Sunday, September 14, 2008


I was pretty pissed off after the first game. But you know, I really couldn't get too riled about it. Somehow, I just knew Jonathon Niese was going to come through. I didn't know how, after his lackluster start against the Brew Crew last week. But I just felt like one way or another, he'd do it all. Initially I thought complete game...but even I realized that was a stretch.

Let me talk about game one. I was disappointed simply because I was supposed to go to Friday's game, which as we know was cancelled. I haven't seen Johan pitch all that much live this year. And I was really jonesin to get this pennant race a'goin. But seriously, in watching game one, who didn't think the Mets would score with bases loaded, 0 out? Seriously? I knew that game was a lost cause. But mostly, I had some misdirected hostility toward Jerry Manuel. Why? BECAUSE THERE WAS NO REASON TO PANIC AND TAKE JOHAN OUT OF THE GAME. I was fine with him working out his mess.

He may have had a high pitch count. But this was the time to let our ace work his shit out and get those three outs himself. Alas, that wasn't meant to happen.

But thank goodness for young guys. Especially young guys who share the same birthday as the day the Mets last won the World Series.

Eight innings. Seven strikeouts. First win. In a heated pennant race.

Thirteen. And the Brewers have to win sometime -- check this out. Lets go Mets. Who's going today?

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Sassdawg. said...

If the brewers miss the playoffs, Yost should be fired. Damn, if the Philth sweep the double header today, he should be fired.