Sunday, August 24, 2008

Down With the Sickness

Is it time to start worrying about John Maine?

Well besides the fact that he gave up a home run to Lance Berkman Saturday night that still hasn't landed, Jerry Manuel is standing tough and saying that if he doesn't throw well in his session this week, we're shutting him down.

Not to mention, according to Metsblog, Maine will most certainly need surgery in the offseason.


At the beginning of the season, I predicted big things from Big Pelf but also that John Maine was going to surprise us all by having the best season of all Mets pitchers. While I was on the money about Pelf, I should have stuck with my Willie Gut and said that Oh Pea would be -- since he is.

But even that was not evident BMF eloquently put it, Oh Pea may have thrown lots of pitches yesterday, but was dominant in his appearance against the 'Stros.

I have also gone on record to say that the bullpen blowing games isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would. That said, with the game being tied yesterday, I wouldn't say so much they blew it that...well, I guess the better bullpen won that match (yes I do know I am grasping at straws). Oh yeah and Aaron Heilman not coming in when the slate was clean. Or coming in with ducks on the pond. You get the drift. That was the first Willie-esque move I saw Manuel pull in his tenure. In other words, why?

But guess what folks? It's not just Heilman. It's Pedro Feliciano, who gave up two dingers yesterday, and Duaner Sanchez, who forgets how to get people out. Thank goodness for Johan and Pelf throwing complete games this year and being adamant to Jerry about not being taken out.

But slay me if I am more concerned with the offense taking a nap. These are the 2008 ASTROS not the '27 Yankees, and this team needs to grow some balls already and score some runs after the first inning.

Just sayin'.

After tonight's (Monday) game against the Astros (as BMF astutely puts it, if the Mets lose the division by one game, we can look to these games against the 'Stros, that suck overall except for Lance Berkman, who now I have a massive crush on -- purely for his baseball abilities, I assure you), we go to enemy territory, for two important games. Are they make or break? No. But it will sure lay to rest our concerns against the Beasts of the East.

I mean, who care if we lost games to Western and Central teams, if we can wipe up the East by slaying them, isn't that what counts?

We'll see.

Oh and maybe after all that, we need Castillo back...nahhhhhhhhhhhhh...

And surprise surprise surprise...El Duque's career may be over. Although in this article, Brandon Eddy over at Metsblog has incorrectly stated Duque's age as 38...Isn't he 98?


Michael Leggett said...

According to a Cuban Source, El Duque was born in 1965, making him 43, and older than Titan Tom Glavine, though younger than Jamie Moyer:

But, me thinks El Duque was born in 1960 or 1961, making him either 47 or 48, as he pitched like Glavine did on the final game of '07;

This is WHAT happens, when a Petulant, Spoiled Little Brat like "Jeffy", is in charge-Quality suffers in order to make a few more cents.

jules said...

I'm worried about John Maine.

And the offense has been bothering me for a while...but we were winning so i figured there was no need to get too upset about it.