Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bad Ollie Go Bye-Bye

To all who want Omar Minaya to go all out in getting a longish-term/high dollar contract for Oliver Perez, can look no further than his pitiful performance tonight and throw that thought out the window.

And can you believe me, his number one fan, who has been saying great things and expecting greatness from him this whole season, has shown me nothing more than being a drain on the bullpen, resources, and a drain on the team in general.

When the team gives him a two -run lead tonight, he gives it up. They give him three more runs, he promptly gives them up. Now either he is just hitting his targets a little dead-on. But you and I both know that Ollie is playing for a contract - where, we don't know, probably not New York, but when the pressure gets to him against the smaller teams, we know what happens.

Big Game Ollie shows up against the Phils, the Yankees and all other high profile teams. Against the Marlins, the Nats, not so much. Granted his performance has not been that bad...but after Pedro Martinez, he has just been a drain.

Ollie needs to go.

There are strong implications that he wants to go West or South with his next team (and if anyone has an article stating that, please send it along my way -- I was arguing with some folks about it today). He is a Boras client -- he's changed since arbitration.

Oliver, I don't love you anymore. I can' t trust you with a three-run lead against the Nationals, how am I going to trust you at all?

I'm disappointed. I can only hope that Carlos Delgado has it in him for one more big home run.


Rickey Henderson said...

Oh yes, Delgado absolutely has it in him for more big time hits. Rickey was at Shea last night when that bullshit interference/double play call was issued against Beltran and you could just tell Delgado was itching to get to the plate...

CoreyNYC said...


Glad to see you finally came to your senses but they still may end up re-signing OP.

Coop said...

we can always pray, Cor, that the rumors about Pea wanting to go to Texas/Houston/SDP are true...