Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Swiffa

Grrrrr for today.

And last night.

And the night before.

And just when I thought things were turned around. Fuck sweeps when they are not conducted by the Mets.

You know fans think we are over the hump when the Brooklyn Met Fan forum is actually positive for once. Of course, once this team gets on a losing streak, all the Randy Quaids from Major League II come out of the woodwork.

I'm not singling out BMF's readers. Just sayin' that it was nice and quiet with roses and cupids with bows and arrows when the Mets are winning.

It's all of us. Ask Mr. E, he's blaming Uncle Gene for being too "positive" and jinxing the team.


And you know, once it rains, it motherfucking pours.

Billy Wagner - out with vaginitis. (OK, technically a left forearm pain, but still...we can't win as fans. He either blows saves with a hurt arm, or blows saves indirectly by making the 'pen pick up the slack). I swear, other teams must be salivating at the prospect of facing our bullpen. I hate to say it, but a lot of fucking good it was to get Johan Santana. If we can't handle having the best pitcher in baseball on our staff, well, what good is the team?

My solution? DL the bastard and by bastard, I mean Billy "I Heart Alpacas" Wagner. I know, our closing situation just got weaker, but I would rather he be better now, than take time off during more important serieses.

Next -- now John Maine is hurt. On the 15-day DL. I feel bad for Maine. You can tell that in his last few appearances he was truly pressing. Jerry Manuel basically told him, you are not well, go on the DL. I can only hope that my Maine Man will be 100% for August and the September push.

But in other news, Eddie Kunz was promoted. I saw him pitch in Lucie in March, I thought he looked pretty good, but let's be honest, it was a small sample set. I will look forward to seeing him hold his own in the majors.

In other news, Ted Berg's man crush, Val Pascucci, hit three home runs in a game the other night. Perhaps with another injury to Marlon Anderson (and hopefully, that has been his excuse this season, with his overall suckitude), Val can finally get his due?

I don't know. I don't know what the answer is. All I know is that a week and a half ago, the Mets were in first, and now are 2.5 games out.


But here's the issue -- who here knew the game was over Friday night when the Mets failed to score with 0 outs and bases loaded in the 7th inning? Um, yeah. Thought so. When we cannot expect any situational or clutch hitting from David Wright or anyone, and we are relying on the great hope of Val Pascucci or Eddie Kunz...we are in trouble.

What I am about to say is looooooooong overdue, but MSF buddy (and hopefully yours), Ed in Westchester, is back and with a vengeance!!! His newly remodeled Blue Orange and Green Cafe is now called Nice Level Swing, and it's good to have another friendly blogger in Metsopotamia.

A common refrain used at his site is called "Just. Win. Series." And I could not agree more.

Now, judging by my attitude earlier, you might think I am about to jump. But I'm not. I am also not at the point of apathy as I was back in May...but I will say that I am not too stressed over losing this series, not to mention getting swept and losing four in a row (blech).

But I will say that if the team goes on a roll, and just wins series, then we will be fine.

Just. Win. Series.


Who's goin' this week?


Rickey Henderson said...

FYI, medically, the clinical term used to describe Billy Wanger's affliction is actually a "sandy vagina."

caryn said...

tuesday, friday, saturday. when you there, darlin'???