Monday, July 28, 2008

Jo-Jo Playaz

So by a show of hands, who thinks we got a glimpse of big-game second-half Johan yesterday?

(well, I can only see me, but I take it most of my "fans" think they've seen it too).

What else can I say that hasn't been said already?

~First complete game since September 2006 -- and that was Oh Pea!
~Johan did not get burned by BP, lack of run support, or himself (although he did admire a long fly-ball hit too least he called himself out on it, but at that point, who cared? The game was out of reach anyway for the Cards)
~Rock 'n Roll Delgado still burning the snot out of the ball
~I heart Tatis (who Zoe and I regaled with our horrible rendition of ABBA's Fernando on Saturday night...and yes, I stayed. ALL. FOURTEEN. INNINGS. Thank goodness for beer -- and lots of it prior to the 7th inning)

What else? A big MSF-U to Filip Bondy -- seriously, is this guy in business just to fuck with the Mets?

"After a hail of criticism following the Philly fiasco, there really was only one answer, if Santana wished to avoid the same nonsense. He agreed to go the distance, which could easily have turned into a disaster if he had strained even the tiniest of muscles."

To quote my dear sweet Aunt...are you fucking kidding me?

Pitchers these days are pussy-ified to the point where pitching over 100-throws is overanalyzed.

If I'm a pitching coach, this is what I look for...

~if the pitcher is cruising, and it's 8th or 9th inning, let 'em throw
~if the pitcher is struggling, and I see their pitch count is high...bring in a reliever.
~if close game and the starter is having trouble getting out of jams and their pitch count is close to or just over 100, yank 'em, and let the bullpen do its job

Simple as that. I have NO BEEF whatsoever with Jo-Jo going nine. In fact, there were plenty of instances this year, like Big Pelf back in June, Johan back, like, six days ago against the Phils, where the pitcher is cruising. These are young, viable men with strong arms. Let them work their stuff out. By pussifying them, they will never be able to go over 100 throws.

It's idiots like Bondy who have to overanalyze this stuff to being with. Oh Filip? STFU.

BIG BIG BIG series against the Marlins. The second place Marlins? Ay! LGM!!


Toasty Joe said...

Coop- Read my post today. You'll enjoy.

Andrew Vazzano said...

I think Johan cut off Bondy in the salad line the other day...

Rickey Henderson said...

All that worthless stupid drivel from Bondy and he doesn't even get in a crack about Johan's batting gaffe last night? What a hack.

Michael Leggett said...

Bondy wrote a book about the fans we despise in Section 39 of "The Toilet", the Current Yankee Stadium II, about "The Bleacher Creatures", or as known by me as "Those Psychos".