Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Blame Myself

So last night the Mets lost, to the tune of 7-5 to the Marlins, dropping them officially into second place by 1/2 game behind the Phils, who won last night. I see that the Marlins have the power to drop the Mets into second place a lot. But I digress...

So it seems like I missed all the good stuff. I went to a bar last night to watch the game, and lo and behold, Mike Pelfrey immediately loses his shit. Apparently, he looked dominant up until that point. (I missed the first three full innings)

I go outside with my friend, who was grabbing a smoke. I come back in, Damion Easley had hit a 3-run HR to bring the game within one (5-4 was the score, for you folks keeping track at home).

Then I get settled back into my seat when Dan Uggla hit a 2-run HR to bring the game 7-4.

So what happens when I get in my car? The Mets score one more in the 9th to battle back.

I should have just followed my gut and left after the Easley home run.

So you can just blame me for the Mets losing. Not the bullpen, not Big Pelf, not Jerry Manuel. Heck, not even Willie Randolph.

But no matter. Philly plays tonight. And they're gonna lose. So nyah nyah. We'll be tied for first then.


Speaking of "whatever," can you believe this shit going on with Manny and the Sox? Seriously, can any Red Sox fan (Michael Leggett or Peter?) tell me what the real deal is with Manny? He went out of his way to say he loved the fans (and I know that's true). But why is he trying so hard to get out of town? He's a legend there.

BTW, it is trading deadline I will probably have another post later in the day, when all is said and done...

And PS how much you want to bet that if the Red Sox orchestrate this three-way trade, that Manny will be like -- psych!


Michael Leggett said...

Frankly, I don't think that Epstein is that much of a "Boy Wonder. The Bullpen is a shambles and so many resources were wasted on that Slab of Canadian Bacon, Eric Gagne', causing much flatulence in Red Sox Nation. I was one who disagreed over that deal, intensely, as it added to pitching worries:

Perhaps, Manny suffers from Mood Swings. Possibly, Epstein is trying to land an ESPN deal(Steve Phillips);

B T W, Coop-Red Sox Nation is somewhat a part of Shea Stadium, where one woman told me at Fenway Park, that in '06, She and her daughter went to 3 Mets games, with Fenway being sold out all the time. That situation might change soon, as Manny is gone;

The Red Sox do sell 4 packs. To think that when the Mets move into $iti Field, there might not be any packs like this;

Perhaps, Manny was being pushed out by Epstein. I do know that Omar "Puppet On A String" Minaya has his moves controlled by Jeffy The Petulant, though Omar was interested in a rental of Manny, but Jeffy cried "No, No, No";

The Sox have a great closer in Papelbon,but no real setup relief;

Epstein, I believe, is the key factor, here;

Even Pelf is entitled to a bad game, looking like the Pelfrey of Last Year. Get that guy an M R I;

Tickets are available online for $75 for Seats by the Coca Cola Bottles from The Red Sox Ticket Office, for tonight's Game;

It's been busy for we who write about the Red Sox. One question I ask is what piece of scrap is Omar going to pick up on the waiver wire?

And Victor Zambrano has signed a Minor League Deal with the Skanks. Can Rick Peterson fix him in 10 Minutes on the Jersey Shore?

Peter N said...

Thanks for the mention. Manny was ridiculously happy for much of the year and then his attitude and behavior did an abrupt 180 degree turn. What caused it? I am a little baffled, but bafflement and Manny always go hand in hand, but not to this extreme. When he and John Henry got into their war of words two or so weeks ago, he was as good as gone. KAPUT! He wanted out, and he got his wish! The middle of the order will just not be the same anymore but the clubhouse will be much calmer. I think they should not have let him go until the two months of the season were up and then let him become a free agent. Draft picks would have been the result for the Sox. Final thought---DON'T DISS THE OWNER OF THE CLUB!! And DON'T PLAY HOOKEY FOR GAME ONE OF A BIG SERIES WITH THE YANKS. That's exactly what he did, too. He quit on the team in September a couple of years ago, too.

Peter N said...

How do you spell hooky?

Michael Leggett said...

Hooky! And Babe Ruth played that in 1919.

Michael Leggett said...

As well as Bobby Bonilla did in '99.

Michael Leggett said...

Scott Boras, according to Gordon Estes in The Boston Globe, is in the middle of all this discontent and is the one behind Manny's wanting out of Boston:

Scott Bor-arse=Pimp To The Baseball Stars.

Peter N said...

After seeing Jason Bay's torrid start, good for Boras(s)! For once...

Michael Leggett said...

Manny Couldda used a good 'Shea Upper Level Ramp Ankle Hang" For Starters:

Maybe a $iti Field Light Tower Ankle Hang will have to do.