Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who'll Stop The Rain?

Well, if there was ever any evidence that God Herself was not a Mets fan, today may have proved She was.

See, earlier my friend got sick and couldn't go to the game, and Zoe's friend bailed on her too - mostly because the rain forecast. As we stated to each other later - "strong storms." Bite. I thought, especially since around 1 pm it was not only raining cats and dogs but horses, cows, chickens and basically any other farm animal you could think of -- I was certain that Fox was sorry they picked our game as their game of the week.

But we were taken care of - Zoe and I met up before the game, had a Mets Martini and a Boys of Summer cocktail in the Diamond Club (delish, definitely two thumbs up from here - four if you count Zoe's) and sat in our seats in the sun. The sun came out and did not threaten once to cloud up when the game was under way.

Being that the Dodgers scored two runs early in the game, I hoped it would pour prior to the 5th inning, especially since the Mets didn't look like they were interested in doing anything.

So then? Carlos Beltran comes through in the clutch, then Fernando!! coming through once again. Big Pelf did what a 5th starter needed to do (um, kept them in the game) and Duaner Sanchez came through with ANOTHER win.

Yes, if ever there was evidence there is a God and She was a Mets fan, it was today...since when I got home, it started crackling thunder and lightning and raining again.

Just think kiddies - tomorrow, they take three of four - we'll be back in biz.

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Michael Leggett said...

Was there in Section 19 Upper Level. Saw Broxton s--t the bed with the Beltran Homer.