Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roll Call 2008

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has stopped by this site, has stopped by Section 14 in the Mezzanine (if you haven't seen Metsblog's coverage on it, my seats are now R'ing-I-P)...To my two loyal readers -- I salute you! You have made it to the ReCoop of 2008's Roll Call (last year's version is here).

2008 is without a doubt a very special year for My Summer Family. No, not that it's only the second year this has been in existence, but that this was the last year I was able to enjoy in my "summer home" of Shea Stadium. So to the new park, have a legacy to uphold. I hope that you are able to provide as many fun memories as Shea has for me over the years.

On behalf of SassDawg and me, here is this year's Roll Call! The Roll Call is a special annual event, a "shout-out" if you will, to people who have contributed to the overall special-ness of the social event that is baseball. And also in line with what makes My Summer Family real.

Last year, I had only met one-half of Faith and Fear in Flushing - but the question is, which one are you, Greg? Are you "Faith?" Or are you "Fear?" Regardless, I met the other half, Jason, and it was swell. Hopefully, we will be invited to the new boxes in 2009 for a game.

Joe from MetsToday -- to think, we actually didn't know we were sitting next to each other at Spring Training! Looking forward to talking more Mets stuff in the offseason with you and who knows...maybe I'll run to you, the wife and the two pooches in my town!

I also met CrazyMetGirl at Spring training...and we even stayed at the same hotel! She and I not only share our love for the Mets...but for Neil Diamond as well.

CoreyNYC otherwise known as Metsie -- we may disagree on Omar Minaya for sure, but we agree on one thing that supercedes that...and that's this stupid team that continually rips our heart out of our ass every year. Say hello to Em for me! (the inspiration for this post)

I had the opportunity to meet Metstradamus at Spring training this year, and on a few occasions he sat in the Coop box at some games this year. I even went with him as part of a group with Toasty Joe, Greg from Faith & Fear among others. It's starting to look like 'Damus and I will be "Winter Family" members, rooting for our winter version of our Mets - the Jets and the Rangers. November 30 Jets/Broncos baby. Woo!

Another member at that game over the summer (which was the infamous grand slam to a pitcher game, with Johan being the pitch offender), Riding with "Rickey Henderson" was also there. Very cool peeps.

We went all-regional this year, folks. As a result of some good timing, Julie from Chicago Mets Fan turned up for an event at Blondie's. Unfortunately, we didn't get to talk more, but hopefully if the stars align, a few of us will be in Chicago when the Mets are in town next season.

I had the opportunity to meet GaryG, one of my deans at the Flushing University. I knew I scared his friend big time...but that's because I thought it was him and he might recognize me. But hopefully all is forgiven and you will join me for a game in the Coop box next year. C'mon, it'll be fun!

The Y2K boys will always hold a special place in my heart (considering that Sippy momo famously proposed to me on the spot...on the blog...without ever meeting me)...but I did meet his partner-in-crime, A Friend of Mr Glass. Forgive me for not having stopped by in a while (AFOMG knows why)...I am long overdue.

Perhaps because of my unique perspective (I can be upbeat and positive one day, then call the team out for all being pussies the next day), I had two side projects going on as a result of my Mets meetings. Special shout-out to the always lovely Debmc for the GB&U...and to the always talented Dykstraw, who (along with Zoe) became part of the Awesome Threesome known as...Mets Divas and Dykstraw. I gotta be honest, sometimes this blogging thing is a royal pain in the ass. But knowing these folks from these networks has truly raised the social networking with baseball to a new level.

And where would I be without a special shout-out to my homeys who make me so so happy to be a Mets fan...and therefore, happy to be alive!!! You know who you are, the Usual Suspects!! In no particular order...Zoe; SNK; Willy Fabs; Metsgrrl; Jessica from 7 Train; Metsblog's Matt Cerrone, Regis, Mike Nichols & Brandon; Toasty Joe; BMF, and the motley crew there -- Matt the Met Fan, IrishMike, Ft Greene Met Fan & El Duderino, Schmifty, USMF, Lippy and even A Phanatic (probably the nicest Phillies fan in the world); the peeps over at Metsmerized Online; Kranepool Society; the crew at Mike's Mets; to the gang at Shea - Seat5, John, Louie, Julie & Ben, Mark & Eddie, and of course Mr. E, Uncle Gene and SassDawg.

And last but certainly not least, to my MH, who met me during baseball season...and still thinks I'm sane. And get this - he wants to go to hockey and football games with me too!!!

Till next season...


Deb said...

Thanks for the mention, Coop. It has certainly been interesting, hasn't it? And perhaps one day, we will actually get to meet, face to face! lol

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts in the upcoming off-season. I'm starting to get mine together, but right now, I'm kind of exhausted from the last two years of torture brought to us by the New York Mets!

will said...

there are many things i was disappointed by in this season (duaner, pedro, MURPHY ON THIRD WITH NO OUTS WTF DAVID, etc), and high on the list is the fact that i didn't get to see a game in person with you. hopefully we can change that next year. that game vs the braves with you and zoe is still one of my favorite nights of live baseball.

jules said...

dude... next year i'm making the list. heh

Matt the Met Fan said...

Thanks for the shout out Coop!

Your site rocks! Been reading all year and love the honesty!

next year GF .. we get those Tattoos !!

Ceetar said...

I rarely meet people from the internet. I'm a shy person. Although I did meet cver from the hotfoot bleachers this year. I also took a picture of Kowalski from afar at the last game. I saw Zoe picking up tickets once.

As I continue to blog about the Mets (Can i still call my blog 'Optimistic'? It's starting to feel more pipe dreamish..) I'll probably stumble across others. Whee.

I'm determined to go to Spring Training this year though. Is it March yet?

Julie/ said...

Thanks for the shoutout! It was great to meet you and a few other Mets fans/bloggers in August.

I def. hope some of you can make a trip out here next season...or perhaps to DC in June. I'm hoping to work that trip in.

Michael Leggett said...


You're on my current "Yankee Haters" list on Random Fandom Red Sox NYC;

It's a list, letting be known about those who despise the Yankees.