Sunday, May 04, 2008

Too Early To Judge?

If the Mets come home from this road trip with let's say less than two losses, there is no reason why they should have a heroes welcome on Friday night at Shea.

The ways they win, though. That's troubling.

Although Friday night against the D-Backs was a blow-out in the truest sense of the word, and Saturday the same (but for the D-Backs), today's game was frustrating to say the least.

First, you think sending Johan Santana out on the mound, you have at least a fighting chance to win. And yes, Danny Haren was starting today, but let's face it: He's no Johan. And scoring two runs off him, well, that's nothing to shake a stick at.

But this team HAS to step up their game when Johan pitches. Another no-decision so early in the season? Thank goodness for Jorge Sosa (eek).

But here's the thing - no throwing error in the 9th, we all know the Mets are NOT going to win that game today. I am sorry. I know, they won, I'm being a killjoy.

But they are doing it again - and by "it" I mean, letting other teams dictate their success.

It happened in 2007, when they were depending on the Phillies, Braves and other NL East teams to do their dirty work when they couldn't seal the deal.

Letting other team's throwing errors decide games for them in later innings.

Now, am I allowed to get excited because they took two-of-three in a park they absolutely own...against a team that is arguably going to be the best in baseball this season?

I should be - but I'm not.

Now that the Dodgers' eight-game winning streak has come to an end today, I hope the Mets can take their momentum (whatever is left of it) and start kicking some Dodger hiney.

A few other things to glean from the series:

1.) Carlos Delgado - is he back? He had some significant hits this series.

2.) The 2000-year-old man (aka Moises Alou) came back but with little fanfare. I still feel like he shoulda started against Webb but hey, who the hell am I? Maybe we'd be talking sweep instead of orgasm-faking-quality wins like today.

3.) What the hell was up with like the 10,000 wild pitches from Johan today? Not to mention, I am still far from impressed about Brian Schneider. Ryan Church, yes. Schneider can go back to Washington as far as I'm concerned.

4.) I like when Jose Reyes is on. However, I wonder if he realizes his own power. Meaning, when he is on, the Mets win games. When he's not, the Mets have a tough time winning.

5.) I still think John Maine will the best pitcher in the National League at the end of this season. Mark my words. He's gonna surprise us all.

I probably won't catch a lot of the games this week - but I should have some commentary over at GBU this week.


Andrew Vazzano said...

"2.) The 2000-year-old man (aka Moises Alou) came back but with little fanfare. I still feel like he shoulda started against Webb but hey, who the hell am I? Maybe we'd be talking sweep instead of orgasm-faking-quality wins like today."

Meg Ryan?

Coop said...

I'll have what *she's* having. LOL

crazymetgirl said...

I agree with your points about the way(s) we are winning. At this point, though, I will take a win any way it can happen.

What made me the happiest today was seeing some emotion -- mostly anger, but whatever, it's there. Jose Reyes slamming his helmet, Willie actually coming out of the dugout and -- dare I say? -- swearing at the ump?

And that damn Ryan Church is just a flat-out STUD!

Sassdawg. said...

Coop, call me crazy, but I think this team is better than a lot of people are giving them credit for, a lesser team might not have been able to capitalize on the errors (gimme runs) that the Snakes gave up. A lesser team might not have protected the lead they had, I think this team is finally starting to gel.

The Coop said...

We'll see Dawg - they make their games 100% more decent, we can give them a heroes welcome on Friday off their road trip.

Ceetar said...

You're looking at this team very negatively. Isn't capitalizing on other teams mistakes the signs of a good team? Isn't that how Philly made the playoffs last year? The Mets got the gift run, but then added on two more.

I think I like Schneider, but he'll have to play consistantly before I made a decision.

Reyes easily has the best 'talent' on this team. With him, it's maximizing the upswings, and minimizing the downswings. This means drawing walks (like Beltran can do) when he's not playing up to speed, and being able to take a base(not like last year when he tried to swipe out of desperation the few times he got on) I don't put much stock in Church batting second making Reyes better. Having Lo Duca behind him in '02 wasn't exactly getting him better pitches. Why do we as Mets fans like to scream about the second slot? Whether it's Beltran, Wright or Church..