Monday, May 12, 2008

Yeah, It's Gonna Kill Me

This team is trying to kill me....Where do I go - I don't know.

Um, well, I don't know.

I'm not too delusional to think that this team will win every single contest against every seemingly inferior team.

But when Bronson Arroyo starts and has a 1-4 record at game expect to win. (And Arroyo had an interesting stat - he has had a career five compete games - two of which against the Mets. He had a chance to get #3 on Saturday, going 8 full innings).

When the Mets play the Nationals - eh, yeah, the Brooklyn Fig started. But Odalis Perez started. Who had a worse record than Arroyo.

But you still don't expect to see 8-3 in the 6th. And we all know what happens then - they lose interest. The don't put up a fight. Oh wait, it's 10-3 now. Sorry for Mr. E, who went tonight.

So the weekend ReCoop is as such.

I go to the stadium Friday - Metsgrrl says it all right here about what a pain in the balls it was to go all the way up to the game that was eventually called.

So I go back Saturday night - I don't even sit in the Coop seats, since I had no partner. See, everyone went to the GOOD game on Saturday -- since Zoe too was supposed to go Friday, I sat with her and CrazyMetGirl. Zoe has some cool pics here (Tracy is the one looking at the camera, I'm bopping around to her right). I was so bored, I actually participated in the 8th inning sing-along. Now that I think about it, that's probably why it's forced upon us.

Of course, I miss the Oh Pea game on Sunday - but here's a rant: my friend Sally and her daughter went as guests in the Coop seats. However, some lady claimed them as her own. And the ushers backed the lady whose seats were NOT rightfully hers because she had a bad leg.

I'm sorry - go get seats somewhere else. Is your name Coop? And seriously, the Coop name is on the plaque. It's a damn good thing I wasn't there.

Meanwhile, when *I* go, the ushers show up as soon as I sit down, ask to see my ticket, and expect a tip because I seat myself.

What dildos.

Anyway, I know I've been absent from here for awhile. I feel like I'm on the Tower of Terror again with this team. Except it's only May. HELP!


And I'd like to point something else out. Today on Metsmerized, Joe D had a spot on how well the Church & Schneider for Milledge deal is turning out. While Milledge is still making immature mistakes and getting benched for being late, etc, as a result, Church & Schneider are two of the only members hitting over .300 on the Mets right now.

Does this mean the trade worked better for the Mets? For now, yes. But call my old-fashioned when I say that it's too early to tell.

The Church / Schneider reeks of "win-now" while Milledge still has oodles of potential in front of him.

I'm not saying it could be Ryan for Fregosi...but it's too soon to say it's Benson for Maine and Julio/Duque too.

So what does this mean? Well, quite frankly, I like Church. He is very replaceable though. As for Schneider, who I was convinced was the "guy" Omar wanted anyway - the whole idea of catchers needed or you'll have lots of passed balls? You could put a rooster behind home plate instead of Schneider because I have never seen so many pitches go past a catcher in my life.

Hate to be a killjoy - but we still have to figure that out. Shit, the Santana trade might even be a bad one down the road. Especially with CarGo hitting for the cycle the other night. That's a trade that works out for both teams.

The Nats trade? Still need time...

BTW, David Wright just hit a HR so it's 10-4. Whoop-a-dee-doo.


Shell said...

So where did your friends end up sitting after they couldn't sit in their/your seats? That situation is BS.

Coop said...

Shell, they ended up in a few rows down. the whole thing was that the woman who claimed my seats had a bad leg. So the F what? Obviously, she wasn't that impaired to make it all the way up to the Mezz.

Deb said...

You know what, Coop? The story you described is one of the reasons I really don't have a burning desire to go to Shea or to go to any major league ballgame, for that matter. Too many, uh, dildos, as you so well put it, lol!

And this team is as frustrating as hell, and it's bad enough watching them on TV.... I'll be damned if I'm going to be frustrated in person, two hours from home, lol.

Michael Leggett said...

Hold Aaron Heilman by his knees from a Shea Upper Level Ramp:

He's making me SICK