Thursday, July 24, 2008


Take that boys!!! Hell yeah bitches!!

And can I get a FUCK YEAH!!!

I can't believe I was wishing very bad things on our players, and not to mention actually calling for the beaning of Shane "Peckerhead" Victorino (although I still wouldn't mind seeing that and a bench clearing incident), just two days ago...and after sitting through yesterday's win, and watching the Gameday edition of today's, I am a happy camper.

It's been awhile since we've been in sole possession of first place...and no clue how long we will have that luxury.

But for at least 24 hours we in the lead.


I didn't get to see the game today, but I can tell you that on Wednesday night, I attended the game with Mr. E and I was so glad I did. See, we had the choice to go to either, but I thought Wednesday would be better...I screwed up though. I thought Johan was pitching Wednesday, not tuesday.

But turned out to be futile anyway.

Another clutch performance by John Maine, but also by Jose Reyes, and by Brett Myers (ha ha).

And another thing I realized today...Oh Pea had a clutch pitching effort today, but I don't feel nearly as bad that Aaron Heilman got the win (for getting out of Pea's jam) that Johan Santana didn't figure into the decision for his clutch performance on Tuesday.

Did that make sense? (Probably not, knowing me)

And how fitting that Jimmy Rollins made the final out today? Can you tell I am as giddy as a schoolgirl?

The Mets needed to take two out of three this series to be a statement maker. And they did. Baby, to be the man, you gotta beat the man. And baby, the Mets are the Man. WOO!!!

And please, Mets pitching staff, for the love of all that is good and holy...please bean Shane "Spanky" Victorino. Or at least, brush him back off the plate. Thanksabunch.

Pedro Martinez's dad passed away -- so an MSF-wide sympathy to you and yours, Pedro.

But what's interesting is that while Carlos Muniz hasn't pitched since July 19, according to Metsblog, Muniz will not be making the start on Saturday.

Instead, some dude named Brandon Knight from AAA is being called up? Haven't heard much about him, except that according to the article, he is 5-1, with a 1.60 ERA. Whatever! Throw him out there -- I'd rather see Muniz, but let's see if this guy can hold his end of the bargain.

Of course, mind you, three days ago if I heard that, I'd have flipped my lid. But I'm chilled.

Did I mention that Mets are in first place in the NL East? w00t!


Will said...

I'm personally looking forward to Knight Rider jokes if Knight pitches well. first place sure beats the alternative.

Ed in Westchester said...


Ollie Ollie Ollie oi oi oi!!!

Ceetar said...

Feels good to be king. Let's hold it. Phillies are notoriously bad after Mets series.