Friday, September 19, 2008

Rules for a Pennant Race

1.) Pay attention to what the Mets are doing.

2.) Don't pay attention to what the competition is doing. Sure, you'll read the standings every morning, but don't stress out about what the other teams are doing during the games the Mets are actually playing. Just care about Mets wins.

3.) Don't get discouraged. Ever. We have plenty of baseball left to play.

4.) Root. And root hard.

5.) Take a break this weekend if it's too much. From watching games, that is. Seriously, I am resting up for the push at home next week. I'm going to need as much rest as possible, especially my lungs!

6.) Enjoy baseball (even if it's bad) for as long as we have it. Because pretty soon, it will be cold and wintry, and we'll be dying for spring again.

7.) The Mets play better as they are the underdog.

8.) Forget about the past. Forget about 2007. And do yourselves a favor and forget about 2006. Think about now. How great October can possibly be if we just hope for it.

9.) Above all remember: This team is nothing like 2007. Nothing. Some of the players remain the same, but the vibe is much different. Don't compare them. It will do no good.

Repeat till September 29. Gosh, I can't believe it. This season has gone by so quickly.


Ceetar said...

yeah..I hate that the season is almost (a month?) over.

I think this team is very like 2007 myself. Streaky, occasionally struggle with the clutch hit. Bullpen's not so great...The big difference though, is this year the Bullpen is more of a C than a D-, and there are more guys, so you (theoretically..if you warm up everyone every day they're still tireD) can theoretically keep them rested and fresh and get that extra 10% effectiveness out of them.


Sassdawg. said...

Friggin Shane Victorino.....I hate that guy, he's a douche

Michael Leggett said...

Take it easy, folks. THIS is The Week.

Sassdawg. said...


That picture with you and Straw is awesome!!!!