Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ollie Ollie Oxen Pea!

Oliver Perez and I have had a tumultuous relationship this season. Much like the Mets flickering with .500 ball this season, much like Ollie's own season representation in 2008, it flickers through brilliance, and flickers with mediocrity.

Plus he is a Boras Bonus-Brat Baby, and he wants to leave New York.

Our relationship is complicated this year.

One of his sabor-like aspects is that he can be electrifiying at times. Electrifying, then erratic. There is no in-between. I am at a stage of our relationship where I need more stability. Kind of like the Mets this year too -- flirting with awesomeness (like Friday afternoon's romp in the Bronx) flirting with ho-hum-dom (like Friday night's game).

But I certainly love the Big Game Ollie when he rears his head. And BGO certainly turned up today in sabor-like fashion, for the Battle of New York -- the last one at Shea Stadium ever, and the last one of 2008.
What else can I say? Besides Oh Pea, who was brilliant in dominating the Yank-these once again, the Mets offense was once again asleep at the wheel, leaving what seemed like 900 men on base -- this ducks on the pond business really needs to stop.

The good news is, Ryan Church is back. The bad news is, Carlos Delgado won't drive 9 RBIs every game.

But besides Oh Pea giving me (and the team) what I (they) need, I wasn't originally planning to go to today's game, or any game of the Subway Series.

I went to a game in the Bronx last month, so I felt pretty set. I guess that I am a bit jaded as far as the Mets go these days. But when SassDawg called me this morning and said he had located an extra seat for today, I thought -- what the heck? In fact, on a sappy and mushy note, Zoe's and my "anniversary" just passed, and our first "date" was at the Subway Series when Oh Pea pitched. I thought -- Although Pea and I are on the outs, this has a good feeling to it. So when Dawg and Uncle Dawg went outside for a cigarette to the designated "smoking areas," they decided to try to find better seats, so I went to sit with my gal Zoe down in Loge for the rest of the game. It was hot, like Africa hot out. But I started to get a little overwhelmed with the whole Shea Stadium closing business. Here is a day when the stadium was completely full from my vantage point in Loge.

All in all, any day that the Mets win and especially against the Yankees is a very good day.
Now if we can only convince Oh Pea that EVERY game is a big game, we might have some victory parties around here.


Andrew Vazzano said...

Ollie was simply spectacular today, as were Feliciano and Wags.

The Mets ended up leaving 12 men on base...I kept track during the game. Ayyyy!

Good win though. Great to see out of him. Odds he can do it again next time around? I'm taking "slim to none"!

Deb said...

YOU STOLE MY TITLE FOR TODAY, COOP! lol :) I was going to do the same Ollie Ollie Oxen Pea/!

Great minds... blah blah blah, lol! :)

Zoe said...

Awww, happy anniversary bubbe :-)
See ya tomorrow!

I bring camera.

Rickey Henderson said...

You were able to sneak in a smoke at the stadium? Whereabouts? Rickey's been forced to exit and return every time he needs a nic fix.

Ceetar said...

hey! I'm in that picture of you and SassDawg. You see me? I'm that little dot in the right field upper box just to the right of your head!