Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fuck Billy Wagner and His Vaginitis

Geeeeez, Billy, you think you could get these muscle spasms or menstrual cramps or whatever the fuck they are at a less CRITICAL time of the season? Noooooooo.

Instead, we get treated to the Abbott-and-Costello comedy hour of rotating bullpen pitchers. Not to mention another star appearance by the fat fucking flyin' Hawaiian Shane Victorino, who is as far as I am concerned, enemy #1.

I knew when Gary, Keith and Ron started talking about how Johan shouldn't be facing Ryan Howard as the tying run that Jerry Manuel should NOT take Johan out of the game.

We got the "Big Game" we have been waiting for this whole season and yet, Billy decides it's time to rest.

Fuck you Billy. Fuck you and fucking big mouth, smack talk self. I'm done with you. Omar can't get rid of you fast enough.

As for Jerry Manuel, the bloom is off the rose there too. Has he learned nothing about taking Johan Santana out of the game when he is doing well? Seriously, would it have killed the guy to come out in the 9th, he was just barely over 100 pitches. Not to mention he looked GOOD.

I'm done with this.

Television is off and I'm going to bed.

And Shane Victorino? Next time I see you, remind me to kick you in your weiner.

The Coop is back.


Sassdawg. said...

It finally fuckin dawned on me, Shane Victorino is the new Pat Burrell, doesn't do anything except against the Mets, god I hate this guy, he's one of those little prick slap and judy hitters that for some fucking reason the Mets can never seem to dispose of, and certainly not with sole possession of 1st place in sight in a game that was like virginal fruit in sight for the plucking.

Ok I'm done.

Mike said...

Nicely put Coop.

And Manuel is full of it regarding his assertion that Santana never went over 100 pitches with the Twins.

Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey applauds your opinions on Waagner--the guy's a fucking loudmouthed bum who only gives a shit about himself. What a colossal douche.

Deb said...

You have no equal, Coop. And I cannot possibly add anymore than the other commenters.

We are now officially all members of the Billy Is A Douche, uh, fan club? Is there such a thing as an anti-fan club?

jules said...

Well said Coop.

I'll gladly join that anti-fan club. I've never been a fan of Wagner.

Toasty Joe said...

I think it's funny that a blogger who's been featured on SNY in roundtable discussions has a title like "Fuck Billy Wagner and His Vaginitis." God bless you, Coop.


Fuck Billy Wagner and his Alpacas

The whole team needs a triple dose of testostorone As much as we hate the Flyin' Hawiian I'd take him on my team any time

seat 5 said...

Coop why am I the only one left suffering in section 14 around a bunch of randoms?

How've you been?

Coop said...

hey Seat5!! I was just thinking that I haven't been to a tue or fri game in a while...there will be one soon, you can count on that!! maybe against the padres. talk to you soon! :)