Friday, May 16, 2008


Or...What Would Coop Do?

I've been thinking long and hard about the state of the Mets. Of course, it seems like practically on a daily basis I'm either calling out certain members of the team for being a pussy, or positions, or the entire team. But why should I waste my breath? Billy Wagner is doing a fine job of doing that himself.

Now, I'm a big fan of What goes on the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse, but I also have to be a realist and say that the game this day and age is much different from the game I remember growing up. Sure, Wally Backman once called out Darryl Strawberry, who later got into a fist fight with Keith Hernandez, but I know that with the media the way it is, youtube clips popping up everywhere - no one is safe. Even if you think they are, they are not. But will Billy's rant help the Mets and make them play harder, tougher even? Probably not. But at this point, what will?

I think a nice douching would benefit the Mets. And hey, the Coop wants Omar's job when he eventually leaves, so here is a few pieces of shit I'd like to throw to the wall and see if they stick. Oh and feel free to leave your ideas as well. We're in this shitcan together.

1.) Fire everyone. Not just Willie. Not just Peterson. The whole fucking lot. The Mets have a surplus of one thing and one thing only and that's talented coaches throughout their system. Tim Teufel was manager of the Cyclones one year, and there was a brawl between the young Brooklyn team and the rival SI Yankees. Gary Carter has ALWAYS said he wants to work with the big Mets club. And he'd do a good job of it. Former catchers seem to make good coaches. Promote Ken Oberkfell for fucks sake. The dude has not only paid his dues, but everyone loves him. And when I say fire everyone, that includes HoJo, Tom Nieto and Jerry Manuel. Shit, if there is any one person I think the Mets should run away screaming from is that stiff who calls himself a bench coach.

2.) Beltran should bat lead-off. I know, this is kind of out there but just bear with me for a minute. Jose Reyes is not the lead off hitter we thought he should be. Since he took the Willie "Mays" Hayes way of trying to hit the long ball in every at bat, and Willie refuses to make him do push-ups, it's obvious Reyes aint doing the job. Remember: as Jose goes so do the Mets. But what if, and this is a BIG what if, the dude who plays 160 games a years, bat .280 and steals bases is the guy we signed up for? Not bad, considering he could never get through camp uninjured. My point is - Jose and his underwhelming .328 OBP are underwhelming. Beltran with his .376 OBP and .240 BA is more suited for the role. Carlos is also willing to take walks and wait for his pitch (please, no comments!). People will argue with me that Beltran isn't getting paid to get on base, but to hit. True, just moving to lead off won't make him hit more, but it will do the job of being patient and getting on base more. Pal Benny B from da B said that Beltran's averages are an aberration, he's getting on base just fine. Which is what he was SUPPOSED to do. Trust me. It would work. Will it happen? Probably not.

3.) Send Heilman to NOLA for a few weeks to work out his stamina. Why? He needs to start, plain and simple. I know - the Tower of Terror holds nothin' compared to a Heilman stint at home. The fact remains he sucks as a middle reliever, he sucks as a set-up guy who comes late into games when the pressure is on and he WILL suck as a closer if that is what we are grooming him to be. Why? Mainly because he doesn't have the mentality for it (read: he's a pussy). When he starts, and I know this is kind of a strange analysis - the pressure is off in a way. Sure it's all on him, but you have a line of 0 - 0 - 0 starting each game. When he comes in with a pitcher's win on his shoulders, that's when trouble starts to happen. Plus, when Pedro eventually reinjures himself, they will need to find someone else to start. I'm telling you - when Heilman eventually starts someplace else and does it well, we'll be like - the management fucking sucked for not letting him start in the first place. And ask Joe Janish what he thinks about Heilman starting, by the way. He'll make my suggestion look tame.

4.) Release Delgado. I know we don't have much as far as 1Bs in the system and promoting Mike Carp or some type would do more harm than good. Would it hurt to have Church take some lumps over at 1B? I know Marlon Anderson can't do the job every day but listen to me folks - it can't be any worse than what Delgado is doing. I know some people will point that in the second half of last season, Delgado started to come around. To me, however, it was too little too late and he is starting to regress yet AGAIN. He's bringing the team down. If you don't see this, then get your head checked. I know, vets with big contracts rarely get let go. But this has to send a message - we don't want you on the team dogging it like you do. That goes for all-a-yas. You pussies.

5.) A fire sale. This may be the most controversial especially since the system isn't exactly conducive for a fire sale. But this mentality seems to help out the Florida Marlins who have won two World Series in their 15-year existence. David Wright and Jose Reyes are pretty untouchable and the fan base would truly riot after something like that. And I know, the system is depleted and barren and we'll need to speculate to accumulate as they say. But the Mets got rid of Jeromy Burnitz and other heart clogging contracts in 2003 and managed to get the likes of Victor Diaz in return (I know, not exactly a good example). My point is, there are diamonds in the rough. Omar does have a knack for finding them. Talk to Carlos Beltran, see if he would waive his NTC for something. He hates New York, so that wouldn't be a stretch.

The point is, this team is not promising and has not been for a while. I try to get optimistic and move away from 2007 but it's tough. This team just is not good, there is no heart and if something anything doesn't change soon, it's not gonna be pretty come the last day at Shea this year.


Deb said...

I agree with just about everything you said, but I don't think any of it will happen, and if it does, it won't be at the same time.

I think Willie has a big chance of losing his job sometime this year. Ditto entire coaching staff, and maybe before Willie. I don't think they'll release Delgado under any circumstances, although if he bats .100 and drops one out of every two throws over to first, I might change my mind there.

I also agree that this isn't a New York kind of team, and for the money spent, the value stinks.

Julie/ said...

Coop, are you sitting for this one? Joel Sherman in the Daily News on who'd replace Willie: (Last year) "There were moments when Jeff Wilpon appeared to want to dismiss the manager. But there were no alluring alternatives. There aren't now either; bench coach Jerry Manuel would probably be the interim caretaker. But that isn't protection for Randolph now."

Ho Jo's Mojo said...

I always felt the same way about batting Beltran higher, maybe not leadoff, but certainly number two. I think there is a certain resentment about hitting behind Wright instead of in front of him. Found you on MM, nice site and awesome post!

Julie/ said...

*Meant in the NY Post.

crazymetgirl said...

I would like to offer myself as lead-off and Ryan as 7th inning pitcher.

But since those won't happen, I'm going to agree with you on just about everything (I'm not totally on board with the Beltran thing, but I can see how it might work). A shake-up is what's needed most of all.

How about this? Put the numbers 1 through 9 in a hat and have them each pick one -- that's where they bat.

Wagner can be manager, since he only works one inning every now and then anyway.

You know there are guys in New Orleans who are seeing this lack of hustle and thinking "well, shit! call me up -- I'll play my fucking ass off!" Get them.

Most of all, Willie's gotta go. Soon. Like... what time is it? Be gone by dinner.

Coop said...

I know Julie - for a team that has so many resources, you'd think they'd realize that Jerry Manuel is just one part of Willie Randolph. So is Peterson. Get rid of all of them.

Nice to see you here HJMJ! What site is MM? Metsmerized? Thanks for stopping by

and Deb and CMG, I always say I can junk ball like the best of em. Throw me out there, see what I can do.

Mike said...

Lot of sense in there Coop, including batting Beltran leadoff and starting Heilman.

But to do that we'd have to fire Willie, so it's one step at a time.

tim said...

I would package Heilman and Perez. Perez is on his way out anyway, we're not going to pay him what Boras wants and he doesn't want to be here. Delgado, he's an albatross if we could put him in the package with the idea that whover gets him will only have him for three months I'd do that, but there's no way he'll be released, I mean we're talking about one Minaya's favorite guys. I balk at losing a guy like Beltran. The lead off idea is interesting, I would give it a try. He's a great centerfielder--great.

Am I the only guy who wouldn't have wept if we took Gomez and Mulvey off the table and offered Reyes?