Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rally Photos!

In the spirit of rooting for our boys on the road AND against pitted rival Philtha-delphia, I am posting some of our part-ay pics from Friday night!!! Enjoy - LGM - and visit Metsblog for info on the viewing party at Butterfield 8 tomorrow night! BE THERE!!
Jay the Dawg (aka SassDawg) leading the charge with a rousing chorus of "Meet the Mets!"

The ever-infamous "Schmifty"and Matt the Met Fan, one of the motley crew in BMF.

Coop and Fort Greene Met Fan meeting for the first time!
Candid of El Duderino (the "Dude" for brevity purposes), talking to CoreyNYC on how the rug really tied the room together.
Schmifty again, in the T-shirt that started it all...yes, that is THE Go Big Pelf shirt!

Miss Zoe, Corey and his gal, Em (the inspiration for this post).

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schmifty said...

Sheesh I am randomly clicking around on old Pelf blog posts and I see these pics for the first time! Yay rally! MEET THE METS!