Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Em Got Her Groove Back

I should look at Facebook's status more often.

Today, CoreyNYC's gal, Em, said something to the effect that she's been at a streak of nine losses. Prior to tonight, that is. But I was in "whatever" mode. I'd be sitting with Dykstraw. Even if the Mets lost to the Braves (which was easily imaginable), I'd be entertained.

Well, the only thing entertaining about the game was finding something for Dykstraw to complain about...Nope, didn't happen. Between us having Brett Favre as our QB this season, and the Mets were technically on a one-game win-streak, we had a pretty quiet evening.

Oh, couple that with the fact that the Mets not only won, Mike "Big Pelf" Pelfrey got his FIRST complete game, like, ever and they beat the Braves.

I learned something today though. That Braves fans must feel like we did as fans in the late 90s, even early '00s, their team gets beat in such ugly ways, they just have be to know what? I'm ok with it. I always felt the Mets / Braves rivalry was one-sided anyway. save the big brother beating up on little brother "Why are you always picking on meeeeeeeee" attitude...the geography never fully supported a true rivalry. We care too much as fans, their fans could give a crap (but ask them about their favorite driver, they'll rattle off three names). Their team is so irrelevant at this moment, it's not even fair.

So to make a long story short (because none of my Pelfrey scoreboard facts came out in my digitial camera hopes), yes, Em, there is a Mets Clause, it just happens to be when Dykstraw and I are sitting in the Coop box.

Which coincidentally, he's trying to figure out how to smuggle in a screwdriver. I don't want my seats, just the plaque with the Cooper name on it.


Sassdawg. said...


Swiss army knife with the screwdriver attachment.

Sassdawg. said...

Oh and by the way, speaking of a geographically close rival, I think it would be awesome to dress up the rocky statue on Monday night, if I could figure out a way to get Ben Franklin, I would.

Ceetar said...

They've been known to disallow swiss army knives the same as screwdrivers. Of course, it's not like it's hard to get that kind of thing in. Go to one of the male security guys and they won't pat you down/inspect you that closely. If they do..say you'll put it in the car and go to a different gate. You've got five chances.

Although, I've accidentally knocked off some of those face plates, so I imagine all you need is something with an edge..Maybe Jeter can help you.

Sassdawg. said...

Hah, Jeter's got an edge

mrscoreynyctobe..ha! said...

I don't know if it was as bad as 9 losses, but it sure felt good to get past it! Good to see you guys!

SNK said...

coop - i've never even had my bag actually checked at shea. i'll be bringing a screwdriver to the final game at shea, don't you worry!

PS - I even figured out how to order wine from my seats last night - BONUS! :)