Sunday, June 08, 2008

Living in Denial

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to thumb through the New York Times with usually one of the cats trying to lay across exactly what I am reading at the time, with my coffee and maybe some breakfast foods. Lo and behold, in the Travel section of the weekend NYT is the cover story: Buy Me Some Sushi and Baby-Back Ribs (by Peter Meehan).

My first thought was - how come no one told me about this wonderful job?

The second is - where would Shea rank in the quality of food? (Read: Very low)

I enjoy visiting newer stadiums and even older stadium that are storied (Wrigley, Fenway) -- but I am always amazed by the options at any of these places that overpass anything that Shea could have possibly had.

Back in the day, when they had Harry M Stevens as the vendor (before being sold to Aramark), I remember a "pizza roll" being sold in the concessions - it was this glorious deep-fried ginormous egg roll but with pizza filling (just cheese and sauce, I wasn't big on the meat toppings, even as a kid who was a carnivore). Their fries were also better - thin and McDonalds-like.

The story rated Shea's hot dogs as the thing to eat. I disagree. Um, you can't go wrong with the peanuts. Or the french fries from the self-service stand on Loge, by the CitiField exhibit. Trust me, it's worth the trip. I have my seats on Mezzanine, and the Grand Central stand has these soggy and mushy Nathan's fries.

I also disagreed with the Nathan's hot dog assessment. Even as a meat-eater last year when my summer diet consisted of hot dogs and beer (while the rest of the time I ate salads and meat-free everything), I always opted for the Kosher stand. So take it from The Coop, the kosher stand can do no wrong (their knishes are fab).

But the only thing I will spend my money on are beers. And the Mets Martini at the Diamond Club.

So what else? Oh, I am skipping the series next weekend against the Rangers and going down to Baltimore. Mr. E is coming too, I guess as an impromptu father's day exhibition. The write up also included Camden Yards' best foods - honestly, I don't know how any self-respecting travel writer or baseball fan could do a taste-test at Oriole Park and NOT go to the Boog's BBQ in CF bleachers. Even so, i am not a meat-eater, but I would seriously have to be restrained from getting their pulled pork BBQ (OK, saying it out loud is kinda gross but whatev).

He also made no mention of the Crab Fry stand at Citizens Bank Park in Philly, as I like to call it the Crack Fry stand. Also, to Zoe's luck who opted NOT to get the cheesesteak when we were in Philly in April, Meehan says under no circumstances should you get a cheesesteak in Philly. Which I agree with. While I have never opted for the cheesesteak in Philly's park, I say the best cheesesteaks (again, when I used to eat them) are across the river in Cherry Hill, NJ. I forget the name of the place, but I would have gone back there as a carnivore.

Kinda like you can't find good pizza in New York City, you can't get a good cheesesteak in Philly. Jersey rocks both. OK, I digress.

Another thing that was funny is that while he said that Fenway's kosher dog was this nasty rubbery thing that couldn't even be disguised with ketchup, mustard, relish, etc, I thought it was funny there was zero mention of the ballpark's "signature food" the Fenway Frank. Uh, hello nasty. OK first off it's WHITE - I'm sure hot dogs aren't supposed to be pink or red or whatever, but it's just not appetizing looking. It's not appetizing, period.

Lastly, Tropicana Field was by far the most boring stadium I ever visited, till I found their $5 buckets of beer. Hail Tampa.

So definitely click on the link and read the story. It makes me want to visit the stadiums and do the taste test myself. Or maybe not. I still think bringing my own peanuts, chips, falafel, etc and water is my best bet for any stadium. Then go out to dinner after the game.

Oh and I'm not talking about the Mets lackluster performance in San Diego. Denial is not just a river. Peace.


crazymetgirl said...

I read that article this morning, too and thought the same thing: what a great job!!

I'm kind of excited about the W shaped pretzels when we go to DC in August... and now that I know the crab fries in Philly are just Old Bay Seasoning, I'm thinking of trying that at home.

I, too, am ignoring the game situation. Which, of course, is even worse than when you first wrote this this morning. Great.

Michael Leggett said...

I can get Guinness Stout at Fenway Park on the Big Concourse behind The Bleachers for $7.50:

Bud for $8 at Shea?

Watered down Water