him to be THE Big Game Pitcher we want him to be), would any of us be surprised at any of this stuff happening?

Let's go down the list:

  • Carlos Delgado's decline which was evident last season, plus the lack of depth at 1B in the farm system or on the bench.
  • Moises Alou - well you know, do I really need to insult your intelligence here - read the great Metstradamus' take on Death, Taxes and Moises Alou. Shit I even think Felipe Alou knew Moises wouldn't make it through half a season let alone another.
  • Carlos Beltran dogging it and making excuses for his pussy play. YOU ARE A PUSSY!
  • Aaron Heilman. I feel bad for him because I think he can be good, many of his problems are in his head. However, what will we get in a trade for him - 10 bats, like this guy did?
  • Luis Castillo for a four-year contract. In other words, WTF Omar?

Now, I'm going to touch on a slightly sensitive topic but on the whole idea that Omar is starting an all-Latin team, which is hogwash. Latin American development is the next great bastion of untapped resource, and Omar is wise to get the ball rolling. And if Jose Reyes became the next fill-in-the-blank star from Dominican, we would be on our knees bowing to Minaya. But that's not the case here. I think that the whole Luis Castillo, Carlos Delgado, and sticking with Alou - has to do more with "these are my guys" mentality.

And yet Willie gets raked over the coals for trusting his guys and saying it out loud. While Omar Minaya has said ON RECORD that as along as he's employed,guys with questionable motives and character like Rickey Henderson and Julio Franco would always have a job? And for those who believe in his Latin preference, look no further than losing Jesus Flores to the Rule V Draft in a rumored protective effort for Julio Franco who ended up being released in 2007 anyway.

Bull-shit! (Clap clap!).

Let's just say, catchers don't age well and it was obvious Paul LoDuca was not in the long term plans of the team (and let's be real, neither is Brian Schneider) he later traded a minority for two white dudes, one of whom can catch in the offseason, so let's put the whole Latin preference to rest. It's a BUDDY preference. If Willie were to fired, I think we can see a guy like Felipe Alou managing the team not because he has Dominican roots but because he's Omar's FRIEND. So kudos to Corey for bringing up the whole crony-ism thing which no one will touch because it's easier to sell the whole Latin slant. End of story as my dear Aunt would say. BOOM.

Omar has done a lot of goodwill with the fans, like going out and believing that this team can get the best players on the free agency market. With all the competition, that's nothing to shake a stick at but when spending another guy's money to make yourself look good, of course it's going to benefit the team. However, the team has also suffered in it's drafting choices giving up sandwich picks for free agents. Four years of coveting these guys and getting them will only make the greater team suffer in the long run.

I give Omar credit where its due but it's time to take off our blinders about him. He's as guilty if not more than Willie at this point and I think and hope and dream that the Wilpons are seeing that too. Yes I know we cannot fire the entire team but firing Willie won't change anything. Imminently.

Lastly, I am going to pick on David Wright...Stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!!!

Don't cry and don't lose sleep over this sorry sack of losers, David. Because it's obvious they go home to their mansions and yachts and look forward to golfing in October.

Listen to me: THIS IS YOUR TEAM. You are the face of the franchise.

Last year, all the attention went to your buddy Jose Reyes who let the whole team down by faltering in the stretch. You, my friend, were the only one worth a damn in those last horrible weeks of 2007.

This year, for some strange reason, I think you are still under the impression that Carlos Delgado is running thangs. Let me clue you in on something: Delgado couldn't manage the Hudson News stand at the downtown PATH Station.


And I have news for you - none of your teammates take these losses personally. I'm sure at my job when a multi-million dollar deal is lost, some people may lose sleep initially but they get back out there and start making deals. None of this pussy feeling sorry for yourself bullshit.

This is a jay-oh-bee to your teammates. Never forget that. You have a God-given talent that will waste away and it's obvious with you hacking at pitches with no game plan that their attitudes are affecting you too. Here's what you do. Stop crying. Start hitting. Start playing. You can be the saviour of this club and be the face of the franchise. If you allow it - do you want loafers running the team?

Don't think so. This is one thing you and we fans can get on board with.

Start doing it. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shea Goodbye - Part One

I don't want to talk about the 2008 Mets anymore. At least for today.

I want to look back on my tenure as a Mets fan.

Old school Mets fan will recognize the Hendu Walk-Off game - 1980. Mr. E decided it was time for me, a Li'l Coop at 4 years old, to go to Shea. Unfortunately, we didn't make it the next day, and it took nearly four more years before I would make it back to Flushing to see the Mets. My first game was May 1984 - I believe it was May 6 but I can't find the program. It was against the Astros, and it was a Sunday. Those two I know for sure. Although they lost, I asked my dad if we could come again in three weeks to the Memorial Day game - it was Sports Bag Day.

I was hooked.

The next year, Mr. E, Uncle Gene and Aunt Melissa got a Sunday plan in Loge Section 22. This is the first section where I made my mark as a loudmouthed Mets Fan.

I often say that I was a lucky Mets fan. I was too young to know they were bad when I was a kid, but I was fortunate enough to understand what was going on and to appreciate them. Of course we all know what happened in 1986.

But Loge Section 22 at Shea Stadium will always hold a special place in my heart. Mr E. and Uncle Gene became friends with another threesome named Dominic, Rob and Mike. We used to run into them everywhere it seemed - every year, at Opening Day, when we wouldn't sit next to each other. And this was before cell phones, so we wouldn't even try to meet. It would just happen. I often wondered what happened to them. I remember thinking when I was a kid that when I was old enough, I would come to Shea Stadium to watch games and be friends with the people who sat with me. Of course, I will relate to this in Part Two of my Shea Goodbye Series, which will go on intermittently throughout the season.

I have great memories of what I saw from those seats. I remember a game in 1985 where easily my favorite player on the 80s teams, Gary Carter, hit two home runs in the visitor's bullpen - I had a great view of those shots in those seats!

I also remember September of 1986 -- the lettering on the outfield walls told us it was going to be a "September to Remember." They obviously weren't thinking to October. Which was more memorable than a year that was pretty much locked up by May of that year.

I remember seeing my very first Banner Day, when the funniest sign I ever saw went around in 1986: "Shea's Bathrooms Are Worse Than Chernobyl." We stayed for both games in those seats.

I remember "Thanks Rusty Day" from those seats - being so confused when the team walked out with flaming red Tina Turner-esque wigs. I remember hiding underneath the awning on cold days, listening to my Walk Man while watching the game.

I remember signing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with my dad during 7th inning stretches.

I remember him buying me tons of RC Colas. I remember that the Harry M Stevens vendors used to sell Crunch n Munch and hot cocoa in the stands.

I took a walk down to Loge 22 where Miss Zoe took this pic of me -- At the time I wasn't too overwhelmed with emotion. But when I look at this pic and realize, where I used to sit when I was a kid soon won't be there anymore...I'll just have the memories of those games and all those fun times.

NOW I'm emotional.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New York, New York

So Dykstraw and I headed to the House of Evil on 161st St and River Ave in the Bronx for Saturday's game.
Nuff said.

Now, I am not going wax intellectual or poetic about the Mets win yesterday. I mean, I will say a few things of course.
I know Johan pitched at a place known as a the "Homer Dome" but can someone tell him he doesn't pitch there anymore and he actually pitches in PITCHER FRIENDLY dimensions now? Look, a win is a win and I saw someone ask somewhere else - do we want Johan to dominate? In a word....YES!! Yes he has to freaking dominate. We traded him for everybody worth a damn in our system, and he was supposed to bring the goods. Like Tom Seaver, he went a pitched a no-hitter for the Reds for petes sakes, and we got, um, four scrubs for him in 1977. Whatever. Johan got lots o' value. Show us your contract buddy.

But I will concede he had an extra day of rest and hopefully he will be back to Johan Super form in no time.
Next is - if we want to see an edgier fan base than ours, look no further than the Bronx. Madon', no mind you I did not hear booing for any of their team (I guess that's "Yank-mee Class" or whatever), but I did hear Yankee fans talking smack. OK, I MIGHT have talked back (Dykstraw, shut up already), but come on. As Woodside Frank once told some Vikings fans at a Jets / Vikings game back in 2002, "Youse guys suck worse than we do."

But other than my would-be scuffle, I didn't really hear anything from Yanks fans. I mean, I think they are actually complacent in their loserdom. For now. I mean, I don't expect Tampa to be in first all season, nor do I expect the Skanks to be in last. Sound familiar for the NL East? Thought so. Here is the view from our seats. (Thanks to JH for hooking me up!)
Few thoughts on the House that Scumbags like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle Shit In...

Their concession stands are a little sassier than Shea's. I mean, their french fries were definitely better but you had to wait 900 years to get them. Beer is more expensive but plenty of stands around. Their Stadium Club was infinitely nicer than the Diamond Club at Shea (not saying much) - but if I hadn't gotten a late start to my morning and ate late, I definitely would have wanted to partake in their buffet brunch. I mean, it was something like $31 / person. But wouldn't you pay something like that in Manhattan anyway? You'd have nicer bathrooms in Manhattan though. And speaking of bathrooms, their women's rooms were painted PINK. I wonder if Jason Giambi has ever used them. Well, maybe if they were gold lame and tiger striped.
Needless to say, my lighthearted mood today has to do with two things. One is - the Mets haven't played yet today. But I do fully expect Big Game Ollie (Or Dr. Oliver Jekyll Perez) to show up tonight - he likes games like this. Two is - the Mets won and lots of good things out of it. David Wright and Jose Reyes both were accountable for a few runs and as Dykstraw pointed out in later innings - Carlos Delgado was due for an "accidental" hit - which he DID get! Carlos Beltran even jacked a triple. I noticed something interesting too - lots of scooting their hineys out of the box. Men were left on base early on, but they got to Pettitte early. And scoring a run of Joba the Hut -- nothing to shake a stick at. Let's see them string a few of these pups together. We got a game tonight and a series against the Cowards.
But another question I have is - why do the Yankees have sole ownership of Ol' Blue Eyes' version of "New York, New York?" I mean, the Mets definitely deserve a PART OF IT (ba dum - New York, Neeeewwwww Yorrrrkk...ok I'm done, well Dykstraw might continue). I mean, we get the drag queen fave version starring Liza Minnelli. I mean, I love Liza as much as the next person - but can't the Mets get joint custody of that song too? Kiss' "New York Groove" aint the same. Maybe we can get U2's "New York." It's a little morose and not a good karaoke. Here's Dykstraw and me, taking a break from singing (we sang all the way outside the stadium and down the ramps too). OOH! Maybe we can make "New York, New York" our 8th inning sing-a-long!!! Write in to the Mets now!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Or...What Would Coop Do?

I've been thinking long and hard about the state of the Mets. Of course, it seems like practically on a daily basis I'm either calling out certain members of the team for being a pussy, or positions, or the entire team. But why should I waste my breath? Billy Wagner is doing a fine job of doing that himself.

Now, I'm a big fan of What goes on the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse, but I also have to be a realist and say that the game this day and age is much different from the game I remember growing up. Sure, Wally Backman once called out Darryl Strawberry, who later got into a fist fight with Keith Hernandez, but I know that with the media the way it is, youtube clips popping up everywhere - no one is safe. Even if you think they are, they are not. But will Billy's rant help the Mets and make them play harder, tougher even? Probably not. But at this point, what will?

I think a nice douching would benefit the Mets. And hey, the Coop wants Omar's job when he eventually leaves, so here is a few pieces of shit I'd like to throw to the wall and see if they stick. Oh and feel free to leave your ideas as well. We're in this shitcan together.

1.) Fire everyone. Not just Willie. Not just Peterson. The whole fucking lot. The Mets have a surplus of one thing and one thing only and that's talented coaches throughout their system. Tim Teufel was manager of the Cyclones one year, and there was a brawl between the young Brooklyn team and the rival SI Yankees. Gary Carter has ALWAYS said he wants to work with the big Mets club. And he'd do a good job of it. Former catchers seem to make good coaches. Promote Ken Oberkfell for fucks sake. The dude has not only paid his dues, but everyone loves him. And when I say fire everyone, that includes HoJo, Tom Nieto and Jerry Manuel. Shit, if there is any one person I think the Mets should run away screaming from is that stiff who calls himself a bench coach.

2.) Beltran should bat lead-off. I know, this is kind of out there but just bear with me for a minute. Jose Reyes is not the lead off hitter we thought he should be. Since he took the Willie "Mays" Hayes way of trying to hit the long ball in every at bat, and Willie refuses to make him do push-ups, it's obvious Reyes aint doing the job. Remember: as Jose goes so do the Mets. But what if, and this is a BIG what if, the dude who plays 160 games a years, bat .280 and steals bases is the guy we signed up for? Not bad, considering he could never get through camp uninjured. My point is - Jose and his underwhelming .328 OBP are underwhelming. Beltran with his .376 OBP and .240 BA is more suited for the role. Carlos is also willing to take walks and wait for his pitch (please, no comments!). People will argue with me that Beltran isn't getting paid to get on base, but to hit. True, just moving to lead off won't make him hit more, but it will do the job of being patient and getting on base more. Pal Benny B from da B said that Beltran's averages are an aberration, he's getting on base just fine. Which is what he was SUPPOSED to do. Trust me. It would work. Will it happen? Probably not.

3.) Send Heilman to NOLA for a few weeks to work out his stamina. Why? He needs to start, plain and simple. I know - the Tower of Terror holds nothin' compared to a Heilman stint at home. The fact remains he sucks as a middle reliever, he sucks as a set-up guy who comes late into games when the pressure is on and he WILL suck as a closer if that is what we are grooming him to be. Why? Mainly because he doesn't have the mentality for it (read: he's a pussy). When he starts, and I know this is kind of a strange analysis - the pressure is off in a way. Sure it's all on him, but you have a line of 0 - 0 - 0 starting each game. When he comes in with a pitcher's win on his shoulders, that's when trouble starts to happen. Plus, when Pedro eventually reinjures himself, they will need to find someone else to start. I'm telling you - when Heilman eventually starts someplace else and does it well, we'll be like - the management fucking sucked for not letting him start in the first place. And ask Joe Janish what he thinks about Heilman starting, by the way. He'll make my suggestion look tame.

4.) Release Delgado. I know we don't have much as far as 1Bs in the system and promoting Mike Carp or some type would do more harm than good. Would it hurt to have Church take some lumps over at 1B? I know Marlon Anderson can't do the job every day but listen to me folks - it can't be any worse than what Delgado is doing. I know some people will point that in the second half of last season, Delgado started to come around. To me, however, it was too little too late and he is starting to regress yet AGAIN. He's bringing the team down. If you don't see this, then get your head checked. I know, vets with big contracts rarely get let go. But this has to send a message - we don't want you on the team dogging it like you do. That goes for all-a-yas. You pussies.

5.) A fire sale. This may be the most controversial especially since the system isn't exactly conducive for a fire sale. But this mentality seems to help out the Florida Marlins who have won two World Series in their 15-year existence. David Wright and Jose Reyes are pretty untouchable and the fan base would truly riot after something like that. And I know, the system is depleted and barren and we'll need to speculate to accumulate as they say. But the Mets got rid of Jeromy Burnitz and other heart clogging contracts in 2003 and managed to get the likes of Victor Diaz in return (I know, not exactly a good example). My point is, there are diamonds in the rough. Omar does have a knack for finding them. Talk to Carlos Beltran, see if he would waive his NTC for something. He hates New York, so that wouldn't be a stretch.

The point is, this team is not promising and has not been for a while. I try to get optimistic and move away from 2007 but it's tough. This team just is not good, there is no heart and if something anything doesn't change soon, it's not gonna be pretty come the last day at Shea this year.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Smile Like You Mean It

I can't believe that I ever suggested that the Mets should have been given a heroes' welcome when they returned from their quasi-successful road trip last week. That said, I was pretty adamant about if they won four out of six games. But you know what - they split the trip against one very successful team and one hot team. So that spoke volumes to me.

But this - a 3-4 home stand. This is more than I can bear.

Against the Reds. And the Nationals. Two sub par teams with horrible pitching staffs and no hitting. Do I have to bring up the Bronson Arroyo game again? Or you know, maybe I won't even bring up the fact that today Mike Pelfrey pitched his ass off for once in his life, and the team just mailed it in. You know, they have to travel to the Bronx tomorrow. That travel day fucks with their menstrual cycles.

And yet, I have to give props to Billy Wagner for calling out the veteran contingent on the team for not taking their lumps with the media. Let's face it - Wags is the man. If he outright sucks, he comes right out and says it. He can take it like a man. Get the rest of this team some testosterone pills. I'm sick of it.

The worst part is Billy is right - where the f#$% are these guys? That is unacceptable. A few weeks ago, Matt Cerrone over at Metsblog had a great survey on what the fans want to see out of the team.

And I think it was summed up nicely by - we want to see that they care.

It was obvious Moises Alou cared last night by getting tosses, arguing balls and strikes.

It was obvious Willie Randolph did NOT, since he refused to back Moises on his argument.

It was obvious that Claudio Vargas deserved a win at best on Wednesday night, a no-decision at worst.

It is obvious that Aaron Heilman is still the ringleader of the Big Pussy Posse.

It is obvious that guys like Carlos Delgado loaf in games like today.

And it is obvious that mentality is trickling down to the young guys with heart like Reyes and Wright.

That said, all I ask is what Mets fans around ask.

Play like you mean it. Make diving plays. Cut yourself up, get bruised. Play with the dirtiest uniform imaginable. Don't be afraid of walls in the outfield.

Oh yeah and fucking hit like you mean it. You want to get back at the fairweather contingent booing your sorry asses at Shea? Start pounding the ball like nobody's business.

We know you have it in you. But right now, the fucking Marlins - universally panned as the worst team in baseball - is making ALL of us look like chumps.

Go Mets. Yankees suck. Who's going Saturday?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Yeah, It's Gonna Kill Me

This team is trying to kill me....Where do I go - I don't know.

Um, well, I don't know.

I'm not too delusional to think that this team will win every single contest against every seemingly inferior team.

But when Bronson Arroyo starts and has a 1-4 record at game expect to win. (And Arroyo had an interesting stat - he has had a career five compete games - two of which against the Mets. He had a chance to get #3 on Saturday, going 8 full innings).

When the Mets play the Nationals - eh, yeah, the Brooklyn Fig started. But Odalis Perez started. Who had a worse record than Arroyo.

But you still don't expect to see 8-3 in the 6th. And we all know what happens then - they lose interest. The don't put up a fight. Oh wait, it's 10-3 now. Sorry for Mr. E, who went tonight.

So the weekend ReCoop is as such.

I go to the stadium Friday - Metsgrrl says it all right here about what a pain in the balls it was to go all the way up to the game that was eventually called.

So I go back Saturday night - I don't even sit in the Coop seats, since I had no partner. See, everyone went to the GOOD game on Saturday -- since Zoe too was supposed to go Friday, I sat with her and CrazyMetGirl. Zoe has some cool pics here (Tracy is the one looking at the camera, I'm bopping around to her right). I was so bored, I actually participated in the 8th inning sing-along. Now that I think about it, that's probably why it's forced upon us.

Of course, I miss the Oh Pea game on Sunday - but here's a rant: my friend Sally and her daughter went as guests in the Coop seats. However, some lady claimed them as her own. And the ushers backed the lady whose seats were NOT rightfully hers because she had a bad leg.

I'm sorry - go get seats somewhere else. Is your name Coop? And seriously, the Coop name is on the plaque. It's a damn good thing I wasn't there.

Meanwhile, when *I* go, the ushers show up as soon as I sit down, ask to see my ticket, and expect a tip because I seat myself.

What dildos.

Anyway, I know I've been absent from here for awhile. I feel like I'm on the Tower of Terror again with this team. Except it's only May. HELP!


And I'd like to point something else out. Today on Metsmerized, Joe D had a spot on how well the Church & Schneider for Milledge deal is turning out. While Milledge is still making immature mistakes and getting benched for being late, etc, as a result, Church & Schneider are two of the only members hitting over .300 on the Mets right now.

Does this mean the trade worked better for the Mets? For now, yes. But call my old-fashioned when I say that it's too early to tell.

The Church / Schneider reeks of "win-now" while Milledge still has oodles of potential in front of him.

I'm not saying it could be Ryan for Fregosi...but it's too soon to say it's Benson for Maine and Julio/Duque too.

So what does this mean? Well, quite frankly, I like Church. He is very replaceable though. As for Schneider, who I was convinced was the "guy" Omar wanted anyway - the whole idea of catchers needed or you'll have lots of passed balls? You could put a rooster behind home plate instead of Schneider because I have never seen so many pitches go past a catcher in my life.

Hate to be a killjoy - but we still have to figure that out. Shit, the Santana trade might even be a bad one down the road. Especially with CarGo hitting for the cycle the other night. That's a trade that works out for both teams.

The Nats trade? Still need time...

BTW, David Wright just hit a HR so it's 10-4. Whoop-a-dee-doo.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bring Us To Your Leader

Not sure what I can say about the brouhaha surrounding some of Willie's comments that showed up in the press today that Corey or Deb haven't said already.

But I can say that I took the ball and ran with it when I heard the comments about Willie blaming the fans for the Mets poor play at home that I named him the Big Pussy Pick of the Week over at GBU today.

But it goes so much further than Willie's comments about the fans. And again, I won't go into too much detail, since Corey did such a great job at calling the Mets and Willie out on everything including the lackadaisical play, our dollars being pumped in the Mets economy, our seats being sold out and season tickets holders left to hold the fabulous bag with our 20% increase after the worst collapse in baseball history.

But no. It was evident that Willie has lost any and all respect of the clubhouse when he pooh-poohed Tom Glavine's 300th win quest. And when Marlon Anderson, a dude who was only on the team half the year, felt the need to call a meeting when the Mets were free-falling into second place.

Now Willie has been the Met manager since 2005. He has been gifted with having an oer .500 winning percentage as manager in those three years.

In 2005, we gave him a pass when he was a rookie manager. And wasn't it cute when he messed up his double-switch?

In 2006, we gave him a pass because while he still had no clue how to run a bullpen (if you ask Willie, it's "into the ground"), the Mets won the NL East easily and so we loved him then.

In 2007, our patience was wearing thin. The Mets did have a winning season, but lost their heart by gift-wrapping the division to the hates Phillies.

The jig, as they say, was up for Willie.

In 2008, he still is around. But it's time for the Mets to clean house. And I'm not talking about firing Willie. I'm talking about getting rid of all the coaches, replace them and have these guys doing push-ups in a week.

No more carte-blanche to the vets anymore. And no more treating your best young players like they're cow flop. And learn how to handle a pitching staff. Because they don't like you anymore either Willie.

Let's clean house, get some new management in there, and finally, let's have someone else set the tone.

Just when I think I might have an iota of respect for Willie, he has the fucking brass cajones to tell the Mets fans we suck?

I say screw the Church Ladies and the Blue Maine Group. Let's get some fireman helmets and form the Fire Willie Department.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Too Early To Judge?

If the Mets come home from this road trip with let's say less than two losses, there is no reason why they should have a heroes welcome on Friday night at Shea.

The ways they win, though. That's troubling.

Although Friday night against the D-Backs was a blow-out in the truest sense of the word, and Saturday the same (but for the D-Backs), today's game was frustrating to say the least.

First, you think sending Johan Santana out on the mound, you have at least a fighting chance to win. And yes, Danny Haren was starting today, but let's face it: He's no Johan. And scoring two runs off him, well, that's nothing to shake a stick at.

But this team HAS to step up their game when Johan pitches. Another no-decision so early in the season? Thank goodness for Jorge Sosa (eek).

But here's the thing - no throwing error in the 9th, we all know the Mets are NOT going to win that game today. I am sorry. I know, they won, I'm being a killjoy.

But they are doing it again - and by "it" I mean, letting other teams dictate their success.

It happened in 2007, when they were depending on the Phillies, Braves and other NL East teams to do their dirty work when they couldn't seal the deal.

Letting other team's throwing errors decide games for them in later innings.

Now, am I allowed to get excited because they took two-of-three in a park they absolutely own...against a team that is arguably going to be the best in baseball this season?

I should be - but I'm not.

Now that the Dodgers' eight-game winning streak has come to an end today, I hope the Mets can take their momentum (whatever is left of it) and start kicking some Dodger hiney.

A few other things to glean from the series:

1.) Carlos Delgado - is he back? He had some significant hits this series.

2.) The 2000-year-old man (aka Moises Alou) came back but with little fanfare. I still feel like he shoulda started against Webb but hey, who the hell am I? Maybe we'd be talking sweep instead of orgasm-faking-quality wins like today.

3.) What the hell was up with like the 10,000 wild pitches from Johan today? Not to mention, I am still far from impressed about Brian Schneider. Ryan Church, yes. Schneider can go back to Washington as far as I'm concerned.

4.) I like when Jose Reyes is on. However, I wonder if he realizes his own power. Meaning, when he is on, the Mets win games. When he's not, the Mets have a tough time winning.

5.) I still think John Maine will the best pitcher in the National League at the end of this season. Mark my words. He's gonna surprise us all.

I probably won't catch a lot of the games this week - but I should have some commentary over at GBU this week.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Maine Warrior

I think it's official: I love to watch John Maine pitch. I loved how he beat himself up on the mound, only to be talked down by Willie, and then come back and refuse to be taken out of the game at 100 pitches. Save a shaky second inning, he was pretty much lights-out the rest of the way. I'm looking forward to seeing him dominate the rest of the season (after all, I did predict he'd be the best Mets starter this year).

This is also official: Jose Reyes needs to get his head out of his ass for the Mets to win ballgames. (That's a fact) Almost missing the cycle by narrowly missing an inside-the-parker? Be still my heart.

Another thing: Ryan Church NEEDS to be hitting in the two-hole. Shit, he would be MVP batting after Reyes this whole season.

We can't deny: Arizona is a phenomenal team. With the ace of the National League (until Johan can officially take that title...or John Maine can...) leading the way in Brandon Webb, Danny Haren and Micah Owings solidifying the rest of that rotation, you can't shake a stick at the rest of the team either including young Conor Jackson, Justin Upton and stalwarts Byrnesie and Stephen Drew. Forget the Mets, the Phils or even the Braves - they can't hold a candle to the "real" team to beat. On paper, that is.

We have two more games to play this road-stand against them, and for the first time this season, I am excited to see how this pans out. Although Webb has to lose sometime (with his league-best 6-0 record), will it be against the Mets and Big Pelf? What about tomorrow, Danny Haren (the former object of Mets fans desires) vs. Johan Santana?

I'll tell you this - the Mets do have a good chance of winning both of those games. I'm confident we are going to see a different team this time around.

And good to see Moises back. He shoulda gone 4-4 and hit the cycle though...

I also like West Coast Friday night games. It means I can sleep till 1 pm the next day...

I'm sure you are wondering why I have been so quiet about this whole Billy Wagner-calling-out-Oh-Pea thing. Honestly, I am a firm believer that whatever goes on in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse - but this was something that the fans, the media and Ollie needed to hear straight up.

People have criticized Wags - he comes in to pitch one inning. He hangs out in the 'pen the whole game. He's shown support for Mike Pelfrey when it was obvious he was rushed to pitch, and openly hated-on Lastings Milledge with the whole "Know your place, Rook!"

But I like him and am thrilled that someone has the brass to call the team out (not just Oh Pea - let's be fair - he called the whole team out). Not to mention, it's the bullpen that is getting killed every night from mismanagement, no support from the starters, getting no help from the offense that goes to sleep seemingly after they score what they perceive to be enough runs.

The truth is - Oh Pea needs to step up. He has to stop being a card-carrying member of the Big Pussy Posse and play up to his potential. Why did the Bucs give up on him? Why does it seem like the Mets were the only team willing to give him a contract extension, when he's so iffy, even Jason Jennings with his lifetime 5 ERA and career 1.56 WHIP seems more reliable (cause at least you know what you are getting out of him). You don't know which Ollie is going to show up.

And last but certainly not least, I applaud Wags for calling out Willie and his continued mismanagement of the 'pen. You can't put every single one of your guys out there every single night. Saying "it's not the 7th game of the World Series" but clearly the pressure is on you to win and you manage it like it is Game 7.

Look, I am a big sour puss when the Mets lose. Especially with a 12-run difference against the motherfucking Pirates. But let's be fair here. I know they will lose at least 50 games per year. I know they will win at least 50 games. It's the other 62 games that matter.

They need to stop all the talk, however, and win some motherfucking ballgames.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Can't Believe That I am Actually Going to Try to Be The Voice of Reason Here...

I know yesterday was horrible. A catastrophe. And the night before was a tad less worse -because though the Mets actually won, it was a game they should have easily won but did not. But think about the ekers they've won this year. They all seem like - well, at least they won. The rest of the team just looked asleep at the wheel. Believe me, I rant about it here. (I was mean, but deal with it) - and well, Billy Wagner also said his peace too. Notice I have not put Billy on my BP list yet. I think he may just be my new favorite Met.

But my point being, it's May 1 today. We go on the road to face a red-hot Diamondbacks team. Then on to L.A., who were having troubles of their own but have been on a good streak lately.

Open this here link to see what I saw this morning: Save Arizona, the Cubs and the Angels, the rest of the teams everywhere else are not faring all that well either. I mean, they have OK standings. But Florida Marlins are in first place. FIRST PLACE. They just lost five straight. Nuff said. That bloom is off the rose.

Take a look at the Yankees. They are not at .500, and their star 2007 MVP is out on the DL and their young "future ace" pitcher is also out.

On the Braves, Smotlzie is out and talking about moving back to the bullpen. Glavine is also out for the first time ever in his long distinguished career on the DL. Not to mention Mike Hampton's woes. Chipper Jones is out every other day it seems. These Braves are not the 1990s Braves.

Even the Phils, who were gift-wrapped the NL East by a flailing Mets team, didn't make it out of the playoffs with one win and are also going through their own issues.

The Nats Cordero? Also out. For a month.

My point being - look, as Mets fans, we are restless. The sky is falling. And I acknowledge they have not been better than a .500 team since last June, I do say this.

Maybe .500 is all they need to be a good team in the East.

Not to mention that we don't hear this kind of clamoring from other teams who are far worse off than we are. I mean, Alou is due back this week. Schneider may need a few more days off, but he should be back to be Pelfrey's personal catcher (That kills me. It does). BTW, I need more answers on how he got a staph infection?

Yes I know they've played .500 ball since last year. Yes I remember the collapse.

But we are not doing them any favors by bringing it up every chance we get.

I think the worst part of the collapse is that we fans are making it a hell of a lot worse.

Who knows - maybe they will kick ass on the road to show us fans.

Then they come home and suck, ha ha. Somebody has to step up and be like - these fans hate us and rightfully so. We need to come back and throw it in their faces that we are good.

I'm going to wait till May 31, personally, for my take on the team. Until then, you won't hear any sky-is-falling comments from me. Although you will see my Big Pussy columns once a week.