Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Cyclone Sandwich

I haven't done a weekend like this in a while. I attended a Cyclones game in Coney Island on Saturday, sandwiched between two Mets good, one not so much.

The Cyclones game was even more interesting. Well, maybe not the game itself (it was quite boring), but the funny thing is if the Cyclones lose, I do not leave the park feeling like a sour puss as if the Mets lost. Although today was different, but I'll get to that in a minute. I was hardly fazed with the Mets losing today. Why? Cause I was in here,
with this:
and this!

Although I didn't partake in the pizza. Frankly, I am a Jersey girl, and you cannot tell a Jersey Girl what is delicious pizza. Boom. End of story. (but if you are curious, check this site out and this too -- two of my faves)

But you know, I want to talk about the Cyclones game. Basically because I used to have season tickets, and now I go to maybe one game a year. This was a total whim -- thanks to Mr. Oh for taking me at the last minute. Although I had kicked the idea during the week, it was a last minute decision to trek into Coney Island. There is something inherently charming about Coney Island. I guess because it's like a relic from a former era. Although to me, a Jersey shore girl through and through, I have a tough time going to a "boardwalk" thats on asphalt. But to see the Cyclone, and the ocean, and then add in baseball, it's as if someone knew all my favorite things and meshed them all together.

I don't know if you can see it here, but I was able to see Ike Davis play. I couldn't really gather an opinion -- after all, it was only one game in his first few months playing pro ball. I saw Joe Janish from Mets Today, um, today and he actually asked about Reese Havens, who apparently was hurt, but he played yesterday. Joe seemed very excited about Havens, so I'll take his word for it. Joe follows the minors a lot more closely than I do.

But today, today was interesting. For one, I got to watch the game in good company, with the likes of BMF, rockin the "Go Big Pelf" shirt below,

and also the Metsblog crew (Matt, Reege, Mike, Brandon), Hotfoot's Anthony, Joe from Mets Today, the Divas including Zoe and SNK, Mike from Mike's Mets, and Greg and Jason from Faith and Fear.
Now, normally, I might get bent about losing to the Marlins, especially in the fashion they did today. But surprisingly, I am incredibly calm. I don't know why, but for some strange reason, I feel as though everything in the end is going to be okay.

I figure I could get one of two things -- the Mets will participate in the pennant race till the very end, or they can go on a losing streak and just never return.

Now they may have been playing over their heads for a while, though that is up for debate, but I believe in my heart of hearts, we will be watching a very special and memorable season. And not just because it's Shea's last year. Because I still think this team has some fight left in it.

As for me, I'm just enjoying the ride for as long as I can I guess.
Now I would like some feedback -- BMF and I were discussing the possibility of doing a BMF / MSF night at Blondies soon. Who's up for it?


SINYMETS said...

Geez I wish I knew all you guys were at the game I would have loved to say Hi as I was was residing in the Sction 40 of the Upper Deck One of the quietest games I've been to in a long time

seat 5 said...

good to finally see you back at shea again on friday night coop. right now i'm tempted to pull out my personal jobu doll and do some voodoo on the mets pen, but i'll hold off.

like you, i have an eerie sense of calm about this team and this season. i think willie's words (yes that willie) from earlier in the season will be prophetic.

"i think this team is going to make our fans really proud by the end of the year"

Rickey Henderson said...

As far as Rickey is concerned, any discussion of great pizza in NJ starts and ends with Kinchleys in Mahwah. Do not attempt to debate Rickey on this.

Julie/ said...

Hey....totally up for a Mets watch at Blondies! Dying for wings! I'm in town till the 25th for work and have my nights (after 8) free and would to meet up. Drop me an email.