Thursday, August 28, 2008

Murph And The Magic Tones

What a difference a day makes, huh? I do have to say this: as horrible as the game was yesterday, and losing the first place lead to the Phils, most of Metsopotamia was in good spirits. Mostly for one thing: one, this was not a traditional "do or die" game. There is plenty of baseball to be played, and it's going to be a two-dog (or team) race from here on in. Yes, you heard it here first, after this weekend, consider the Marlins out of the race.

Although our bullpen sucks (just don't ask Dykstraw about it though -- he nearly had a heart attack when I nonchalantly asked why Pedro Feliciano was warming up -- he asked who did I expect? Kent Tekulve? Steve Bedrosian? Well, Jesse Orosco, maybe...but of course, I am contrite, Anthony), our offense is solid AND managed to score some significant (not to mention momentum changing) runs in an inning not numbered 1,2 or 3!

And although Johan Santana didn't come through the way I expected him to (I predicted a 3-hit shutout this afternoon, but I'll take a win any day of the week that he starts), he is worth every cent of the $150mm contract for making Victorino look like a fool.

But I want to talk about two landscape-altering players today: Carlos Delgado and Daniel "Magic tone" Murphy. Forget David Wright, forget Jose Reyes and any other so-called "marquee" player on this pussy team. Without these two dudes, there is NO WAY this team would have scrapped together enough runs to even tie the Phils, let alone win the stupid freaking game.

Willy Fabuloso said it best tonight: Carlos, I'm sorry. Even Toasty Joe posted his apology note to Carlos for throwing him under the bus several times. Hell, I'm even guilty of it. He provided more than half of the offense by driving in a first inning run with a single...then jacked two very BIG home runs!! This time, I thought Dykstraw would have a heart attack celebrating.

(And of course, Will said that Carlos Beltran deserved to be on the Big Pussy List for not hitting when there was 2-out, man on third, and the pitcher intentionally walked Carlos Delgado to get to him. Of course, I think it had more to do with Delgado mashing the ball lately, but still...Beltran's a pussy. So there.)

Then comes Magic Tone Murph...I knew, just knew he was going to come through for us in that spot. And boy, did he ever. I even saw a little less-like-Shane-Victorino-more-like-a-professional-clap as he came into second base with his bases clearing 2-run double.

This is Murph, and you are watching the Magic Tones. Now, don't you go changin'.

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