Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey Derek, Do You Read Lips?

I know it is totally not his fault that his face gets plastered all over the billboards in NYC and that he's a total media whore (OK, maybe it is KINDA his fault).

I also am aware, thank you very much, that the All-Star Game is being held in his home team's ballpark.

I am also aware that he is a major piece of crap that likes to give young starlets things they will not forget too soon.

I also know that the media in general, sports media specifically, are just boring and unoriginal and can't think of anything better. Plus, I mean, I guess with Alex Rodriguez -- the "real" shortstop on the Yankees -- not officially playing the position anymore, by default Jeter is the only real shortstop in the American League who can hit somewhat decent.

But I take issue with this city being his.

I don't get Jeter lovers, I really don't. Don't get Metstradamus started on it either, we think much the same way. Basically, Derek Jeter's legacy started on a home run that should have been an out. He's been on four teams of All-Stars at every position that not only made Joe Torre look like the smartest baseball man who ever lived, but won championships as well. Christ, I get so sick of people using that argument when anointing Jeter the King of New York baseball. "He has four rings." Oh shut the hell up already. Seriously, he may have been on four championship teams, but he did not win them on his own by playing every position including pitcher and catcher, thank you very much.

Heck, I even remember in 2000, real Yankee fans were disappointed that Paul O'Neill didn't win the Series MVP. And how many championships has Jeter won since he was anointed Captain of the team?

My point? Derek Jeter is an overrated, ugly human bobbleheaded (seriously, I am a chick, and I have no idea why anyone finds him attractive -- I guess all that green blinds even the best of us) and mediocre shortstop.

I don't know, that billboard just pissed me off. In case you couldn't tell. The city is not a Yankee town anymore (maybe now, with the All-Star Game but there are more than just Yankees on the team). Most fans are up in arms about the Yankees play and frankly, with the Mets on a roll, I can see the Mets taking over the town again.

So a big MSF-U (I shamelessly took that away from BMF!) to Jeter, A-Rod, the Yankees, and basically any one else involved in the All-Star Game.

I, for one, am sick of that dog-and-pony show called the Midsummer Classic. I sit and watch every year, especially since the game technically "counts" now with its BS home field advantage win.

And I don't get that. I mean, I know Selig took flak for it when the managers ran out of players a couple of years ago and the Leagues played to a tie. But I kind of gave up on the National League ever winning because of games like the 2006 one.

You know -- the one where Trevor Hoffman (Mr. Bulletproof himself) blew the save after Miguel Cabrera "Dorned" the ball. And that was even after one of the starters, Lance Berkman, went ON RECORD and said something to the effect that he and his teammates wouldn't lose any sleep if the National League didn't win that year.

Hmmm...where did the Astros finish in 2006? Well, that may be a bad example, since I remember they had a tight race to the end, with the Cardinals winning. And well, we as Mets fans who exactly what happened after the Cardinals won the NL Central.

My point is, you put a bunch of overpaid crybabies on a team together with a common goal to win something, when half of the team probably won't even reap the benefits of a win or loss, either way. Do you think they will care? Nah, probably not.

I'm so fired up, you'd think that the Mets didn't have a nine-game winning streak going into ASB.

The truth is, I don't watch the All-Star Game. I didn't watch the Home Run Derby. And I mean, I will look to see who won the game Wednesday morning out of human curiosity. And with this virtual fellating of Derek Jeter who is in the down side of his years, I'm sorry. It's not only a farce but a total circus.

I plan on watching my DVR'd episodes of Cheers to watch a former washed-up reliever for the Red Sox on Tuesday.

That's how much I care about the All-Star Game.

See you Thursday.


Deb said...

The only thing worse than the All-Star break is the All-Star game, followed very closely by Derek Jeter. I mean, could the media be more in love with him? And notice how he always manages to brown nose the fans everytime he's interviewed? He comes across as one condescending and patronizing s.o.b., doesn't he?

And all this Josh Hamilton love; I guess baseball loves a good story to death, huh? I actually watched only one or two batters in the Home Run Derby, and was mercifully glad about ONE thing -- they didn't do those stupid after-bat interviews where the players utter vapid snippets of nothingness while clearly wishing they were somewhere else.

Good thing I'm having company tonight, although I suspect that my company will be leaving at a reasonable enough hour so that I have enough time before bed to worry what I'm going to watch. But hey, I do have that four-DVD Mr. Moto set I bought my mom recently; and I shit you not, I love Mr. Moto. He's right up there with the great Charlie Chan, better than Boston Blackie, and almost as good as George Sanders' The Saint, who is my absolute fave from that time period.

Ceetar said...

I was lackluster about the All-Star stuff too, until I went to one. (that ill-fated Hoffman one) There was just something..magical about being there, in the crush of baseball related excitement. There is just a baseball energy to being there among all sorts of baseball fans and events that was thrilling. Although I don't know if it'd be the same in the dump of Yankee Stadium compared to beautiful spacious PNC Park.

Oh, and when I saw that billboard walking to Penn Station this morning at 12:30, I thought much the same and flipped it off.

Rickey Henderson said...

Jeter is in the same boat as Torre: without all the other talent around him, no way does he win those World Series rings.

Oh yeah, and he's a no-talent plate crowding ass clown.

Judge Roughneck said...

Hey Coop, here's a partial list of players who have four rings, just like Derek Jeter: Paul Blair, Jim Gilliam, Amos Strunk, Monte Pearson, Bump Hadley, Myril Hoag, Jake Powell, Snuffy Stirnweiss. Pinch Thomas, Atley Donald, Heinie Wagner, Joe Glenn, Larry Gardner, Gene Tenace, Don Gullett, Dal Maxvill, George Pipgras and Wally Schang.

Whenever someone starts popping off about Jeter being a real winner, just ask him or her if Amos Strunk was a real winner too.

Khalid said...

I don't know Coop, I think you're down the rabbit hole again on this one, like the time when you said pitching doesn't win championships. Jeter won 4 rings on teams stacked with All Stars at every position? Come....on! You sooo know that isn't the case. Yes, during those 4 yrs Jeter typically played with an average of 3 fellow All Star's, but the man's post season stats are NUTS. Along with Mariano and Petite's pitching, Jeter's clutch hitting and great defense were the main reasons they won those titles. Only a crazy Mets fan blogger, in the craziest city in the world, could call a first ballot Hall of Famer overrated. You're somethin else Coop. I love ya, but your're crazy. This winning streak has gone to your cabesa :)

Michael Leggett said...

Miguel Cabrera is a Whiny Little Diva:

Ditto, Derek "I've Got Something For Jessica To Remember Me By" Jeter;

My 2000th Post is up-C'mon Over.