Sunday, November 23, 2008

Behold...The SassPupp Has Arrived!

Nothing much to report on the Mets business end but I can report on the happy new arrival of the world's newest Mets fan, born to SassDawg and Mrs. Dawg - we have ourselves a SassPupp! Congrats from the Summer Family to the Dawg Family on their new son!

Dawg and I will be having Thanksgiving dinner once again this year, but in honor of T-day and the little dude's debut, I am giving all the MSF contingent a heads up to visit the great site, and use this special holidays offer: With your next purchase (before November 28, 2008), please enjoy a coupon code "Thanksgiving." This will give you 30% OFF through November 28th 2008.

How you like them apples? As for the Mets, I will say that Omar has not made a move yet, but then again, last year, he didn't make any move decent before January. So I'll take it in stride. But just remember, the last time we had business dealings before T-day, was when Delgado was traded in 2005.

Have a great week!

PS Oh! Before I forget -

J-E-T-S...Jets Jets JETS!!!!!!

1 comment:

Deb said...

Congrats to the Dawgs !!!!!

And thanks for the coupon code, Coop - I just ordered a GK&R long sleever for my mom for Christmas!

And when the hell is something gonna happen with the Hot Stove, huh, huh, HUH????? I hate to burst your Omar bubble, dear, but I am not getting overly excited over what The O might do with this team over the off-season.....