Monday, June 23, 2008

Bloggerati Descend On Metsopotamia

Did a game actually go on? Well, all I know is an AL pitcher hitting .095 on the year hit a GRAND SLAM off of one of arguably the best pitchers in baseball (can "Second Half" Johan show up already? C'mon, it's the NL, weaker hitting line ups and all that shit) in the 2nd inning - then promptly got hurt in a home plate collision with Carlos Beltran (ouch), and well, David Wright just fucking everything up. Sorry if I sound a little grouchy -- I was just as excited as everyone else was about this team coming back home. And believe me when I tell ya, the crowd (small, it was a Monday night game, for petes sakes) did not boo once. Well, I guess they didn't have to - but when the Mets were introduced as "Jerry Manuel's" as the line up was announced, the crowd responded favorably. I guess the whole fertilizer reference was lost on them - well, good, I know what he meant and this was just another example of the NY media taking something out of nothing...Manuel is good in my book (just win the rest of the series, and you won't hear any more booing, trust me).

Now, I guess the real excitement of the game was that a few weeks back, the great Metstradamus himself invited a few of the bloggers out for a game as his brother was coming in from out of town. Well, fun! I gave the Coop seats away, Zoe and I RSVP'd "yes" and away we went. Believe it or not, a few good things came out of the game.

1.) I got to chill with homey Zoe after a long weekend that I spent alternatingly puking and napping when I wasn't, and a weekend she arguably had it better than me playing poker and hanging out with friends.

2.) I got to sit in the realm of greatness with Greg from Faith and Fear and of course Metstradamus but also the Blogger Formerly Known as Yes Joe, It's Toasted (now "Toasty Joe - the Interim Manager Edition).

3.) I also got to meet the Great "Rickey Henderson!"

4.) Our team even won boxes of Bubba Burgers! I tried to get a good shot of the crew on the Diamond Vision - couldn't see anyone from our crew. Oh and in case anyone was wondering -- there are no Bubba Burgers in the boxes they give away. It's a coupon for "Free" Bubbas, plus a T-shirt.

5.) Being that I really was too afraid to eat anything, I did opt try a Kozy Shack pudding -- I know, at $3 for a little shot glass of it, it seems a lot, but a nice breakaway for the vegetarian who alternates eating french fries and peanuts at games. No beer for Coop tonight either. Probably not till this weekend.

Other than that, I mean, what else can I say -- it was a boring game and had it not been blogger night, I probably would have opted to stay home anyway due to me being sick all weekend. Although I did leave early -- even if there was a comeback of 6/30/2000 proportions, I probably would not have been able to enjoy it.

But I do have pics of the team! At one point, I saw some woman walking around with a shirt that said "Red Sox Nation."
Then I started thinking, we need a name for our "land." I mean, there's Patriots Country, Red Sox Nation, the Black Hole in Oakland...what clever name could we have?

I asked Greg his thoughts and he said he's been trying to get "Metsopotamia" in the mainstream and he's seen maybe one other blogger use it.
Well, Greg, here's a second.

Welcome to Metsopotamia. And tell me if I spelled it right.


Andrew Vazzano said...

You won Bubba Burgers?! Holy crap.

You've accomplished my dream.

A question I've always had: Is the Bubba Burger t-shirt size XXL or something ridiculous like that?

Ceetar said...

I was going with Metamerica earlier this season, but Metsopotamia flows better. I'd go back and edit my post about it (it was in reference to a Steinbrenner rant about this being Yankee country or something) but I doubt anyone's messing around in back posts of Optimistic Mets Fan.

Rickey Henderson said...

Indeed, winning the Bubba Burgers did soften the blow of that Santana grand slam just a little bit. Rickey will never bit another burger like a Bubba Burger. Nice meeting ya coop--Rickey had a blast.

sheep-mambo said...

I went to the game as well, but I was sitting in the red seats, row S, right above home plate. Had a really nice view of the bodies leaning over the railing of the Mets dugout.

The worst thing, of course, was before King Felix hit the grand slam, I was thinking that possibly he's a good hitting pitcher. Oops.

I left early as well because my brother became sick. Maybe the stress test he had in the morning got to him. Maybe.

dykstraw said...

i have nothing to add, other than i just noticed i have my own tag : )

Ceetar said...

Ahh. I actually wrote the article, figured I'd add a picture, did a google image search for 'grand slam' and was reminded about Dennys. Denny's Field though, I like that dykstraw. Can the Mets move there for the rest of the season?