Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jerry's Kids

First we had Church we have Jerry's Kids (thanks to Dykstraw).

I saw something last night while watching the Mets win.

I saw lightheartedness in the dugout.

I saw players wanting to make great plays. Whether that meant a dive or running down a fly ball, you could tell they wanted to get that out.

I saw Carlos Delgado smile.

I saw Carlos Beltran smile.

I saw the boys rally around John Maine when he was taken out of the game...and clearly, John did NOT want to come out, but did a fist bump approval for Joe Smith who got that last out for him.

I saw team work.

I saw Jerry's Kids. And if firing Willie contributed to this type of play that we have been BEGGING as a collective fan base for over a year, then why wasn't it done sooner?

I'm actually excited to them finish this series and blow back into town on Monday.

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will said...

i love when mainey gets mad.